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  1. Great news on this front, actually: he checked in a week or so back in the 310 forum. Unfortunately, he is still dealing with those same family health issues that caused his departure from the forums, but I got the impression he was going to try to slowly get back in to modding and visiting with us here. So, fingers crossed things get better and better on his end because he's got a huge fan base. 🙂
  2. Sorry, I don't have any specs for you, but it sounds like you're checking your engine gauges and nothing is in the red. But, is anything in the yellow? You'll want to check Ng1, ITT, Torque, and RPMs for exceeding the limits. I believe you generally have to stay out of the red and yellow to stay good, so if you can manage that, I'm not sure there's much, real world, that you're missing in the climb. Best, Scott
  3. Bill: I'm so happy to see you back online with us! I really hope things turn around for your family situation, and your flight sim fans are definitely glad to have you check in. No pressure, but I sure look forward to anything else you're going to put out! 🙂 All the best, Scott
  4. If I could get the P180 to install in P3d4, I'd take a chance at that price point, even if a few things didn't work. Those planes are so cool. 🙂
  5. There's a pretty solid freeware WxR available, which I believe you could swap for the Mv Wxr (unless someone knows this for sure can't be done). I think you'll need Active Sky for the freeware WxR to pick up radar returns: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dgau&DLID=200102 Good luck 🙂
  6. If you're just talking about STARs and approaches, my workaround is to set up the STAR and approach in the GTN, then I activate APPR mode, and when it's time to descend, the autopilot will follow the the vertical track guidance. However, I do this on the F1 GTN, not the RXP version. If it fails to engage, then I select the altitude box next to the fix I want, then hit Direct To, then APPR. It sometimes needs a little redirection, but I get it to work nearly every time.
  7. Would like to see their 737 in P3d. Anyone tried installing it in 4.5?
  8. Soooooo, all of us will have to upgrade to MSFS to get the rebooted Mu we've been waiting for. I get it, but man that's two big disappointments (no 414 or updated Mu in P3d). Still love you guys though.
  9. Me also. I wish Bill would reappear. He made these planes so much better.
  10. Every year I pick up a few Carenados on this great sale. Yesterday, I got the CJ2 and the 206.
  11. Anyone have luck getting the GTN mod? If not, then that helps me decide whether to buy the meridian today. Thanks! 🙂
  12. If you haven't got it already, PM Stew (above); he's offered to send it along.
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