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  1. You are very right, lol
  2. Hi, scottb613 works correctly in prepard v4! Regards
  3. updated it?
  4. I had the same problem with, they did not update for more messages that I sent them. until I talk to flysimware support and explain my case and I registered on their sales page to be able to download the updates because did not respond either to me or to them. Regards
  5. you need to read the manual, to fly it well.
  6. I also have this lear 25 as well as the lear 35 FSW, both are very good in systems and even more if GTN750 is integrated. In graphics is much better Lear 25. both are excellent !! Recommended!
  7. waiting .....
  8. waiting .....
  9. Hi, Bert it works very well the modification of the altitude selector, great !! thank you very much!! another detail the button of the PDF specifically the pressure selector, has the option to press to restore the standard pressure (29.92). when I press it does not work and it is somewhat fastidious to adjust manually. any solution??
  10. I also have that problem !! Changes from 1000 to 100 vice versa gives them to me in 10000 something crazy
  11. In my v4 simulator I do not see the bands in the PFD and MFD. I see it normal. Waiting to catch bands
  12. Works great for my GTN + Lear in P3Dv4
  13. Where can i get the texture??
  14. 1.- just select P3D v3 one GTN or Dual and Change the path from v3 to v4. 2.- Instal PL manager for V4 no have sound problems !! cheers