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  1. Can’t you just swallow your pride and just start developing for MSFS? I really liked your products in xplane but we all know where the big bucks is to be picked.. Maybe you can even be able to buy even nicer car than the one you already have… Would love to see your stuff in MSFS… Or is it just a passion for you to hate MSFS?
  2. I was a hardcore gamer around 2009. Then I just stumbled over a youtube video of A10 Simulator(later dcsworld) and tought it looked cool. Started playing with keyboard and mouse, ended up with all kinds of hardware 14 years later that I never tought I would buy. So a hardcore gamer can become a hardcore simmer:p Maybe it will not be huge numbers, but I think without MSFS recruiting a few we would soon be an extinct race…
  3. 1. Never had this bug 2. Never had this bug 3. Dont use them either:p 4. Doesnt bother me:p 5. Dont have this bug 6. Lately Im getting just as good performance in steamvr (dont know if they changed something) 7. Doesnt bother me, dont even know what to look for.. 8. Dont have this bug. 9. They stay where I put them, and comes back where i put them when closing and reopening. So I guess I dont have this bug either:p 10. Would be nice to have support for this one, but not sure if my headset supports it.. 11. As long as openxr solves my issues, dont care If microsoft implements them, it just works for me. Would be nice if they did, but im not missing anything.. Not much on this list affects me, so all good for me:D. But I guess people affected by all of these issues would like to see them solved…
  4. I have seen this complaint many times, but as a VR user enjoying the sim, cant really see what we are missing. Works well for me. Im not trying too say you guys are wrong, but Im just very curious what I am missing, because I dont feel there is anything to add to it…. Please tell me what I should expect so I can join the whining:p
  5. For me its more like, my wife miss me, while Im so happy that MSFS let me escape her a few hours a week:p
  6. Just curious, what is so backwards with Netherland? Also, calling Netherland, Holland is like calling USA, Texas,,,
  7. Yeah, but when a payware plane needs an unofficial mod to be good, dunno,,,,maybe we didn’t get what we paid for:p
  8. Lol, yeah im one of those people that said so, offcourse I will fly something else too, it was just a way to express how word not allowed good this plane is:p. E.g I have the Milviz c310 and fly it too, but, to make things clear, if A2A released a c310 powered by accusim, I wouldnt think twice to replace it:D
  9. A2A had always been in a league of its own, always have been and always will be… In FSX when I started my simming career and didnt know much, I bought a bunch of carenados until I discovered accusim, there was no way going back from there. Its like carenados is ok but they lack the soul and passion A2A gives their planes. Just by watching these videos Scott make for their releases, it gives me goose bumps. You can feel the passion in he’s voice and the love he’s putting into these planes. With e.g carenado where it more feels like walmart, putting out products faster than people change underwear, there is no soul put into it, its all about mass production and the quality speaks for itself…
  10. With the VR setting set in the tablet the A2A commache is the most pleasant GA aircraft to fly with turbulence in VR in the sim ever. Dont know how they did it but now I wish all planes had this type of setting. Cant really fly any other GA after this experience. Also looking at the wings when their flexing is a nice touch. I always wondered why no GA planes had this feature when airliners always had it in all sims. At one point I tought GA wings dont flex:p
  11. Dunno if you you noticed, but there is a VR turbulence setting in the tablet that will make your VR expirience so much better when flying in turbulence. In case you didnt know:). I wish all planes could have a setting like that, feels much more natural.
  12. Flew the JF Arrow for a long time and was happy with it(except the horrible low res textures). But now that accusim finally arrived the arrow now collects dust and will soon be wiped from my hardrive. Its hard to fly anything else, even the Milviz c310 is in danger of being wiped… Only accusim from now on for me:)
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