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  1. :LMAO: ....you will, more easily offended than a maiden aunt :lol: Geoff
  2. On a personal level I'd add my best wishes to John and his family with regards to health and recovery from any ill health. I've very vivid and distressing memories of seeing one of the best blokes I ever worked under being stressed to the point of collapse by pressures beyond his control and how his determination to protect others lead him to be unrecognisable to those who didn't know him as well as myself and a few close friends. The plans for the future sound great and obviously being a lapsed UK PPL I'm delighted to hear of the plans for UK and European expansions. That's tinged a little with a current saddness at what's befallen the UK GA scene recently. One of the UK's top flying training organisations and one that operated from Denham, where I learnt to fly has ceased trading etc. I only found out after a recent visit to a pub close to Denham where I was staggered top find the circuit "dead as a Dodo". Sadly my research shows that it's one of a good few. The recession and fuel prices have hit hard. The UK has a wealth of GA airfields and many with interesting and challenging approaches. Most because of Air Space restrictions and noise abatement rather than "terminal" physical obstructions ...however the CAA's wrath might be as "terminal" to your "flying career" as any rock .........should you fail to comply with said restrictions . Any VFR portrayal of the UK should have air space restrictions portrayed as dilligently as mountains are in the PNW? I'm pleased that John has seen the sense of handing over the forums to others to control. A little sad that he hasn't really acknowledged that maybe he got the "bans" wrong? ..but hopeful that if ORBX want to keep some of the restrictions on their own forum, that at least they'll allow reference to this one? At least that way any discussion about other products in relation to ORBX products can be fruitfully continued? As for pricing policy.... well the market will dictate that? ....whatever, whoever says what about it? Price it right and it will sell. Price it wrong and..... start reading that new lease carefully! :LMAO: Bit disappointed with the new aircraft choice. Nought wrong with it but a more complex "bush" type would have been a plus? As this all started in Oz a Nomad was top of my list. Geoff
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