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  1. LeeL

    First solo

    Been awhile since I posted here (use to be an avid member) not long ago - about a year- I did my first solo and I'm trying to get back on the sim to do extra training for my instrument rating (our sims are way better then the sims the flight schools use!) My advice: being a little nervous is normal don't let that bother you, don't rush yourself and don't let anyone else rush you. And lastly Have fun and enjoy! Lee
  2. Yeah I'll send an email out to a couple of guys today. You can PM me AMD I'll send it. One of these days I'll upload it to AVSim
  3. LeeL


    $30 and no RXP430 integration. Shame
  4. LeeL

    Back in Hospital:(

    I'm sure you'll have more than ten lives! Best wishes
  5. LeeL

    RealAir C172

    And the V2 Turbine will be out sooner
  6. LeeL

    QWSim 787

    There was a big update on their Facebook and forum Seems to be coming together
  7. LeeL

    Fix List To Carenado

    Yes I totally agree. Don't understand why they don't. I might purchase more if they did
  8. It was until now! I just haven't had much time with real flying and other commitments.
  9. LeeL

    B1900 is out!

    That first video really shows some cool features that seem like they would add to the immersion a lot. I think I might just get this, it would only be my second XP add-on but it looks better than the fsx version
  10. LeeL

    Just Flight 787 coming soon

    It says this is in their F-lite range so that gives an idea about its target audience. Glad to see more 787 options though personally I'm waiting for QW
  11. I agree with the Duke Great plane
  12. LeeL

    Payware Business Jet

    Lionheart Lear? Flight 1 King Air...not a jet but good performance.
  13. LeeL

    Banning babies from flights?

    Yup well said. Also to the OP, I'm sorry to hear that your sister had a terrible childhood but just "suddenly" turning around and punching a baby is not right... She's an adult now, she should be able to control herself in front of "spoiled babies".
  14. LeeL

    Lionheart Lear 24 released

    I dont have Vcockpit06 in my panel cfg, any idea why not?
  15. LeeL

    Lionheart Lear 24 released

    I'm terrible haha. I'm trying to cut back but I have no self control and just bought it. $34 isn't bad, could be worse