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  1. Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Great shot, Bob. Those Nantucket boys definitely need the long sleeves! lol :-)
  2. Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Awesome to see Ron made us another one! What a beauty! Now we need some pilots in casual shirts/short sleeves to make them seem a little more in place at St. Barts! :-) (not a request, just noticed that those white-shirted guys up front look warm) :-) I'm still enjoying Ron's custom job per my request; I think I fly that paint three or four times a week since I got it. Going to show it to the plane's owner next weekend when I see him. :-) :-)
  3. That is irritating...
  4. Yes, I have same message and no idea why or how to fix. Bummer
  5. AI Traffic

    For me, I just naturally shy away from F1 for two reasons: 1) price, 2) lack of optimization for performance. It's a fine company, but I tend to stay away from their offerings until they are several years old and I've had a computer upgrade. That's another reason I'd like to see JF's newest offering and price point. :-)
  6. Beautiful. Where’d u get the scenery, please?
  7. FTX stuck looking for files to update

    Glad to help
  8. FTX stuck looking for files to update

    I believe it is at the Orbx forum, here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/147074-issue-ftx-central-stuck-at-finding-files-to-update/ You have to be registered to get to this topic, but it has what you need. Good luck! :-)
  9. Mods

    Bert's mod drastically improves fps performance on my system, and it's great to have airport diagrams and approach plates appear on the ProLine screens. Looks a lot like the PL21 upgrades in Premier1Driver's YouTube videos. Thanks Bert!
  10. Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    Sorry to quote myself, but after testing, I can confirm the following: it's freaking awesome. Thanks again, Bill. One question, how can I go about lowering the volume of the engine noises in the cabin, without lowering the sounds in the external view? :-)
  11. Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    God Bless You, BILL!!!! This is my favorite old Carenado a/c. We had one in the family for a number of years, but you're right about the default CG! Thank you for making this; I am so excited! :-)
  12. TRS-80 WON'T PLAY P3DV4

    Wow! The original post made my day! I was actually the proud owner (my dad bought it from Radio Shack) of a Tandy 1200. Some of the best times in my life were learning Flight Simulator "2.0" and tearing my hair out playing Kings Quest, Space Quest, or Police Quest. Those were the days! Great memories.
  13. Combing The Desert

    I was expecting a shot from the movie Spaceballs...