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    I used to own and fly a Lockheed Lodestar. Also owned an AirCam (look it of the most fun flyers ever). As a retired rwp, if I can ever help you guys (and girls?) out let me know.

    I have had nine novels published so I know my way around the written word, at least a little bit.

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  1. Pappyhep

    Short trip with the DC6

    Loved the 'down the wing' shot. Brought back memories.
  2. I have what you're looking for. Two leather-bound 1900D manuals: one POH and one Airplane Flight Manual. Both are in excellent condition. Contact me at if interested. Not cheap, but worth the price.
  3. Pappyhep

    WIP repaint

    Okay...If you are not making a living as an artist you are wasting your talent, Man. Just spent an hour looking at your work. The A2A P-51 has some of the most creative work I have ever seen, and I've been into flight sim since the very beginning. I was amazed at the beauty of them and then all of a sudden I came upon "Bloody Unknown" and it took my breath away (in a sad sort of way). By far that is THE best neglected aircraft ever painted by anybody...tells a story for all to see. If you haven't been snatched up by one of the big developers and been given your head to create they are missing a lot of sales that they could have had. Carry on, Man. In awe, Don Hepler
  4. Pappyhep

    WIP repaint

    That is of the most (if not THE most) eye-catching liveries for any flight sim anywhere. Artistic does not even begin to describe this.
  5. Would love to fly the 340 as my x-plane go to but I can't get my MCP (Vrinsight MCP 1) to work. I am so used to flying with it in P3D it's almost an requirement for x-plane. I could easily become an x-plane convert if only MCP would work. Any help much appreciated.
  6. Pappyhep

    Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340

    I also love this aircraft. Only problem is I can't use my vrinsight mcp...paid a lot of $ for it, would like to use it. In any event, this aircraft is right up there with A2A and even mighty close to PMDG. Guess I will stick with Prepar3d so I can use all my equipment. If you're an x-planer get the Saab. Worth every penny and then some. Pappyhep