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  1. I dont have Vcockpit06 in my panel cfg, any idea why not?
  2. I'm terrible haha. I'm trying to cut back but I have no self control and just bought it. $34 isn't bad, could be worse
  3. Agreed. Has anyone put the RXP430 in it now?
  4. Weather Radar face in VC is now mapped as a $pan gauge assembly so you can install a weather radar gauge 'over' the face assembly. And, this features a flip-able face set that includes a Garmin G500 GPS in 3D model structure, functioning, as well as a 'blank' face plate complete with night mapping glow for any gauge you would like to place there. Rotate through the face plates via the round, black 'Aux Inverter' knob just to the right of the Weather Radar. This is cool! Good for them for doing this. Now we can have a modern Lear 24... might've just gave me the final push needed to purchase
  5. "I haven't had so much fun since the hogs ate my little sister!" Ummm I think a translation is in order here haha
  6. I don't usually say this but you should really do the tutorial flight. Be glad I'm the one telling you lol It seems like that would help you most
  7. Awesome. I bet it will take some time but it will be worth it
  8. That's good news! I'm not about to drop OPUS just for a WX radar. My next question though is if this feature is added to the existing OpusFSX would it be part of the usual free updates? Thanks Lee
  9. I'm setting this up for the Carenado 210. The power lines should be in the manual. The CHT, oil temp and oil pressure I think can come off the aircrafts gauges do those should be good for you. Now I'm not sure about the MP and RPM stuff. They should be obtainable from performance charts or in the manual but you could also copy the minutes just off the gauges I imagine. But I'm not sure. Have you googled if anyone has done this with the 185 before because that would help. You could also take it up and run it at those settings and get your max values.... Maybe Hope this helps. Maybe I'll post a screenshot of the 210 when I'm done Lee
  10. On their facebook page they say they have hired a new forum moderator who will take care of the forum updates etc. So that's good! I am looking forward to their upcoming projects (always was) but this is excellent news. Also on facebook, the SP is delayed till Monday for some more fixes. Lee
  11. Well looks like the SP will be out on friday http://www.razbamsims.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=555 Nothing about the GPS or blank spot requests though
  12. I'm waiting to see how the Embraer is but if it's good I'll probably get it. I dont think the company is doing stuff on purpose, it's just the way it's worked out. It's the lack of answers on the forum that bothers me
  13. Well not much is changing. Razbam have not replied to the poll on the forums about releasing the SP without the WX radar and adding that later. The poll unsurprisingly says release the SP now because the WX radar is all that's holding it up. We also still don't have any news on reality xp/Mindstar integration, or the option to have a blank space to add what we want in, which in my opinion would be the best option right now. Meanwhile the forum for the Saab 340 has been put up..... Lee I lost hope for a steam HSI like many were skiing for too lol. But that one is more understandable
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