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  1. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    Looks like a TACPAC conflict - early indications appear to show errors resolved following non-start of TACPAC module at sim start.
  2. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    I've been reading the forum and I see TACPAC possible conflict. I do have TACPAC installed. Will see if stopping TACPAC resolves the issue.
  3. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    I can send images of the corrupted display if this helps - please PM me as I don't have an upload site to post on.
  4. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    Support ticket sent - 4.2 still gives changing fonts, APU start leads to CTD, it's unusable so far. I am operating several high end P3D products sucessfully so it appears to be a MD-80 issue. Hoping this can be fixed. Thanks for any help or suggestions out there!
  5. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    P3dv4.1 (about to go to 4.2). 1920x1080 monitor. P3D settings for video used and not altered. 2048px MD textures for VC and external. Thanks! Gary
  6. ggi

    MD-80 Fonts

    I'm getting unstable fonts for the digital displays on the VC of the MD-80. The font keeps changing when using Win10 and P3Dv4.1. I found the fonts folder in the Maddog folder and have installed each font individually, but so far the fonts keep changing and re-sizing. (Digital displays (radio panel) and FMC only), what is strange is that the proper fonts display, then revert to a different font when changing views. The proper font can appear on the F/O side yet wrong fonts are displayed on the Capt side simultaneously. Resizing the 2D panel can create this on the FMC, but mainly it's the VC affected.
  7. Can you check the download links for the 430/530 please? Text link goes to 404 page not found and the Download button links to the G1000. Thanks Gary
  8. Many many thanks!! PHMUdreamin all sorted now, Ed sorry I didn't realise I had to manually add these to the .ini file. Great to have the Mindstar GNS back again!!
  9. I thought these paramaters were part of the FSUIPC file? Obviously not - I'll adjust and report back. Gary
  10. I'm running your own mindstar NavData but also the Navigraph data too. The crash occurs with the Carenado C177, the C90 and their C340 - should I try other aicraft where I'm running the Mindstar GNS series but without a Carenado add on? Please let me know if I can do some testing on other types. The Carenado aircraft were installed using a registry tweak - not the Estonian tool, so this is possibly the issue? My crash occurs using EGPH (Edinburgh UK) and selecting UW (NDB 368) as the first waypoint from a 24 departure. Both EGPH and the UW NDB are old established waypoints (from 1970 something?) so I'm assuming it's not a new WP issue? I can test it on any of the A2A aircraft or let me know if there is a type you want me to try it on. Also using ORBX Global and Scotland scenery as the base layer with UK2000 EGPH layered above. Windows 10 and P3D v3.4.
  11. Thanks Ed - just tried it and sorry to say its not made a difference, I still have a CTD on FPL page when pressing ENT to load first waypoint. Hopefully LM can come up with something sooner rather than later - fingers crossed!
  12. Using P3D v3.4 I've just installed the latest GNS 1.08.0021 (04Dec) and unfortunately there is still a CTD on entering a flight plan. Hopefully LM have a fix soon to resolve this. Gary
  13. ggi

    GPS 430/530 crash

    Ok guys - thanks for the update, fingers crossed for a fix.
  14. ggi

    GPS 430/530 crash

    Yes - I'm using FSUIPC and P3Dv3.4. Same here, disable FSUIPC and there is no crash. Any ideas? .....apart from disabling FSUIPC ;-) And Ed I'm not using 3rd party scenery navaid updates.