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  1. I stand corrected, 4 years is pretty long..I mean they might pop LH with Budapest v2 at this rate LOOOL!
  2. Yeah, i mean i get the Atlanta project its MASSSIVE but has it been about 2 years and not a single preview right?
  3. I remember the day FlyTampa released KaiTak back in the FSX days...totally unexpected and i dont think there were previews leading up to it either (think they did that with Corfu as well actually). I had the freeware 9Dragons version which was alright but when FT dropped their version...GAME CHANGER
  4. This was my focus too. GAYA previewed final screens of their LOWW and then FlyTampa posted the ATC tower on their front page making us all think that v4 was on the horizon. No updates no replies to queries on its whereabouts. You lose sales doing that in some places surely?? Youll always get a bunch that give up waiting and buy the competeters version and GAYAs version does look good ill give it that but since this is FlyTampa im bound to my love for this bunch to wait for their v4...But its honestly really annoying now. Also as touched on a few times now, these devs do this as a side income...we dont really know if these are delays related to self health, family tragedies or just losing passion for the hobby but every now and again a little dev status update would be nice...abit like what PMDG do?? Your right as well Amsterdam is another one that must be knocking at the backdoor now? Emilio had said back in December that EHAM V2 wasnt far off which equally made me think (and not in the ungrateful manner at all mind you) what the point was in releasing a 1.3 update if v2 was so 'near'.
  5. I would say MSFS is ideal for the GA pilot especially VFR flying...I mean its pretty ideal for sim to real referencing (maybe not if your in Oz)
  6. Thing is there is alot thats great about it and today especially i have spent alot of my Sunday watching YouTube videos of MSFS in action via user uploads and it has alot of great things to rave about but i also look at the list of areas that the devs there have listed that need fixing, addresssing or even implementing...It deserved a much longer and extensive beta run but hey that bus has long gone now. I share your statement about buying P3D products post MSFS, im eyeing up MK Studios Palma de Mallorca and ORBX OpenLC Asia when it comes.
  7. Hi Karl, Not quite sure how true or accurate that is to be fair, I think the actual slow down of sceneries across the board is based on the devs 'prematurely' moving over to MSFS leaving those that didnt jump in at the blow of the whistle in the dark, now youve got many coming back to P3D because of all the kinks and potholes currently causing MSFS's bad press.
  8. Hi Rob, Indeed interesting points. FS2020 is hands down a superior looking sim but once again for anyone reading through this thread the point i make more than anything else is i just dont see how a sim thats constantly being patched and updated to fix stuff that was broken but then breaks other stuff is meant to tempt a serious simmer in, all the while my favourite devs are throwing sceneries at it like Steph Curry shooting 3 pointers in an NBA Allstar game. Its time will come im sure it but i just dont see why theres such a rush to build content for it at such an early stage when its still enduring a difficult birth.
  9. Indeed and lets make it clear, in many cases and for the sake of it lets use Flytampa as an example....They havent come out and said "We no longer support P3D"..Thats not happened and i actually dont think any of the devs have said that but alot of them have gone quiet. UK2000 is one for example that i really enjoy especially the HD range they started. I was and still hope Gary brings a rebooted HD Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester but he also now has GAYA that listed about 55 airports on the agenda and Stansted is one of those so one would say.."think on ya toes". Flytampa have suggested Dubai and Amsterdam will also come to P3D along with the already mentioned Athens and Vienna but its just been ages for the 2 latter projects to the point that you wonder whats happening yet FS2020 stuff and X-Plane versions have emerged. You cant please everyone and the world isnt perfect OBVIOUSLY but in this field and on this particular topic i do wonder if P3D is kinda being downgraded ahead of its time.
  10. Hello Mike, My monitor is pretty basic tbh...I have a HP 2011x 20" i believe. (GFX card is a Nvidia GTX 1080) I think i set my AA up via the Nvidia control panel if i remember correctly and take screenshots using the NVIDIA screenshot function.
  11. Hi Marcus, absolutely my point. P3D still has money to be had within its veins...I was so angry at the time ORBX basically said they were werent going to deliver OpenLC Asia...It was the last peice of the puzzle and they were about to drop it probably because it was such a massive amount of work to do. I would not be suprised if it sells seriously well when it now does finally come thanks to the community backing for it to be done. The devs do this for money or additional income and given the current circumstance that FS2020 appears to be in (and no its not unusable but) its far from being technically stable like P3D so surely you would 'milk' P3D now moreso than ever given so many are going back to it.
  12. This is somewhat of a rant, somewhat of a moan but also a plead i guess to devs that seem and i use the word seem in such a way that i can only assume this is the case from what i have seen in the last 6 or 7 months. Where do i start!? I guess it has to start with FS2020...Now when this new and shockingly amazing looking simulator dropped i like all of us that love this hobby drooled over its beauty and possiblities. MS and Asobo had given us all hope that we might be able to get a chance to grab onto something that might in many ways save us alot of money based on its incredible accuracy for land terrain and cities alike. If like me you have spent hundreds maybe thousands of your hard earned money on buying packages to improve your P3D and FSX setups over the years you might have looked at FS2020 and all the pre-trailers and beta screenshots and thought..."Hang on a minute if it looks this good im not going to need things like OpenLC or FTX England, TrueEarth, Global Vector or even a weather engine like ActiveSky because this sim is suggesting that all of this basically comes in one united package"...No brainer right!? I am heavily into AI traffic in the sim, I think AI brings unpressidented levels of realism, immersion and satisfaction to what you see at a Heathrow, LAX or Vienna for example especially if you are using the ever accurate AIG AIManager utility. It is obvious that AI in FS2020 isnt taken seriously at all, youve got generic A320s all over the place in random airline liveries that dont even operate the aircraft type...I mean come on...a Norweigian A320 at JFK!?!? What is that about!? Sceneries is whats really gotten me frustrated, we have all seen the masses of airport and 'cityscene' upgrades being lobbed at this half baked simulator and for what!? Now i have voiced this before but the more i witness this happen the more i shrug my shoulders in disbelief at what is happening before my eyes. Now to take this back we have all depending on your own longivity within the hobby have supported some fantastic teams over the decades and poured a far amount of cash into their pockets and in many of cases rightly so but i wonder what teams like FlyTampa, UK2000, GAYA, Simwings and JustSim are playing at.....Ill give you a few more examples: 29 Palms Mykonos When Mykonos v2 was announced i think back in March 2020 to be getting its well well overdue reboot for P3D we were fed screenshots which boosted excitement that we would be able to get this fantastic rendition back in P3D correctly compliled with the latest SDK and updated features for P3D V4 & V5. Some months later (Feb 2021) after the release of "Failed Simulator 2020" 29Palms released shots of Mykonos v2 (or v1?!) in FS2020!?!? Now take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYNqKKHxr-s The video shows Mykonos in FS2020...Guess what...thats not 29Palms but agree with me...it looks pretty sweet doesnt it? So im left scratching my massive head wondering WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING AT? Mykonos (in FS2020) IF anything requires an airport upgrade and lets be honest here...LGMK is a pretty tiny airport so there wouldnt be masses to do as to say comparing that to a rendition of Frankfurt Main or Chicago O'Hare which are miles bigger. Now if you go to Mykonos in P3D and what do you see by default?....An absolutely unrealistic visual of what the island looks like in true life and thats even using ORBX OpenLC Europe. So you tell me...which sim would make more use of an full island upgrade? They also then flirted on the difficult workload of bringing an accurate sateilllite image in for the P3D version which would follow the initial FS2020 release.....Im confused? V1 had a satellite base so whats so different this time? It just seems to me like a really weird way of handling a scenery that got them alot of attention when it dropped all those years ago and is now sort of a 'meh...if we can be bothered attitude'. LH Simulations Budapest 65Million years ago LH annouced Budapest was going to get an entire overhaul and be brought to P3D. Now not only being probably one of the longest running development projects ever this was another case of multiple preview renders of the scenery in P3D and then as soon as FS2020 dropped those all vanished and it was annouced that the update would come to FS2020 first and then eventually P3D....obviously a P3D version is great but some of us have waited a long a*s time for this one and to have FS2020 take the upper hand from out of nowhere was alittle dissapointing but hey it might happen before the end of my days... Flytampa Vienna & Athens This one is real hard to jibe at because i love these guys alot but whats going on with these two projects!? We can literally say Vienna v4 was suggested over a year ago maybe atad longer to being close to a release and Athens...2 years ago? I know like most of us that FlyTampa refrane from saying to much about release dates but ive seen them release 3 FS2020 versions of airports now and i am gagging like many to know when i can start enjoying their LOWW & LGAV reboots which must surely be at a near end?! So your probably wondering (if your still reading up to now) what im moaning about...Its the basic point of FS2020 being still very incomplete and massively still in beta form. Regardless of the sim being released to the public it was never ready and more and more users have reverted back to what?....P3D! Why? Because its stable and can still look great if your able to select good shaders and get your settings right and it has all of the following included...dynamic lighting, real weather dipictions with ActiveSky, AI traffic with PBR, an extensive catologue of scenery enhancements from ORBX and a decent list of study level aircraft. All of these airport renditions being thrown at the new sim look lush, no quarms about that..hell they even make JustSim material look pretty sweet but we cant enjoy these airports with a real satisfying 747 or 777.....No accurate A32X fleet..There is a reason PMDG said they were halting dev on the new sim and thats because it just isnt ready for anyone to sink their teeth into. FS2020 could still be the pie in the sky but its not something that i personally understand at the moment...We are sim hobbiests so i see the current setup in this new sim as basically having something like the old default 737 that you got in FS2002 or even the 747-400 for example and flying into a nicely enhanced FlyTampa Las Vegas with its half baked flightdeck and totally inaccuate AI system that acts miles worse than AI behaves in P3D....you get all that scenery eyecandy and no deep realism to the aircraft you are actually flying or the action around the airport itself unless you use static aircraft models...Many of us have forked out heavily on PMDG material up until now because its the best and many opted for AIGs top notch FREE AI system which further adds to the immersion with a range of realistic highly detailed models and paints. P3D is still alive! There is still money to be had in this sim. Realistically i do wonder when FS2020 will iron itself out and rectify all the wrongs and kinks it currently has intertwined within its walls. The idea and visuals are there...I love what they've done theres no hate towards ASOBO or MS BUT its just not a complete sim yet and i am totally confused at the behaviour of the 3rd party developers many of us have supported over the years with our money that we decided to hand over for their great work. I feel like FS2020 needs to be put down for awhile, it needs more time in the garage and in the meantime P3D needs to still be seen as the sim that still can deliver alot of pleasure and enjoyment. If Flytampa or Flightbeam announced a release tomorrow of a P3D Heathrow or JFK your telling me you wouldnt buy it!? It was pretty much a no brainer throwing my cash at WF Scenery for Hong Kong and Shanghai Pudong. I just dont get what the rush is and why we need to be building FS2020 up with airports and cityscenes when there are fundamental discripencies within the sim as a whole!? Who is buying this stuff up to the levels that the devs think..."Ok lets keep going!"....Bewildering it really is but hey what do i know 😛 Lets not forget that P3D gives us stuff like....
  13. Working on the existing Gatwick by UK2000 with SODE however it dawned on me while improvements and alignments that trying many of the jetways are all positioned outside their hatched areas so i really want to try and fix this so theyre more accurate when 'resting'. I have downloaded SODEPlacer and read the tutorial however i think if im working on the ADE/XML that came with the scenery to further enhance it i should be looking at the section further down labled as Workflow for existing, manually created projects? I tried to open the existing XML as i read thats the first step but got a cannot open file (for input string: "38,7") - Looking to add a new glass jetway to gate 10 - Adjust gate 27 jetway position to the terminal building - Adjust all jetways resting positions better (I have tried registering at SODE in the forums but im getting no emails for resetting or even registering confirmation)
  14. Ive recently had to move my AI setup to my other harddrive (D) in order for Lights Reborn Pro to collect all the AI material i have as it doesnt work. PFX scans the simobjects folder which is where my PMDG stuff is located and where AI was/use to be but can i now direct PFX to the D drive as well? I tried contacting P42 Support who replied with a very unhelpful...Its not supported anymore So im wondering if anyone with a slightly more technical mind can help maybe?
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