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  1. Dang... Sorry to hear about the constant troubles. Have you got a copy of the GTN 750 from flight1? It's expensive, but I swear I am sorry I waited until last year to pick it up. I know money doesn't grow on trees, but maybe switching to another GPS in that location would make a difference?
  2. SCOTT!!!! WOW; it looks AMAZING!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on her. That plane is going places (on the list)!!!! Of course, if you pull this off, we'll all be bugging you constantly for more paints.... :-)
  3. OOOHHHH, very much more sexy. Nice job, Scott! :-)
  4. And, never mind, because a second email from help desk just arrived (a bit later, weird), and now I'm set up with the help desk (sorry to be such a pain!). lol
  5. Should have replied to someone other than myself. lol: ---after registering in both the forums and the helpdesk, I can't get a ticket open because it says my account is disabled....
  6. Well, I'd love to submit a ticket, but after registering in both the forums and the helpdesk, I can't because it says my account is disabled....
  7. Hi gang. I was flying last night and got a popup window that said, in red letters, that AS needed to update the WXstations list (or something like that), and that I had to close and restart. (I think that's what it said, so I did that.) Problem is that now if I try to fly anywhere other than Washington, I get a CTD and the error thrown (from the log) is weather.dll. What I did next: 1. followed all the instructions from the Avsim CTD doc. ALL OF THEM (deleting all the Wx files, the wxstations.bin files, etc.) 2. Installed several other SF themes to see if I had a corrupted texture, and then restored my original cloud textures pre-REX SF3 3. deleted my FSX cfg file 4. changed FSUIPC's weather setting from 2 to 0 per several posts from Pete (FSUIPC) 5. Uninstalled and reinstalled AS16 and updated to latest hotfix (just in case) Still can't go anywhere other than the state of washington without a "FATAL ERROR" being thrown by weather.dll. I haven't installed anything (except to reinstall AS16), so I really think, at this point, that something didn't go quite right with the wxstations list update from AS16. Looks like I have a corrupted weather.dll resulting from AS16 updating that list, but maybe not (not trying to place blame or jump to conclusions, but the two events seem to go hand in hand). Has anyone else has a similar issue? Please and thank you. Scott
  8. Is anyone having issues with the autopilot? I can't get the vertical speed buttons to affect the climb rate with the AP engaged. It defaults to 1500 fpm, and no matter how long I hold down the buttons to decrease the climb, nothing happens. I just hand fly to altitude and then engage, but that's kind of a pain on a long flight to the flight levels.... Anyone?
  9. Sorry, Danny, that's really strange. I often have problems with REX products after the initial install. I'm not sure why that is. You might try a reinstall and see if that clears it up. It usually does for me.
  10. RON YOU ARE THE MASTER!!! It looks absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for an outstanding repaint! Your time and generosity in taking this on is very much appreciated. Best, Scott
  11. Alright! It's going to be great to have this livery in action again! I used to fly the heck of an AirNet livery on an older FS2000 Freeware lear. I probably put 200+ hours on that plane alone dreaming about being a freight dog. Can't wait to for some night hops in the snow!

    My FSW Learjet has more hours on it than any plane I've bought since FSX came out (just sayin'). :-) The repaints available and the mods that Bjoern and others have thrown at it make it an outstanding bird and a steal at 50% off.
  13. Just to muddy the waters a bit, I own ASCA and SF, and I am getting WAY better performance with the SF clouds. So if that kind of comparison helps any... just sayin'. :-)
  14. It's going to be epic when it releases. I will definitely play hookie from work/school on release day.