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  1. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    Thanks allot jankees, I know nothing about painting, so people like you are much appreciated.
  2. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    The weekend is almost over..😁 That's just my impatience talking. I'm really looking forward to the new paints.
  3. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    Yeah he apparently loves his corvettes. Will these paints be on the avsim library?
  4. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    Wow, what a surprise. I have worked on N311BP. Which is Brad Pasleys jet
  5. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    Looks great!! I love the colors! I suppose I can live with the registration...😋
  6. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    I'm not picky. N500FJ would be fine
  7. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    The Carenado F-GSCL original livery looks nice, I was hoping to have that paint, but with a U.S. registered aircraft. I'm not huge on the colors but beggers cant be choosers. I just appreciate a nice simple corporate paint scheme.
  8. flyuthere

    Jan Kees' paints

    Nice looking paint! Any chance on making a registration change on the french livery to a u.s. registration?
  9. flyuthere

    "CABIN" warning at high altitude

    On the pedestal towards the rear left side there is a big white horn silence button. That will help with the Cabin warning. But for now the pressurization is not working correctly.
  10. flyuthere

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    I really like the paint scheme for the livery F-GSCL. Would any painter want to change the Registration to a U.S. one? And maybe change color for a few option? Thanks
  11. flyuthere

    Bug List

    So the Navy livery is bothering me with only one engine cowl having black paint on it. Was this just a mistake or an accurate representation? I'm not a painter but really hoping to see some nice repaints soon
  12. flyuthere

    Cheyenne III Discrepancy List Thread

    Seems as though on livery N8680J the right side N number on tail is mis-alligned.
  13. flyuthere

    Flaps 60 ?

    That setting is used for maintenance access.
  14. Very Awesome U.S. Registration Please!!!
  15. flyuthere

    F406 Bug/Issue List

    I dont know if carenado is trying to mimic a "used VSI" but a 30-50 foot climb or decent could be normal for some instruments. And in a plane that is used commercially may not be overhauled as often to show a dead on zero indication.