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  1. Carenado need to fix this themselves.... Goodness.
  2. I was searching for this paint also, but I read in another thread that the vertical stabilizer has a mirrored texture, so it's not possible to paint that tail, I think. :-)
  3. Thanks, Umberto! Happy birthday, and thanks for the party favors! :-)
  4. Lol. Yes, it will float past the AIRPORT if you let it! :-0
  5. Thanks, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that I purchased before May 30th for the free upgrade. If I had waited just a little longer, I could have saved $20. BUT, it's still a pretty good deal for me to get both units and an upgrade to P3D for $20. So, on the whole, I still feel lucky and think F1 are pretty cool dudes for giving out the coupon. :-)
  6. Missed FREE by less than a month! grrr On the upside, it's not like I have to repurchase the whole thing. Plus, we now get BOTH the units, AND they cover Fsx and v4 P3D. That's pretty dang awesome. Now, if some other big-name developer would do the same with their aircraft.... :-)
  7. I have no time or skill, but if anyone's bored, would you consider knocking out some repaints for the Mu? There are a ton of us who fly her, but it's strange there are so few repaints available. Thx for considering. :-)
  8. Any chance you're parked at the fuel farm? Sometimes that can interfere with doors opening, etc. :-)
  9. Does it float halfway down the runway every time you flare w/out the speedbrakes? If so, the FDE may be spot on. :-)
  10. OOOhhh! Nice looking panel! I'm jealous, but don't think I'll splurge on the Mindstar.
  11. P3Dv4

    Dark or light, the FSW Lear looks good all the time.
  12. Wow! That is a nice looking bird. I'm glad they did steam gauges. All these G1000's are getting a bit old for me. I think I'll go purchase. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Smokin!
  14. Great job, Paul! I just flew nonstop KTEB-KEGE and loved all the new textures. It really feels more like a legit lear with the darker panel. Thanks again!