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  1. rightseat


    Yes, I think it’s been over a year since they had one...
  2. Thanks, Tim. I’m going to pull the trigger on the F1 g600 and that should clear up my frustration. Many thanks
  3. rightseat


    We can all hope, but I don't think that was the case last year. 🙂
  4. Scott: My qualms about it are the ctd's I get from a faulting .dll that only happens with this plane. The other issues are the gauges, but as to the fde, it seems fine. What I find strange is that there is an option to use ice deflection doors, but there is no switch for an intetial separator. I would imagine these are the same thing, but when you switch on the ice door, there is no drop in power/n1 that you see when you throw on an IS in another turboprop. Tim: your setup is exactly what I'm looking for, except I don't have the 430/530, just the 750/650. I do like your panel. I also see you got the weather radar to work, or is this the Milviz placed into the radar spot? 🙂
  5. Just purchased the TP46, and I cannot get this Garmin 500 to update within one minute of changing zoom levels, and the thing just flat doesn't update the screen, at all, after 30 minutes, unless you cycle the screens. Is anyone else experiencing this, or do you have a work around? On another train of thought, has anyone gotten the F1 G500 suite to mount up and fly right with this bird? I shoehorned the GTN into this bird's available screens, but I would like to know if anyone else has tried the G500 in it. I'm also getting CTD's with this plane for .dll errors. Anyone else experiencing? Thanks. Many thanks! Scott
  6. Thx, that' good to know for recent purchasers.
  7. rightseat


    Yes, I'm greedy, and cheap, and I like Alabeo planes. BUT, it's been over a year since you had a sale. Is there going to be one any time soon? Thanks.
  8. rightseat

    Duking it out over Wyoming and Utah

    Good ole' Duke in 4.4, that's awesome. Thx for sharing your 4.4 experience. It looks like I'll be more interested in photoscenery now with 4.4.
  9. rightseat

    Honolulu never looked so good

    Maybe put a link to the comparison shots thread in this thread so we can keep up and keep Jim happy...
  10. rightseat

    Eaglesoft 40% off

    That's a real disappointment. I was happy to see them actually have a sale (pretty rare from them, I think), but the previous posters are correct: there don't seem to be any Gen 4 options for purchase or over half of the gen 3. It's too bad, like Dreamfleet did from days of yore, this company seems to be fading away with only a website left hanging out there. I would have loved to have a new XLS though.
  11. It's been over a year since Alabeo had their last sale, I think. What gives there?
  12. I think you shared this with me a long time ago, and I still only with with these paints. They're great. Thanks again.
  13. Hi gang, has anyone got this mysterious patch that someone said was created, but is nowhere to be found for this plane? I just bought it on the sale, and I'd love to know if it could get better. PS, is anyone having trouble with the right display on the Garmin 500? It doesn't want to update. So far, I'm a bit underwhelmed with it (it is pretty old though). Just hoping someone had a mod to fix her up a bit. Cheers! Scott
  14. rightseat

    Golden Eagle

    Yup, I'm still flying this bird and I love it. I'm glad to see some more paints are coming for her. Thx, Ron. And by the way, I soloed in the same plane you painted, and I was just wondering if you could "just" change the reg# for me... HA! Just kidding, Ron! 😉