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  1. Anyone else not being able to see RamonB's screenshots in his February 12 post above??
  2. Another (?) update from Bernt - dated 4th Jan 2020 - or is the same one referred to above from last August? Tempted of course to improve things, but don't want to lose all the cumulative mods to date. Anyone? Prepar3D - Prepar3D Aircraft P3D Carenado PC-12 Improved FDE [ Download | View ] Name: carenado_pc12_ng.zip Size: 17,120 Date: 01-04-2020 Downloads: 84 P3D Carenado Pilatus PC-12 Improved FDE. Realistic startup without the FSX-like torque and RPM surge/overshoot, improved engine response, prop curves and flap lift/drag values. By Bernt Stolle.
  3. Popped up a few days ago at flightsim.com. Anyone try this out? Or is this one we already have and know about? Also one for the PC-12 but I think Bernt made one available earlier for the Pilatus. I don't want to swap these in and inadvertently lose possible mods e.g. from Bert and others.
  4. I can't open in LNM a saved QW RTE plan I created with the QW 787 FMC - am I missing something? I see it's possible to export a QW RTE file - somewhere - but how can I export it if you can't open and display the RTE plan in LNM?
  5. Each look like the same paint patterns/reg numbers released but using different colors. Still, they are good looking as well.
  6. #3 https://www.facebook.com/Carenado/photos/pcb.1404956109581199/1404955522914591/?type=3&theater
  7. #2 https://www.facebook.com/Carenado/photos/pcb.1404955266247950/1404955026247974/?type=3&theater
  8. I see on the Carenado web site advertising the PA42 one or two additional repaints not included in the purchase download. Be nice to have these with so few repaints from third parties out there. Any thoughts on how to obtain these?
  9. Bill thanks for the prompt reply and also the terrific work on the mods for this and the 690b - can’t decide which one to fly they’re both so great now thanks to you expat
  10. Followed the earlier discussion. As far as I can tell, the PA42 has no beacons. Am running P3Dv4.5. There are the faintest little blips from strobes on the wing tanks in daylight. At night, there is no trace of any strobes (or beacons). Bit dangerous way to fly. Is this something particular to P3D4.5? Can't tweak anything as the lights are all embedded in the models. The Turbo Commander on the other hand has wonderful strobes.
  11. Hi Bill, Just tried to open your email sent this week and the file is no longer there? Thanks and regards, expat
  12. Under cover, below the main pedestal near the floor.
  13. OK, think I got it figured out - has been a while since I last used the GTN. Great mods Ramon!
  14. I now have thanks to Ramon his very good GTN 750 mod. Embarrassed to ask but I have not been able to even get the F50 to follow a simple "direct to" command on the GTN. It must be I don't have the right combination between the GTN and AP. I have entered the airport correctly and it is activated but don't know in GPS or VLOC mode or what do with the CDI and OBS buttons.Trying to avoid altogether the FMS. Falcon just going in circles . .
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