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  1. I agree. I have long loved the Pc-12 and especially w your mods in it. Thanks. :-)
  2. Bert, that is SO funny you mentioned that just now. I was, at this very moment, looking the Gtx over and remembered you were a supporter of that one, and so I should give it a solid look. Thanks for confirming! :-)
  3. Bummer. Was planning on my Christmas Carenado sale list.... If I can't get a 750 in it, I have to pass. Thanks everyone for trying this out ahead of time. :-)

    I can't find the field to put in the coupon at FSDT. Guess I'll hold off buying.
  5. Would have bought it, warts and all, if it were a 400LS. I don't understand why they built the III w/out fixing the previous Cheyenne that's still broken. I may have bought my last Carenado plane.
  6. If the product comes with a 3 year subscription to the SVS service, does that mean after 3 years, you have to buy the product again to keep using it? Or do you have to keep buying licenses from SVS? Or, can you keep using your product, but you just don't get any more updates (kind of like using an old Navigraph cycle)?

    Do they ever do a sale greater than 20% off?
  8. I'll check it out, thanks! :-)
  9. I'm sure we all hope Mark is well, and I am very excited to hear that the Falcon is even MORE complex than the Lear. :-)
  10. Al, I'm going to take the phrase, "at this late stage of development," as a positive sign that things are going well on the development front! :-) Looking forward to my three-holer business jet!
  11. The article from this thread of an interview of the CEO of Carenado: https://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/10/10/adx-exclusive-interview-with-carenados-ceo
  12. That was a very enlightening article. The guy seems to think that he knows best, the community is "often wrong," and that "good enough to sell" is all their aiming for. That's too bad. They have a talented visual department, but ... It'd be great if a 3rd party dev for FSx-P3D would fix their planes for them like Simcoders does in XP. Oh well. At least we have some solid folks here who can work miracles. :-)
  13. Just to report back on these mods, yes, they are working a treat and reflect the way the plane should have been in the first place! Carenado need to pay for his efforts and fire their QC department. :-)
  14. Glass is cool, but I'm very pumped about a steam gauge version of the Falcon! Sounds perfect!
  15. XP11

    Wow, that's a great looking bird. I hope Gulfstream doesn't go after the author. I've heard Gulfstream has a history of making sure no one can produce their aircraft in flight sims by threatening lawsuits, which I've always thought was a word not allowed way to carry on. Really nice shots too. The lighting is perfect. :-)