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  1. That users leave FSX is eventually bound to happen because sometime or another we need to get out of the "dark ages", some gets Prepared and others choose X-Plane. Personally I'm prepared:p. Good luck with your new SIM. RIP FSX
  2. Kaboki

    no mouse click spots

    I also had this clickspot problem on one occasion, restarted the SIM and it was gone. Haven't seen the issue since...
  3. Kaboki

    flight model or engine

    I can remember I read some info from LM that they had done some things to flight dynamics but to take advantage of the new features the plane had too be developed native for P3Dv2 and not ported over from FSX... Correct me if Im wrong... So maybe we could see some intresting things the day we get native P3Dv2 developed planes... I hope devs soon will start too develop addons that only works in P3Dv2, only then I think this sim will really start too shine. Porting scenerys/planes over I think will give us half baked products that will not be perfectly optimized for P3Dv2. I actually now start too think that keeping backwards comp maybe wasn't such a good idea and will only bring us issues that shouldn't have been there in the first place..I have already seen this with Orbx NIR, I would call that a bad port...(Maybe it's just me)
  4. Kaboki

    P3D "Out of Memory"

    Ah, ok thanks for explaining, I guess I just stay far away from Belfast(So far the only area in FTX Global that I have serious problems with) and enjoy the rest of the world instead, much cheaper than investing in a Titan I fixed my blurry problem though after I reinstalled I had put Affmask tweak in the wrong cfg file, hence the blurries. Atleast I got that problem solved B)
  5. Kaboki

    regedit for windows 7 microstutters

    So the conclusion here is that it's just snake oil? :lol:. Now when I come to think about it I heard about this before maybe a year ago in a thread in this forum, and it didn't work that time either(think I even tried it myself without any results If I remember correct ).
  6. Kaboki

    regedit for windows 7 microstutters

    Could this also work for P3Dv2?
  7. Kaboki

    Tongass Fjords X?

    Hmm, got the entries from Holger and did everything in the instructions, and It looks like it should, but 1-2 minutes into the flight and I get an OOM(It's not a real OOM because VAS isn't anywhere close to 4GB, it's about 2,1GB when the OOM occurs). Anyone else having OOM problems with this scenery? Help appriciated..
  8. Kaboki

    What's the best traffic ai addon for p3d v2

    Does anyone know if any traffic developers have any plans to make their addons with native P3Dv2 installers?
  9. Kaboki

    P3D "Out of Memory"

    But shouldn't I get good performance in Belfast FTX Global with minimum settings and default plane, when Im able to get good performance in Seattle FTX GLobal with almost maxed settings and payware plane + opus live weather. I just don't understand what's going on.. In FSX Seattle is my worst case scenario, in P3Dv2 Belfast is the black hole:p. Weird thing is also before I reinstalled blurries wasn't a problem, after the reinstall blurries is a major issue that I get even at places with good FPS. Also looking at the GPU load I still have some room(normal load for me is 60-70%)... Ocasional microstutter I expirience everywhere but it's not too bad, so I can live with that.. But NIR bugs the hell outta me, I had a thread up at the Orbx forum about NIR and a guy with similar hardware as me didn't have any problems...No other than me actually had any problems and they blamed me that I tried to high settings an was expecting too much, but I'm running with all sliders too the left, turning off shadows and all eyecandy and it still performs like ###### in NIR or FTX Global Belfast... So how can it be that my GPU is too small, shouldn't I be able to turn down settings to give the GPU some room? Maybe you're right though that my system ain't fit for P3Dv2 but I just upgraded my GPU right before the 780 was released not so long time ago, and I can't afford an upgrade now:(. I regret though that I didn't get a 680 with more than 2GB ram... I have pretty much tried everything to get Belfast up and running, reinstalled windows and p3Dv2, reset CPU clock to default to eliminate bad overclock problem, turned down settings, nothing helps.... So the last option maybe what you suggest upgrading my computer, I just can't afford that, and quitting simming for good maybe be my only solution :( A orbx dev mentioned that they working on a new set of libraries that is gonna give autogen poerformance a boost, Im waiting on that and the P3Dv2 patch before I throw in the towel... Edit: But lets stop this discussion off my problems I come to realise that Im hijacking this thread, and no one can help me anyway:). Good luck with your OOm problem guys, you lucky basta.rds :lol:
  10. Yeah, that Beti-x scenery looks good, looks even alot better than Orbx CZST(town is alot more detailed and the mountains looks jawdropping compared to Orbx version). Lately I've been struggling with performance in P3Dv2 and I have seriously considered X-Plane as a last resort(before quiting simming) and that Beti scenery was in my mind when that idea crossed my mind B) Beti-x sure is something to keep an eye on, I know I will:)
  11. Kaboki

    P3D "Out of Memory"

    The supported ones, NIR, AU and FTX Global. NIR is the one I really struggle with, I just can't get good performance in Northern Ireland with NIR activated or only with FTX GLobal no matter how much I turn down settings. When I tried reinstalling(P3Dv2 and Windows, yes I went that far:p) I did a test from Belfast without any Orbx scenery installed and then I get quite good performance, but when I added FTX GLobal or NIR again it got pretty nasty... Blurries is something I struggle with all over Orbx land.. :( And I can't seem to get rid of annoying microstutters(hope that the patch will take care of them though) And all this just using default planes, what will happen when I add AI, payware planes and live weather into the mix:( The future looks dark for me and my setup...
  12. Kaboki

    P3D "Out of Memory"

    You guys are "lucky" that you even can push settings high enough to induce OOM's. . I have no OOM problem because I can't get the damn sim to run smooth even at low settings. P3Dv2 has been nothing but a headache since I got it, I can't get it too run as smooth as I could get FSX too run, even when I remove all the eyecandy such as shadows, HDR and vol. fog. Alltough I can get it too run smooth when using no 3 party scenery, but when I add Orbx into the mix P3Dv2 turns into a slideshow even with default planes and default weather :(. And blurries I also struggle with, seems like there is no end off problems i stumble into. And this damn sim has ruined my FSX expirience, because now I want those cool cockpit shadows and the better lightning and vol. fog so I can't go back.... Last couple of days I even considered X-plane and also considered giving up simming for good.... Im kinda jealous of you guys discussing OOM's when I can't even get there :lol:
  13. Kaboki

    Tongass Fjords X?

    Hmmm, anyone had any luck getting the terrain.cfg entries from FsAddon? I got a reply on the email I sent that Tongas X is a FSX Product and they couldn't help me(I sent them proof of purchase),,,and they said Holger was the only one that could help me..... Guess I'll pray that Holger is a nice guy and help me with the entries so I can get rid of the ground textures and trees on the sea....
  14. Kaboki

    Blurries in addon sceneries...

    Thanks for answering my question Jim. Think Im gonna try 14 because I got some microstutters with 252(hardly noticible though), and it's probably because I have HT off. If that doesn't work I'll try to enable HT and go with your setting or try 84. My only fear with enabling HT would be that my tempratures would get too high because of my badly overclocked CPU. I'm already at 80 degree Celsius when the CPU is in use and Im afraid HT on is gonna melt it :lol:
  15. Kaboki

    Blurries in addon sceneries...

    Yeah, I use Affmask=14(the most common known setting for HT off) in FSX with good results, this is the first time I have seen such high affmask setting and I liked what it did with Prepar3D. Think I'm gonna try experimenting some with this setting too see what works best for me. I was only curious about wether affmask=252 was best with HT on or off, that's why I asked :rolleyes: If you have more "numbers" please share, im willing to give all affmask settings a chance to see what works best for me. I won't bother with Mykonos anymore as it's not that important too me, and the way it is now works well enough as I have about 80% of the island covered with autogen,,,that will work atleast until 29 Palms releases P3D installers(Installed Skiathos, and it works 100% as it should:)) Anyway, been trying to install other sceneries today, and now I have run into another issue(the issues are piling up with the unsupported addons lol). I installed Tongas Fjord X and now the sea in that area has turned into ground textures with trees on it and it ends up in an OOM 1 minute after takeoff :mellow: This one would be very important for me to solve as I have Orbx PFJ and SAK, and I need Tongas to connect these sceneries.... Thanks for the replys:) Edit: I just stumbled over a thread regarding Tongas and P3D in this forum and it seems like a well known issue that can be solved with manually putting some entries in the terrain.cfg. So I emailed Fsaddon to get the entries and I expect it to be solved when I get the reply.