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  1. nachezdc9

    Needing a jet recommendation!

    S550 Citation II is in my opinion the most complete jet from Carenado, but as you know Carenado products are not deep modeled when talking about systems. You should check xtremeprototypes learjet 25 (3.0 is near release) , and flysimware Learjet and Falcon, the textures in general are not the best in the market but the systems are very well modeled. Best regards.
  2. nachezdc9

    Ground roll vib

    Hi everyone, I just noticed thay in the product description and in some videos this package includes ground vibrations, but I,m not having any vib during ground rolls not even ground roll sounds, is there anyway to activate this?
  3. nachezdc9

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    after spending some time I managed to set the milviz wx. try this after installing the wx radar with the program in to the plane. add this lines to panel.cfg in [vcockpit02] gauge35=QWings146!QW146_VC_WXR_Enable, 0,0,0,0 gauge36=MV_WX!WX2D, 442,482,395,327 gauge37=MV_WX!WX, 504,596,270,149
  4. nachezdc9

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Just bought it, really happy to see this add on again! Trying to insert the milviz wx radar into the virtual cockpit, if anybody has done it would be so kind to share it! Thank you.
  5. nachezdc9

    gsx config

    Hi, does anybody managed to configurate gsx or gsx v2 to the S360, (including a freighter config?) I have no vehicles showing etc around the plane except for the pushback truck. Thank you.
  6. nachezdc9

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Thank you very much for the time Flieger, I,m having some trouble, I installed the windows textures but still transparent, don,t know what I,m doing wrong. thank you.
  7. nachezdc9

    Fokker F50 starts when throttle in idle.

    Do you have the parking brake set on? Check in the overhead panel that all the start selectors are off including the ignitions.
  8. nachezdc9

    Milviz wx radar F50

    Hi! Is there anyway to integrate the milviz wx radar to the cockpit? Thanks.
  9. nachezdc9

    Analogue Gauge Lights

    Yes, is a big defect from carenado, the cockpit lights, except for the cessna 550. I don,t mind in a general aviation plane, but in a big one is a no-go for me..hope they fix it in next updates.
  10. nachezdc9

    690B Mods v3 .....

    Hi whamil! I sent you a pm too, would like to receive the mod if posible! Thank you very much for your work! Best regards.
  11. Well, as a real 330 pilot I can assure that is a real hard plane to slow down during descent. Don,t know about the 737 but with the 320 we used the speedbrakes many many times during descent and app.
  12. nachezdc9

    Milviz DH3 otter

    Thank you Patco!
  13. nachezdc9

    Milviz DH3 otter

    Hi, I,m thinking in buying the milviz otter for some bush operations but I haven,t seen too many reviews out there. I would like to know if it worth the money and if is a study level simulation, and some users opinions. Thank you.
  14. nachezdc9

    FSW cessna 402

    Thank you very much. with the actual discount I will give it a try. I prefer the 402 over the 441 because of the commuter and cargo cabin.
  15. nachezdc9

    FSW cessna 402

    Hi! I own the alabeo cessna 404 titan and I would like to know if the flysimware 402 is deeper in systems and if it worth the purchase. Thank you.