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  1. That would explain things, then.... crud. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂
  2. Sorry, lads, I can't find the config file no matter where I look (in all the normal places). Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  3. If it helps, I can confirm this is accurate, not just for the 414A. My cousin had a nice Ram IV Cessna 340A, and the turbos would glow like this at night. It was a real treat to see this modeled by FSW.
  4. I took a chance on the Xbox version of MSFS on my laptop, and was so pleased with the performance I was getting that I jumped right on buying the 414A, even though I missed the Thanksgiving-time sale, I still feel like it's worth every penny. Great job on this guys, it reminds me so much of flying my cousin's Ram IV Cessna 340!
  5. The subject line says it all. I'm running the Xbox Game Pass version on my PC, and it runs better than P3dV4 for me; that's a total shock to me and allowed me to buy the 414A from my favorite dev years before I thought it possible. I'm sure there's some tradeoffs going on, but I'm pleased as punch. I hope everyone has the same experience. If you're an Xbox game pass member, you might want to try running MSFS on your pc using the Xbox app, you might get much better results than you hoped. Happy Christmas, everyone! 🙂
  6. Thanks for working on the PC-12, guys.
  7. Very nice sale, got the 737 that I've been waiting on for years and years (to be cheap enough for me). 🙂 Was almost tempted to try to install the Piaggio in P3dv4, but decided I'd rather not gamble.
  8. Amen! The admission fee hides the real cost of ownership... something I'm reminded of often.... 🙂
  9. Good point. I'd imagine for a stick like this one, it's meant to be a jack of all trades, and lots of simmers are combat simmers, thus the right hand stick (market share and such). But I agree with you wholeheartedly that a good left handed version of this stick would be great to have.
  10. Thanks, got another one as a reserve!
  11. Great news on this front, actually: he checked in a week or so back in the 310 forum. Unfortunately, he is still dealing with those same family health issues that caused his departure from the forums, but I got the impression he was going to try to slowly get back in to modding and visiting with us here. So, fingers crossed things get better and better on his end because he's got a huge fan base. 🙂
  12. Sorry, I don't have any specs for you, but it sounds like you're checking your engine gauges and nothing is in the red. But, is anything in the yellow? You'll want to check Ng1, ITT, Torque, and RPMs for exceeding the limits. I believe you generally have to stay out of the red and yellow to stay good, so if you can manage that, I'm not sure there's much, real world, that you're missing in the climb. Best, Scott
  13. Bill: I'm so happy to see you back online with us! I really hope things turn around for your family situation, and your flight sim fans are definitely glad to have you check in. No pressure, but I sure look forward to anything else you're going to put out! 🙂 All the best, Scott
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