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  1. Well we will have to agree to disagree there! If we use your analogy, TBP is a website that encourages people to speed and advises them where speed cameras and radar posts are - it is not a site that itself "speeds"! Forgive me - I don't mean to be rude, but I think this is rather naive. Of course there are many laws that exist for this purpose and many more that purport to, but a huge number of laws do exactly the opposite - impose on those personal freedoms that have Zero impact on those of others. These are the ones that should be and have been challenged throughout history. Think of laws regarding suffrage, homosexuality, soft drug use, censorship of books and films etc... There are many poor reasons for the continued existence of many outmoded laws and in these cases, the reasons have very little to do with protecting freedom. And yes, that is a broader subject than that which is under discussion here and one that threatens to take us miles off-topic, so I shall park it here! I still don't see anything in this that is in opposition to the argument on the table here! I am not a creator. I don't know what it is like to see something I have worked hard on released into the public domain against my wishes and people taking it for free. I can of course imagine that it is not something I would ever want to happen and I do sympathise with you on this - you deserve remuneration for your work. That said, I have a final few points to dribble out before I retire! 1) I still don't believe that it is piracy per se that is the crux of the argument here; it is instead that the censorship of TBP and the philosophy, methodology and implementation of thatcensorship sets a dangerous precedent for censorship of the web as a whole. 2) The "industry" behind the censorship of the TBP does not represent the best interest of artists and creators, it represents the best interest of the corporations behind those artists, corporations which in the main are as fundamentally parasitic as the pirates they claim to abhor. The fact remains that the world has changed and large labels and production companies are being forced to adapt or die - something they are refusing to do. Artists now have a way to demonstrate, promote and sell their art direct to the public thus negating the need for a middle man and it is this change to the status quo that drives these spurious edicts through. 3) At the risk of getting off the main crux again and as mentioned above by BGR - correlation does not equal causation. It is exceptionally difficult to measure the impact piracy has on sales and the erroneous assumption many make is that 1 illegal download = 1 lost sale...which is quite clearly nonsense. A large number people who download for free would never have paid for the product if it was the only way of obtaining it - the only reason they possess it is because it was there for free. For the record, I am not pro-piracy, but I do believe that the model under which people buy and sell intellectual property needs to change to reflect the changing digital environment we live in...and I believe that it is slowly changing for the better. Just look at the recent, wonderful surge in Kickstarter funded games and albums for inspiration. Cheers all
  2. So therefore, unless you too are selectively quoting, you disagree with: ? I don't think anyone on this thread has argued that TPB is a "good thing"? Strawman.
  3. Aside from being a horribly subjective and nebulous accusation, is "Actively encouraging copyright infringement" illegal? If I run a website which promotes the overthrow of the UK government (by non-violent means) or saying that everybody should smoke weed, is that illegal? Google and Youtube et al link to content which not only "Actively encourages copyright infringement" but also to sites and locations that actively host material which directly infringes copyright. Surely then, under this same ruling they could (should?) be censored? There are an abundance of websites which index/host material which "encourages" all sorts of other things and provides a wealth of information which certain powerful bodies, both private and governmental, may find distasteful or against their best interests. Again then, what has happened to the TBP makes it easier for any one of these bodies to step up and obtain an order censoring access to this material, whatever it may be. As said above, the MegaUpload thing is also a good example - the USA, which has no jurisdiction in either Germany or New Zealand, unilaterally made the call to illegally* destroy a mans business on a whim and by doing so, stuck two fingers up at millions of completely legitimate users of the service by denying them access to their data. *It is now looking more and more like the whole process was carried out illegally, even by the authorities own standards and that the case will fall apart because of it.
  4. It is a matter of degrees. The fact that the UK high court can block a 'stinking thief portal" at the behest of a large corporation without any firm legal backing brings them one step closer to blocking something you do care about. It is not what they are hitting, but the tools they are using to hit it with that should be causing concern.
  5. Regardless of the legal and moral debate over media piracy and file sharing, this UK ruling sets a dangerous precedent. The Pirate Bay does not host or distribute material - it is a search engine in the same way that google is a search engine. Its existence breaks no criminal or civil laws and this ruling was carried out on the recommendation of the British Phonographic Society with no option for legal recourse or due process for those representing the site. The principles of this ruling could be applied on the same basis to Google, YouTube or any number of other legitimate websites that index copyrighted material without direct permission from the holder of that copyright. The fact that the British High court can and will unilaterally introduce new edicts such as this one based on the lobbying of large corporations without any real consideration of the law is something we should all be worried by. ...and of course, from a technical perspective, such blocks are ultimately ineffectual - to quote Serenity "You can't stop the signal..."
  6. As Gaiiden suggested (albeit a little brusquely!) your best bet is to get on the official support forums - they will be able to help you out faster than folks here. ...I am assuming you have read through the manual as well - at least the section on installing/configuring? Cheers
  7. Agreed! I cut my FSX Payware teeth on Carenado and did an awful lot of learning in the T210 - great plane.
  8. Pithy but unfair IMHO! Carenado may have a few QC issues on release, but I have got a lot of good hours out of their planes.
  9. No need to apologise to me mate! ...I am neither a mod, nor a site veteran - though I have been around just long enough to know that this thread probably wouldn't have gone all that well... :LMAO: Cheers!
  10. Not to be rude or anything, but many others have made many posts identical (almost to the letter) to yours and IMHO they are no longer a catalyst for constructive or interesting discussion - if indeed they ever were. Indeed, I believe the mods are now pretty sick of threads like these and have recently made formal announcements to the fact. I can appreciate that Flight may not be to everyone's liking - indeed, I am still on the fence myself, but a quick search through the forums will reveal plenty of material on this subject...enough to last even the most rabid of Flight detractors a lifetime and then some! I recommend a browse through the archives... Cheers :)
  11. To add: @ Guitarjava - you have an apposite username considering the left-turn this thread took!
  12. I would have to agree with that statement! Having been a little uncertain in my first few attempts at flying it, and dare I say, being initially a little underwhelmed by the quality of the VC, I am now rapidly discovering the pure joy of keeping this magnificent bird aloft. After finding it a little daunting at first, a few glances at the manual and a couple of YouTube vids soon put me straight...and now I have my EZDOK sorted with it, it makes getting around the cabin much, much easier. I need to do a few more hours practice first...including (gulp) attempting my first landing before I will switch the career mode on and I really must continue my VOR to VOR learning if I am ever going to make it to my chosen destination, but the learning is a large part of the fun! Thanks again all - I look forward to reporting back on my first successful full flight!
  13. Good advice, how could I forget this one?! Indeed it was the mainstay of my first successful Air Hauler career based at Darrington... Great plane.
  14. Heh - well so much for the 707 - that is now on June's list. I am the proud owner of a new B377 Stratocruiser, plus crew. ...downloading now! Again - thanks for your help everyone, will definitely be hitting up the Captain Sim store soon through your recommendations.
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