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    I used to own and fly a Lockheed Lodestar. Also owned an AirCam (look it up...one of the most fun flyers ever). As a retired rwp, if I can ever help you guys (and girls?) out let me know.

    I have had nine novels published so I know my way around the written word, at least a little bit.

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  1. Loved the 'down the wing' shot. Brought back memories.
  2. I have what you're looking for. Two leather-bound 1900D manuals: one POH and one Airplane Flight Manual. Both are in excellent condition. Contact me at pappyhep@hotmail.com if interested. Not cheap, but worth the price.
  3. Okay...If you are not making a living as an artist you are wasting your talent, Man. Just spent an hour looking at your work. The A2A P-51 has some of the most creative work I have ever seen, and I've been into flight sim since the very beginning. I was amazed at the beauty of them and then all of a sudden I came upon "Bloody Unknown" and it took my breath away (in a sad sort of way). By far that is THE best neglected aircraft ever painted by anybody...tells a story for all to see. If you haven't been snatched up by one of the big developers and been given your head to create they are missing a lot of sales that they could have had. Carry on, Man. In awe, Don Hepler
  4. That is beautiful...one of the most (if not THE most) eye-catching liveries for any flight sim anywhere. Artistic does not even begin to describe this.
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