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  1. I am okay with the language, but I was baffled by the "news" because I had no idea that a new ATR was in the works. Obviously it wasn't.Old news is no news, imo.Tero
  2. Hi,What's with the announcement on Avsim front page?Didn't the FSX update come in June ?Tero
  3. LOL!This is exactly the kind of stuff we need to see here...Congrats to PMDG for winning the reader's choice award! cheersTero
  4. Thank you Stephane,I am sure I will use this for the time being. However, I tend to also expect a permanent fix from Microsoft.Thanks for a great contribution.rgds,Tero
  5. >this still needs testing, but yes we are trying to fix this>one.Excellent news. Thanks, Phil.rgds,Tero
  6. >Yup, normal rendering views work fine. As soon as I add a>detached panel view, it doesnt save.>>OK, thanks, thats what I was looking for.Phil,Are you fixing this issue for the SP2 ?rgds,Tero
  7. I thought that I used the word "panel" in the subject ;).End sarcasm. Yes, we are talking panels here.Glad you got it reproduced. Waiting for the fix. Thanks Phil!rgds,Tero
  8. If it only worked that way.If you operate FSX under WinXP, simulator in the windowed mode.Undock windows in the sim, and drag them to the second monitor (resize a little, if you like). Save the flight. Now reload the flight and you will see all of the open, undocked windows that you saved appear on the main monitor over the main instrument panel. Often the size of the windows is also just the default, and not the one you resized them into.So two things happen. The windows you have resized and moved to another location (undocked), appear on the main monitor in their default size upon reloading. This happens in the windowed mode only. I have tried several aircraft, no difference in results. I have been a beta tester for so long, that I know how to replicate things, and this one is a no-brainer. Happens every time.For some reason FSX is not loading the undocked window positions and sizes upon reloading. What is alarming is that ONE time I was able to load the FMC of the Level-D at the second monitor (although size was back to default). At that time I had two other undocked windows and they didn't save their location. That was the only time I have seen this "partly work". After that I have had no success in saving the locations so that they also load in the correct place. I have tried several times. So if it sometimes works, and sometimes only works for different people, and sometimes in a different manner, there clearly is something wrong in that function.Tero
  9. Looks like it's buried somewhere in the almost 40 pages of that thread... And you cannot view any attached pics apparently without registering.Tero
  10. Thank you, Phil.This is good information.If I may ask something that's a little unclear. Do you see this as strictly DX9-related problem, that would in any case be OK with the DX10 functionality added to the simulator? Or is this perhaps a problem also with the DX10 (if you are even able to say this yet) ?Tero
  11. Hi Phil,Thanks for responding to this.Are there any news regarding this issue yet?Tero
  12. Seems like we are just being ignored. Totally.What a waste...Tero
  13. HiActually you would be surprised how strict the airlines in Europe are to follow the "no cockpit access to anyone" rule.If you don't have contacts in the flight deck, and don't make arrangements before the flight, there's no way in #### (well, maybe 0.1% chance) you could get to the flight deck in-flight. Usually the FAs are just telling you that it's prohibited and they won't even ask the commander. I know of many cases when, if someone has convinced the FA to ask the commander, that they have then been given the access :). The pilots are not the hinderance... the FAs are!A couple of times when I have boarded a flight when I have had cockpit access agreed with a friend, I've had the FA tell me to get my own seat and stop with the nonsense. Once I had to walk to the front myself to get the word to another FA who was nearby the cockpit, and who then asked the cockpit and cleared me inside. The FAs have a little too high an ego nowadays, and they think they are the commander of the aircraft. Once an FA even got a little mad at me when she spotted me taking the jumpseat :). "who is he, what is he doing here?" As if the commander of the airplane wasn't qualified enough to decide on who sits on the jumpseat of his aircraft :).I hope the rules would bend a little more in the future, but I don't see that happening with all the paranoia that EU is currently driving on other issues. Seems like they are trying to prohibit everything!Tero
  14. Hi,While the official support for the 767 can be found here: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/default.asp... the reduced thrust calculator can be downloaded from the thread here. Instructions are in the package:http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=12035Tero
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