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  1. That is good news. instant buy when they make it. And it's not just speed, but useful load. My typical family haul is unavailable in the M500.. Heck it can barley fit me and a friend with enough juice/suite cases to go anywhere.
  2. Well I did my control sensitivities when I installed MSFS, and haven't touched them sense. This plane, Flightsimware C414, and the Just Flight Piper Arrow III, have incredible feel and control... but have to admit the C414 and the Piper are the best on the ground, take off roll, and flight. I should add the A2A Piper to that list as well.. I just don't like the panel view in the A2A... Never feel "square" to the panel in that thing.
  3. Great plane, but curious why they didn't pick the far better M600.
  4. Great plane. I enjoy it very much.. but once again, the lesser model was chosen to produce. Why not make the far better M600? I've seen this with other studios, and it's rather baffling. I think most would understand the M600 model without the auto land feature, which is what I think scared FSReborn away form the M600. I would hope you would consider the far faster, and better useful load M600 in the future.
  5. Of course there is a comet ... It's 2020. It just means the crazy isn't over yet.. It's screaming.. "Wait.. There's More To Come!" Sheesh Ps; Really great picture.. Thank you!
  6. It's a dry heat.. Go to D.C. and South from there.. 90+ will kill you with their humidity. Sometimes it's so thick, you can place something in front of you while standing... let it go... and it will stay there... like your in space or something.
  7. Same here please! - Or maybe someone could send me a copy who already has it.. It appears whamil77 has been taken by aliens. 😞 hds418@cox.net
  8. Hello all: Is anyone else having an issue with PlanG "find; address" not working. It was a handy tool to find point of interest and, well, just about anything on the planet. Now it dosn't seem to work at all. Is there a fix? I have the latest version of PlanG. Thank in advanced. HawkDsl.
  9. AS16 is by far the best WX program for weather... I've tried all the REX stuff, and the only combo that was any good was Overdrive. I've dumped all REX and use AS16 with their ASCA (cloud art), paired with Envtex. I think this combo achieves what RSF3D was trying to get at, without the performance hit that REX has. With Global Dynamic weather selected in AS16, everything is completely automatic, and is pretty darn close to actual weather and sky colors. The clouds that ASN and Envtex produce are as good, or better then what I've seen from REX.
  10. That is correct, I kinda flubbed it in the explanation.
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