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  1. Thank you Patco!
  2. Hi, I,m thinking in buying the milviz otter for some bush operations but I haven,t seen too many reviews out there. I would like to know if it worth the money and if is a study level simulation, and some users opinions. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much. with the actual discount I will give it a try. I prefer the 402 over the 441 because of the commuter and cargo cabin.
  4. Hi! I own the alabeo cessna 404 titan and I would like to know if the flysimware 402 is deeper in systems and if it worth the purchase. Thank you.
  5. Pitot heat is not working in carenado cessna f406. Loosing ias during icing conditions. Anybody has a solution like in the 690b? Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hi! I just updated prepar3d v4 to 4.1 (only client update) and updated the flight1 gns530 in the update tool but the gps is not working. Does not start up. Anybody knows if is compatible with 4.1 or will have to wait? Best regards.
  8. I do totally agree with the xp learjet 25 se 2.1. Old style cockpit very well reproduced and the fde is amazing. You can add gtn750 and any WX radar into it. (I,m talking about the 2.0, the 2.1 will be compatible with p3d v4.
  9. Hi, flying in ice condtions I connect the pitot heats in the overhead panel but I,m still losing my speed indication. I don,t know if its not working or I,m doing something wrong. Any ideas?
  10. Could be the electrical hydraulic pump, in big airports many airlines taxi with only one engine for fuel saving.
  11. Hi, I would like to know if its posible to change the actual carenado b1900 xp10 garmin gps with the new xp11 one and how. Thank you.
  12. The vsi is working wrong over 1000 ft/m. Hope they fix this in the next update.
  13. I believe today is the most realistic learjet simulation, I have both and I like both but the 25 is more realistic and the vc much better.
  14. Amazing product, glad to hear will be an update, could be posible in a future to think about adding hushkit to this plane? Nowdays is not posible to fly it in many countries including usa due to noise regulations. Thank you.
  15. I had the same problem described in some posts before with artifacts in vc, but I didn,t know about the manual mod to avoid this, I will give a try this week. (I don,t know if there has been any update about these). About the fsx installed in p3d v3 I was talking about some less simulations in vc compared to the p3d version. (My mistake I didnt explained my self correctly). Another cuestion: Is there any way to have gtn750 and milviz wx at the same time in vc?