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  1. Not so much about wanting to cruise at lower FL's, I had set 8000 feet on the flightplan, but the word not allowed atc was telling me to go 18000 feet. And as obidient I am I tried to follow orders:p. The c310 suit me perfectly fine, best addon I ever bought for MSFS, makes me miss A2A much less:)
  2. Looks good, would have bought it, but unfortunently its not available in marketplace, orbx central or contrail😞
  3. Thanks for the insight, next time I will ignore ATC and stay below 10000 feet.
  4. I read that the cessna 310r have a cervice ceiling of 20000 feet, but i struggle to climb after passing 10000 feet in the milviz c310. Im fully loaded, could that be the reason? I really had a hard time follow atc instructions too go 18000 feet...
  5. I'll try that next time, thanks for the tip:)
  6. Lol, someone bought a study-level aircraft and complain that he have to study to fly it, tought I had seen everything,,hilarious
  7. Thanks, good to know i encountered a bug, fist time I ever had it in 2 years..
  8. I have this weird issue in VR, that when i start a flight i get really bad stuttering, then if i press ctrl+alt+delete and go into windows and the back to the sim, the stuttering vanish and everything is ok. The problem with my hotfix is that sometimes i loose the mouse so i cant use any switches in the plane. Very annoying, anyone else have this? My headset is HP g2...
  9. Dunno, yesterday i had a flight from keflavik, and it was raining, or snowing, not sure. When i was turning hard during taxi my plane started sliding sideways and it felt like I was on ice. Was using the milviz c310. Maybe it was a bug, but it sure felt like i was on ice..
  10. That MSFS came to xbox is good for all of us and 3rd party devs. It opens up a huge market and will help fund the development of this sim and 3rd partys. And it will make sure this sim will survive those 10 years lifespan Microsoft planned for. If they would be dependent on just us hardcore flightsimmers not sure this sim would ever been made.
  11. Not meaning too pis.s on your parade but as soon as the novelty wears off, and you start to get used to VR. You will start missing the clarity from your 4k screen, but unfortunently you already expirienced VR and theres no going back. Happend too me, and it made me a little bit sad... I really regret not waiting for th 3rd gen HMDs. Good luck anyway:)
  12. I wish there was a way to keep live weather and remove snow to always have summer, even in winter. Because having no snow is better than what we got now...
  13. Before you dive into VR be aware that it will ruin your 2d experience forever and that you will be dissapointed by the resolution and shimmering and things not looking good in the distance. But you will never go back, but the res will annoy you for sure. I regret I didnt wait for the 3rd gen headset... Can never fly in 2d again, and everytime I fly in VR I just want it too look as good as 2d..
  14. Because a few months ago I sent an email to avsim staff to remove the ban because pmdg now have moved to their own forum, I tought this was the time to get back in, and nice as the avsim staff is they let me in... Reason I stopped buying from them was because of the ban, not the price. I just raised concerns and getting banned really helped me take the decision to abandon pmdg products... Yes im touchy...:)
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