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  1. 300ER. Simply for the all blacks livery....
  2. Well the new driver works, but I cant seem to get inspector to do anything. It wont change any settings as I am now getting funny graphics in the ngx. Particularly the cockpit and the jaggered lines...
  3. Looked into this aswell. If I give it a go, how easy is it to reinstall the driver I had?
  4. Just downloaded the nzqn one from avsim.... then this came up. Do I need to be worried?
  5. Ohhhh I had no idea the mouse wheel could do this! This will save alot of time. Many thanks.
  6. I to have found it rather slow.... but you get used to it. Just something you learn to accept. :)
  7. Hi guys,Benn having a few issues with my graphics of late. I have the nvidia gtx580 along with an i7 2600k processor etc. Works great apart from the jaggered lines on most aircraft.... Ive been researching and its something to do with AA? Below is an example of what I mean. Have already used the ******* cfg file tweaker.....http://img291.imageshack.us/i/201132318116893.jpg/
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