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  1. Stop it, Ryan. I can only afford ONE sim with all the addons! 🙂
  2. That Texan II is a great plane. I can't believe they gave it away for free.
  3. Congrats, DCS! Here's hoping your launch goes off w out a hitch.
  4. Thanks for posting. I think GTA V is definitely some kind of flight simulator (I've had the Ps4 version since release), so I'm glad you posted it here.
  5. If you don't mind using the keyboard, I believe [ctrl + shift + G] is the keyboard shortcut for go around.
  6. Fun! London City is a blast when it's busy and you have an ai program that spaces the approaches out (not so many go arounds). thanks for sharing
  7. No jokes; that's what I think. I saw X's offering, and it's also impressive, but I prefer the Lear 35 from FSW. Again, the panel is what does it for me.
  8. It won't be the texture update according to one of the threads in the FSW forum. Wickedbacon is pretty hooked up with other projects I hear.
  9. Gerry, here's a thread you can check out: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/555251-flysimware-lear35-texture-update/
  10. I really need to pick up the Vulcan, even if it's not on sale.
  11. FSW's new Wickedbacon Lear Interior and flight deck are better than Xtreme's.
  12. I'd like to try this out, but when I put in my As16 key, which was used to get the upgrade to ASP4, it won't recognize it as a valid key. Bummer FSPilotshop ran off w all my documentation! Oh well. I'll probably buy ASP3. 🙂
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