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  1. hi, the AP system works very well, only the indicator lights are missing
  2. hi, Why don't the AFCS (Roll and Pitch) panel indicator lights come on when I have the AP activated? I can't do night flights version 4.2a thanks
  3. hi, Course indicator on the HSI does not follow F1 GTN 750 ?? https://ibb.co/YkZM3Jn and another question, because these buttons are not lit when they are activated from Autopilot Modes? https://ibb.co/rHFrPM0 thanks
  4. I have not had problems with the QW787, I'm using it in P3dv4.3, excellent !!
  5. hi, automatically detects the folder of p3dv4, I have installed in another folder that is not default I just installed it in p3dv4 and it works very well, it also adds flight1 GTN750 to the panel !!
  6. I recommend Learjet 35 from Flysimware is my favorite on the Phenom 300
  7. hi I have a problem with this airport SKTU, which only appears only the track on the water but the other terrain is under water. I enter the Vector panel control to disable AEC and it does not appear in the list of airports. any solution? image of the airport's google maps addons: FTX Global BASE, FTX Global VECTOR, FTX Global Trees HD, FTX Global openLC North America, FTX Global openLC South America, openLC Mesh South America
  8. Thanks for answering, I have the GTN 750 mod for the phenom 300 and I like it, although we already know that fairing has errors in the systems. better I wait for the other year and continue with the phenom 300, FSW lear35, Xtremeprototypes lear25
  9. Is it worth buying this bird? now that is on sale Is it better than the phenom300? according to the systems I have the phenom300 Thanks!
  10. Hi, scottb613 works correctly in prepard v4! Regards
  11. I had the same problem with SimShack.net, they did not update for more messages that I sent them. until I talk to flysimware support and explain my case and I registered on their sales page to be able to download the updates because SimShack.net did not respond either to me or to them. Regards
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