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  1. What I did was execute the file "Delete Generated files" and it seems that that deleted all the files that I had with the previous version and new ones were generated where it includes the data from the VolumetricClouds.cfg section. Now I have clouds with EA on, but the clouds have patterns and pixels, when I zoom in on them.
  2. Yes Runs smoother than 4.5 without stuttering with more stable FPS My specs: Ryzen 5 2600x, 16 Gb Ram, Win 10, GTX 1080, many addons
  3. in my case just update each installer. First uninstall the old client and install the new one, then the content and finally scenery. Also after installation start the simulator, close it, restart and copy the two files that are in AppData \ Roaming \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v5 \ Controls "Standard.xml and Standard.xmlx" and finally execute the file "Delete Generate files" in the root folder of the simulator. Restore the copied files. I had no need to reinstall addons from the beginning, only AS 318-333, new ActiveSky, orbx did not move anything and voila everything works as smooth as butter. I have already made 3 flights of approximately 2 hours each and without problems
  4. hi did you get the TBM problem fixed ?

  5. hi my Carenado aircraft have transparent virtual cockpit in P3D v5 c210, TBM850, Phenom 300, B350, c206, c208, pc12 any solution? https://ibb.co/7GWFDC3
  6. hi all Carenado aircraft have transparent virtual cockpit only in P3D v5 any ideas? https://ibb.co/7GWFDC3
  7. hello as the title says, CESSNA 402C BUSINESSLINER will be compatible for p3d v5 ?? Thank you!
  8. I never keep flights. uninstall falcon 50 and delete files inside p3d aircraft folder reinstall version 1.9H add RolASNRadar WX Radar to panel.cfg file without lights bug fix check the video everything works https://youtu.be/o2CO3bqYsSA cheers !
  9. Download again before making the video and replace the Falcon_50.cab and Falcon50_interior.MDL files according to the version of P3D V4.4-V4.5 MODEL that I use.
  10. [Vcockpit01] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 900,900 visible = 1 pixel_size = 900,900 texture = $ gps_1 gauge00 = Falcon_50! SYSTEM, 0,0,2,2 gauge01 = Falcon_50! FUEL_USED, 0,0,2,2 gauge02 = Falcon_50! FUEL_SYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge03 = Falcon_50! CLIC, 0,0,2 , 2 gauge04 = Falcon_50! SONIDOS, 0,0,2,2 gauge05 = Falcon_50! TECLAS, 0,0,2,2 gauge06 = Falcon_50! AP_MODES, 0,0,2,2 gauge07 = Falcon_50! SPD_HOLD, 0,0 , 2,2 gauge08 = Falcon_50! ALT_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge09 = Falcon_50! ENGINES, 0,0,2,2 gauge10 = Falcon_50! START_SYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge11 = Falcon_50! PRESURIZACIÓN, 0 , 0,2,2 gauge12 = Falcon_50! TEMPERATURE, 0,0,2,2 gauge14 = FBGS_XMLSound_x64! FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1, Sound \ FSW # 119 gauge15 = Flysimware_Fuel_Dump_x64! Fuel_Dump, 0,0,2,2 gauge16 = FLYSIMWARE_CONSOLE! Navigation_FLIGHT750_1, 0,0,2,2 gauge17 = dsd_p3d_xml_config_x64! config, 5,5,5,5, ./gauges/dsd_F50_xml_config_x64.ini gauge18=dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64!Sound, 5,5,5,5, gauge19=Falcon_50!ANNUNCIATOR, 0,0,2,2
  11. problem Falcon 50 lights https://youtu.be/BUIrgkrjywU Problems 1.- panel lights 2.- AP (autopilot) modes lights thanks
  12. followed the instructions with the update!! I'm uploading a video
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