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  1. 300ER. Simply for the all blacks livery....
  2. Hi Omni, Ive just got the aura working properly.... flip. It brings everything to life. Its not even funny. PM me about the aura and amp. Could make another order and get a few in for friends and maybe trademe. It is simply awesome!
  3. Nice one! Hope it works out for you. For those who use the butt kicker or aura, do you feel vibrations while in the cockpit?
  4. Yeah I did. It seems like a good product. Im always buying from them anyway so I might be able to get one in for you later on... not sure though as my speaker projects are coming to an end....
  5. Okay so I have got an aura bass shaker for the ngx. Ive got a small 100watt sub amplifier running it. Ive got some really nice headphones that i use for all the other sounds. For some reason, I cant seem to get the aura to work to well. On landing, it doesnt rumble like it should. It only really works when you turn your point of view to the rear of the cockpit.... Any ideas? Ok. An update. In wingview, it works perfectly. But the bass doesnt come thru like it should in the cockpit. No vibrations what so ever apart from looking to the rear of the cockpit...
  6. Well, if you want realism than technically this shouldnt matter as pilots who are in cockpits cannot usually see the engine cowling and the flashy lights unless they poke their head out the window....
  7. Does anyone want one of those aura Bass shaker thingies? Particularly for those in nz and australia? Perhaps even other areas to I guess because you have to buy atleast 2 of these to get them to ship them.
  8. Well the new driver works, but I cant seem to get inspector to do anything. It wont change any settings as I am now getting funny graphics in the ngx. Particularly the cockpit and the jaggered lines...
  9. Looked into this aswell. If I give it a go, how easy is it to reinstall the driver I had?
  10. Hi Thomas, The aura works great if you have a computer chair. I use 4 of these in my home theatre couch and they work like magic. I am trying the 2nd option this time and going to put it under my bed. I will be using the dayton APA150 amplifier with this. I have not used the buttkicker before as its to expensive here in NZ, so I cannot compare.
  11. Yea, the only problem is you need a dedicated amp to run them. Im planning to get in a few for some friends over in australia who are also simmers. Shipping from Parts express is a killer! I use them in my home theatre setup and its great. Going to get a couple for my fsx setup. :)
  12. I would recommend one of these: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=299-028 Better yet, one of these: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-861
  13. Just downloaded the nzqn one from avsim.... then this came up. Do I need to be worried?
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