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  1. In P3Dv4.5 I just went into the actual simulator directory and went into the Fonts folder... scroll down until you see the TFDi Fonts, right click on each one and select install. Done, Fixed. For some reason the fonts are not automatically installed into your windows system so this does that. Cheers!!
  2. Hello Rob and thank you for the comment, however I guess I will not be on here anymore since I am not going to display my last name. Why? because that's my right the same as it's my right to keep my SS# from anyone for security reasons. I have no obligation what so ever to post my last name on an open network. If there are forum rules stating that I must then that is wrong to suggest people *must* have their last names on a forum and by doing so they are infringing on the privacy act. No one on any public online forum needs people's last names for any reasons and no public forum has the right to suggest an individual must have their last names on a forum. Good luck to all and take care. Alan W. (Alan Doubleyou)
  3. OK Thank You Specialist! If you ever need anything just let me know. Your more then welcome to go ahead and use those files for the other parts if you want since they are already done. You won't have a whole lot to do. I've always shared my work so it's OK. I'll leave those files up for a couple days or so. If I take them down before you get them (if you want them) just let me know and I'll send you the link to DL them. Oh and just in case they do match up perfectly to your files then I'm going to go and get some Lottery Tickets! :wink:
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments I really appreciate them. I do enjoy painting and have been at it now for the last 5 years. The *Bloody Unknown* repaint was going to be an story where they discovered this old mustang, pulled it out of the jungle and was going to restore it. I was going to be repainting it as the story went on and on making it more and more presentable as if it was really being restored and yes that meant I would have to repaint the model each time again and again for each chapter so to speak until it was done and ready to fly in a nearly new condition like you see today. I had one person who was going to write the story but then we ran into some other issues and the project went cold. Maybe I'll finish it one day. --------------- Specialist:, First of all, Very nice work on Silver Airways! I have to admit... after painting Silver Airways I came on here to the downloads section and then I seen your repaint! Sorry if I ruffled your feathers as mine would get ruffled too, which a couple of other things had happened to me too in the past like some people actually posting my paints and taking the credit for them so yes I can relate to your feelings when you seen this repaint posted here. I painted this one because I couldn't find a descent Saab 340 out there so I purchased this one (J41 model) which I'm very glad I did. You see a few weeks ago I noticed my local airport here in Florida (KTLH) started with a new airline which was called Silver Airways so after seeing it I had to make a repaint of their fleet with this paint. This is how I even got started with PMDG models and this is why I had purchased this one. I don't have any other pmdg models, only this one and again just to repaint the Silver Airways and because I really like this turboprop model anyway. Specialist, I will be happy to send you my dds files so you can see for yourself I didn't copy your work and you can overlay them to see they won't match up proving I didn't copy your work or even take your model and change the reg number. Again I appreciate your concern and I would feel the very same. Suggesting this to me shows me you have a lot of pride in your work which is a good thing because most people just don't care and for that I appreciate your reply, really. My work has never been duplicated from any other paint or painter as again I personally can't stand those who take credit or use other/s work to better themselves so I wouldn't like to see my work being copied either of course and again I have found this several times online at different forums over the years and it's really upsetting to me as it had probably upset you when you seen my paint posted here. I was going to take it down after seeing your paint in the downloads but I figured since I did in fact paint it from scratch then I would leave it for display. None of these two paints of mine are uploaded anywhere online. I doubt I will post them as I had no intentions of posting them anywhere, they were just examples for now. I am working on another as of now which came to be my signature repaint which is the paint that got me known in the painting world a few years ago so I might add it to this plane as well. It's one of my A2A Mustang repaints which is visible on my flick-R page. Here are the dds files (below) for you to take a look at:. Also, feel free to select and copy the section's for the polished prop spinners and the sections for the cleaner, brighter landing gear. All 4 area's (from all four palettes, including all alpha's, specs and spec alpha's) will need to be copied and pasted over. Also, there are new *prop Spinner blur effects* built in as well - no editing necessary for the blurs. Feel free to use these areas for all your repaints if you want to. Keep in mind, do not change any of the Main colors, alpha colors or spec colors, the outlook of the finished model will not look right and the spinner blurs will not look right either. Also all my textures are in 32bit 8888 To all others: The dds files posted here Below are mainly for *Specialist* who can compare my work with his and also for those who may want to use the other areas noted above on the dds files ((landing gear and or spinner polish)) for any future paints they may have or produce as well. Thanks again Specialist... now you can rest easy lololol (I like that little guy!) reminds me of Richard Dreyfuss in that scene of the movie JAWS on the boat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS - These files are not in the download section because they are for demonstration purposes only and not totally complete. My version of the Silver Airways download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s3nvqu3txqi11ry/Silver+Airways.zip
  5. Thank You Dan As it said in the description "This paint was originally on an real Cessna 182" I then applied this paint to other models as fictional and to this one (J41) as well as a fictional because this paint just looks good on a lot of different planes and I knew it would look good on this one as well. It's been updated since then and looks even better now. You can see the other repaints in my link above in my 2nd posting in reply to *Pappyhep* which brings me to question... What Full names are you referring too? Screen names as in Pappyhep or my real full name? Alan --------------------------------------------------------- Another paint: .... more work to go on this one as well ~A~
  6. WOW thanks a lot Pappy! I've had many complements on my work in the past but I can't think of any like this one. I'm glad you like it. I'm still messing around with it and coming up with some ideas for the engine cells. One thing I need to do is add some exhaust effects directly behind the engines too. Lots more to go actually and some final tweaking here and there. The link below has a bit more of my past work for your viewing pleasures: Some fictional but most are paints of their full size counterparts. Two in particular,... the older "Electra" and the "PC-12" which are both actual variants of the real aircraft. Really cool thing about this, is the PC-12 was flown around the world by another younger woman who's name is also Amelia Earhart which was a successful flight. It would of been really cool if the original Amelia would of made it. That's too bad. Thanks again for the complement. I'll have more paints for this plane (J41). Repaint screenshots only: (click the thumbs of the aircraft and see more paints of that particular model) https://www.flickr.com/photos/121556714@N07/albums Alan
  7. This shows the two colors Green and Gold with Noise added on a 2d visual effect I then took one of my paints and cut out a section and added some metal flake so you can see there are many options. In this photo I exaggerated it a bit for viewing but you would use a lessor amount of noise so that it's visible at only a certain distance away. If you make the noise too large then the paint will look like someone came along and tossed paint stripper on it. You want around 3% of noise for starters and you want monochrome, not color in the noise settings. Also you want to use a Gaussian effect which is all available for you after selecting the noise filter option. Also make sure the small preview window is 100% so that you can see the actual results as you work with the noise filter.
  8. Been tinkering around with my first ever PMDG Product. Very pleased with this aircraft so far, so I had to make a repaint for it which this paint has been applied to several of my other aircraft as well. This paint was originally on an real Cessna 182 which I've also done that one in the past for the A2A 182. I don't know the significance of this paint or what it might stand for but it sure does look nice on a lot of aircraft out there and on my FSX aircraft as well being a fictional paint except for the 182. This one Includes HD vision window tint for the passengers and lots of other goodies too including polished spinners. Not sure if I'll be painting the engine cells or not. Haven't decided on those yet since it might be a bit too much. I think all white for the engines matches the fuse for now and seems to be a better fit then if I added more paint but not sure yet. Enjoy the pics. Thanks for a nice plane PMDG! ===============================================
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