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  1. Re Gabriellc and Citation. Already have this but I prefer the Embraer's Clear to read Garmin Setup. Also have problem with inserting co-ordinates which I have posted on the Forum and still waiting for answer. Re Alexbz thank you and I'll try this. I thought that's what I have been doing. Will look at it again. Thanks to both.
  2. I have tried every which way to change altitudes on the Flight Plan waypoints entering the correct altitude but reverts back with the original altitude so effectively the VNAV becomes pretty much useless. As an example, flying KSBA - KSMX and entering the SID Flout5, it sets up the waypoints as 6000 altitude on all of them. After entering directly MADOO, KOAKS, CAMCO and PATER and trying to set them as 6000, 4000, 3000 and 1720 respectively, nothing changes. I followed the example in the FSMania Tutorials which are illustrated really well. He does them successfully but no luck for me. I might add I have the Navigraph that I purchased with the aircraft. Any pointers as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you. Charles Abela.
  3. Charles Abela

    Phenom 300 Navigraph software

    Thank you barrel_owl. MSFS plans shortcoming - this one I can live with because it makes me more aware of what I am planning for constructing the flight plan. There is always something to learn. On the second, I will go through it again, and in the meantime will wait for the fix. Regards.
  4. Charles Abela

    Phenom 300 Navigraph software

    Hi not sure if I am posting in the right topic. I have recently purchased the Phenom 300 with the Navigraph package. Everything seems to work well ... at my level of use, however I have a couple of problems. Can't seem to load any MSFS plan that I can easily load in other aircraft including B200 King Air Flight1. Second even more important, when I try to alter the altitude of any waypoint it does not accept it and reverts back to the value that was showing previously. Any clues or ideas if I missed something or a thread that I should follow. Thank you. Charles Abela