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  1. Great topic because Bush flying is just pure flying with challenging strips. Add any great scenery package and any of the aircraft recommended above and if you still pine for your FMC..... well I'm sure PMDG are tweaking their latest attempt to take your cash and keep you happy?! :lol: ...Meanwhile it's hard to choose any one from the list above (my shopping list after a 6 month break from FSX working on a Train Sim project already has the Fairchild 24, An2 and Staggerwing on it and this threads reminded me about the Twotter update!) but I can't say enough how much I like the Sibwings BirdDog. A choice of cockpits and different types, flies like a dream and can get in or out of just about anywhere. Good sound and one of the best all round views of any aircraft? My other recommendation for bush flying would be Track IR. I'd go as far as to suggest it's THE "must have" for immersive bush flying and there's loads of tweaks and suggestions for using it with other packages here in the forums. Trouble is I haven't even got to grips with the TriPacer yet, the Kodiak has hardly been airborne and there's 5 aircraft on my shopping list :wacko: .
  2. Well he who laughs last, laughs longest ....because if you actually read what that poster said it's not the same thing at all. The Topic starter said Regretful. Try and keep up... :lol:
  3. Well with GA the only voice you usually hear is your own muttering what's perhaps the most common "last words" on many cockpit voice rcorders The difference being of course that the latter is tragic whereas your own mutterings merely represent a waste of time?! I think perhaps an English Lesson is in order? The subtle difference between "REGRETFUL" and "REGRETTABLE" (see the thread title) is that the former refers to one's own feelings about one's own actions. The Latter more usually referes to feelings about the actions of others? When I read reviews of anything I look at the bad reviews and faults first. It "cuts to the chase". If there are issues you won't find them in the "Awesome, Wonderful, Superb etc.etc." reviews. Often the bad reviews highlight specifics and not always to do with the product but the way it is being used by the reviewer. Once you can see what the issue is and why it's reported you can make your own mind up about it's validity to your own needs. If the points are irrelevant to your potential needs then they still might be valid to others. This thread is about REGRETFUL purchases and so far it's been a very instructive and useful one.
  4. I think H has hit a very significant nail squarely on the head here? I'm sure that he and I are not alone in having bought Sim add-ons only to realise they would be good next time we upgrade our system. You just have to put some aside to enjoy later? BTW as we're adding some positives now I just bought the new LHC Tri Pacer and haven't had time to do much with it yet but I think It's going to be up there with the SibWings Bird Dog for me. Geoff PS at the moment I'm mostly really interested in "Low n Slow" but I've kept a keen interest in what you tubeliner jocks like and even though I'm not looking for them now I'm sad to see so many aircraft that would be my first choice if I go that way being amongst those you're least happy with.
  5. and I should have added to that ....or a matter of taste or specific interest? This therad isn't about who's right and who's wrong. Stephen stated clearly at the start where he was coming from and sadly as is often the case that seems not to have been read by later posters? Geoff
  6. On the contrary many of us find this very useful. The thread is about PURCHASES. Not freeware models. Once you start selling any product it will be reviewed, crfiticised and compared with similar products. If purchasers find faults the discussion of them and the response of the producer to reports about these issues is of great interest to any prospective purchaser. As for the creator finding it painful?! To be blunt "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen". If people found fault with a car or a fridge freezer would you consider that complaining might hurt the producer? Further more in the wider world of commerce and competition the producer would expect feedback on faults, dissapointments, breakdowns etc. and have a system in place to ensure that issues were fixed to maintain their reputation in the market place. Go to ANY manufacturers web site and you'll find links to support, updates, recalls etc.etc. Commercial add-ons, just like games or any other software is a product and those who purchase it are consumers. The producers are required to make "goods must be of merchantable quality" and consumers have a right to expect that. That's not to say that a listing here makes that product NOT of merchantable quality but I note that some of the names coming up here more than others are amongst the higher priced add-ons and that with others several users have had problems getting them to work at all. Whenever I buy anything I research the available options, customer feedback, reviews etc. What I don't do is take "A's" opinion that product X is total rubbish any more seriously than "B's" opinion that it's "awsome". When the A's outweigh the B's it ought to ring alarm bells? ...but it still might be a specific problem. I trained as a designer. Design courses teach design by a series of criticisms. If you want to sell your designs and make a living you don't achieve that basking on the "Awsome" "Stunning" "Amazing" "Superb" feedback. You get most support and a better product listening to the "It's OK but this could be better" types of feedback. There's no rant here. Just folk posting reasonable comments on what they've regretted buying. Geoff
  7. If fan bois is considered unacceptable in the forum now? :rolleyes: can it please be replaced with "less than critical user" :huh: rather than the somewhat silly "over excited user"? :wacko: I for one never get overexcited, stunned or awstruck with this hobby. It keeps me entertained as a hobby and the previous posts show that some posts by "less than critical users" ^_^ have mislead many of a more sober, sensible and moderate disposition? If the bot that does this can't be reconfigured maybe there should be a bot edit glossary? :lol: Geoff
  8. Guess I'd be guilty as charged there too :lol: Mind you finding reviews before you buy and assessing the criticism in each review ain't exactly rocket science nor time consuming. I did buy one C172 which everyone raved about the flight model on but for me the eye candy was poor even by FS9 standards and the repaints included underwhelming too. Just uninstalled it. Bought a few that were allegedly "Completey Updated from the FS9 model" and wondered exactly which pixel had actually been updated :angry: ? By and large I've quickly narrowed my purchases to low and slow with nothing bigger than a DC3 and find that I still fly just a handful depending on where and how long a flight. I think that this thread is useful even if they are unqualified opinions because very often some reviews are not critical enough and a bad experience repeatedly posted by different folk should at least prompt further research before deciding to buy. I'm afraid I just don't get the "don't be negative" mantra. Before Ralph Nader started the crusade for consumer rights all manner of sub standard rubbish in every aspect of consumerism was being unloaded on an unsuspecting public. Now there's hardly a country on the planet that doesn't have some sort of consumer protection and the internet has given consumers the ability to post reviews of any purchase. FS add-ons are just another purchase. If it's good there'll be no "negativity" anyway? Geoff Think it's worth stating I didn't add publishers names above because few producers of ANY commodity make all great products and few make ALL bad ones either.
  9. :LMAO: ....you will, more easily offended than a maiden aunt :lol: Geoff
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