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  1. Fanatical is offering a "build your own" bundle - 3 for $9.90, 5 for $14.99, or 7 for $19.99. Not sure if there are country restrictions. I'm in the United States and I buy from them all the time with no problems-- although, keys are limited to what's in stock. https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/build-your-own-vr-odyssey-bundle 2 sims to note are Warplanes: WWI Fighters and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific.
  2. I use the voices for Pilot2ATC but I read that they can also be used for MCE and Voice Attack. 50% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY50 Good until November 28. https://www.cereproc.com/en
  3. I totally forgot about the 737 because I made my purchases through Orbx and it wasn't sold in their store, along with a few other items. Shame. I would have liked to do some island flights with Aloha on one. Next time I'll have to go direct.
  4. I've had quite a few apps not install without turning off my antivirus, including EZDok and RXP's GTN 750. The 777 was no different when I tried installing it this morning, but I had to go an additional step and turn off my firewall as well (which I admit was kind of unsettling). Still, I've known these monitoring program to be a little too sensitive with not only these types installs but in dozens of other legitimate programs too so this sounds like just another false-positive. Still, if you're uncomfortable with turning them off, maybe you can get a refund.
  5. I played Tower!3D Pro for a while, and while I had fun with it (despite some bugs), I don't know how I feel about recommending it at the current price. I bought it on sale when Green Man Gaming had it on clearance. I also bought 5 or 6 airports. All for maybe $50. At that price, it's great. If you don't mind the current price or can wait for a sale, I think it's a fun sim. The voice control works well as long as you take an hour or so to train Windows voice recognition. I'm pretty sure you can type in or click commands, but it's so much easier to use voice and after a few nights, you'll learn all the commands. A couple things to consider is that this sim uses fantasy airlines, so in order to use real ones, you need to buy "Real Traffic". On top of that, if you want liveries for your real airlines, you need to buy "Real Color" or all the planes will appear white. Real Traffic is a one time deal, but Real Color is for each airport you buy. Luckily it's not that expensive. The good thing is that some "Real Color" liveries can be used in other airports so you may not need to buy several immediately. I would buy Tower!3D Pro, an airport (like KBOS), Real Traffic, Real Color for KBOS. If you want to buy another airport, just buy the airport and see if Real Color works there too, if not, you might want to buy Real Color for that airport too. Real Traffic/Color is not available on Steam, but you can buy it directly from the Feelthere website and install it in your Steam directory if that's where you want to buy it from. You can also buy the game and airports directly from Feelthere too. You should look at some of the videos from ATControl and Jeff Favignano on YouTube. They have some great vids.
  6. I currently use REX Sky Force with Envtex and Envshade in P3Dv4. It's a simple setup that isn't taxing on the system and works fine, but I want to enhance my flights a little and was thinking of getting EZdok for its camera and Dynamic Head (and aircraft) Movement, Realturb for added turbulence, then down the line pick up Active Sky P3D for better weather injection and enhanced turbulence when linked to Realturb. The other night I was reading about Opus FSI and it did all this and more. There's enough data on the Opus website to know what it can do but unfortunately very little video on current versions to see how well it works. Can anyone here give insight on how well OpusFSI V6 works within P3D? Is the cockpit camera movement fluid (like EZdok) when switching from one shot to the next? Is the DHM on par or better than EZdok? What do you think about the turbulence and how its effects are felt within the sim? Are weather transitions smooth? Does this program draw enough from system resources to notice any hiccups or frame rate drops? Any incompatibilities with other addons? Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. PACX is 30% off 717 is 50% off via Orbx https://orbxdirect.com/partner/tfdi-design Sale ends in roughly 4 days, 19 hours. Definitely picking up that 717 and probably PACX as well.
  8. Which AI traffic package are you using?
  9. Thanks for this. I had forgotten about Trueglass and the 717 which is a plane I was interested in before. I'm surprised that hasn't made it to v5. I agree that about v4 being mature and that's the biggest reason why I'm inclined to go with it. I envy people that already had their fun with v4 and are comfortable with the move to v5. 🙂
  10. What's your system? That's a pretty big jump.
  11. I was mostly certain that I was going to get V4 but just a little while ago I saw a picture by GSalden in this post that made me doubt myself again: Anyway, I'm still on the side of V4, but I thought I'd ask just to see how owners here feel about V5, and if there's any apps/addons/enhancements that they had in V4 and will not be updated for V5 that they miss-- or, if there is anything they had for V4 that they find they don't need in V5.
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