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  1. My P3D is in my C drive SSD. But ORBX scenery used up nearly all spaces. Is there any method to put the ORBX products in D Drive HDD with the FTX Central? Thanks.
  2. I've looked all over and cannot find anything regarding this error in the SceneryConfigEditor: As you can see, some are okay. All of the scenery works perfectly. I have a feeling this is a Java issue (although I have the latest issued). Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this! Man must have perfection.... EDIT: Forgot to mention I have manually linked them but after a flight or I move scenery around, it goes back to this. Best regards, Jim
  3. Hello folks, I have a question about performing a dual install of ORBX products such as Vector, OpenLC, NZSI, AU, (and so on) for FSX and P3D. So far I have been using them for FSX:SE, but now I want to run them on P3D v3.2. I know that all of these products have installers that are compatible with all simulation platforms, and I have already installed FTX Global base, one for each sim. My issue is this: Isn't it possible to install these products in a way that makes both sims sharing the files? Given that Vector alone consumes 13GB of hard drive space inside the ORBX folder of FSX:SE, it would be quite wasteful to have additional 13GB added to the hard drive by another separate installation with files that are largely identical (maybe except of a few that are specific to each sim, but maybe not) to the ones already existing. I understand that this method wouldn't work for FTX Global Base, because it replaces the default textures of the simulator in its own Texture folder. However, the other products don't replace anything, but supply the simulators with their own scenery and texture files. Technically it is possible to add the scenery using the scenery library and referencing to the folders FSX\ORBX\[Product Name]... However, I am not sure if that method does not produce any unforeseen glitches, especially with ORBX Vector. Making a separate install would eliminate the risk, but on the other hand, if I installed all of these products separately for P3D again, my hard drive would be choked with an additional 45GB of files... (And that does not take other future products into account that I will buy, such as OpenLC USA). Anyone can give me an advice? It's not that my SSD lacks the space now, it's just that I also would need to carry these files when performing back-ups onto other drives.
  4. John posted the 2013 plans for Orbx - pretty aggressive launch plans along with Orbx World .... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/52918-2013/page__gopid__467470#entry467470 And in case you can't see the link:
  5. If I'm doing preflight procedures in my NGX for about 30 minutes will the scenery be rendered and not constantly changing when I take off?
  6. With Steve Parson's kind permission I have included the Global lights patch into the shader patches collection. Fixes the FTX Global lights black rectangle background problem in DX10 preview. If you missed the scenery fixer, Steve has very kindly allowed the code to be added to shader patches collection v3.2.2 becoming v3.2.3. The file "shader_release_v3.2.3.zip" can be found in the Misc. section. Exactly the same as v3.2.2 but includes the Global Lights fix, default on. Regards Steve
  7. Hello all. I am having problems with Ftx Global Vector configuration tool. I am trying to disable AEC on certain airports. I ran the "auto-run" option and got AEC disabled on certain airports but not others which I'm having problems with elevation issues. I tried to manually add airport code into the tool but it does not list these airports on either side; "AEC Enabled or AEC Disabled." KATL and EDDM are couple of the examples not listed in FTX Configurator. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank.
  8. I turned off Autogen in the FSX settings. I have used FTX Central to return FSX to default so no Orbx/FTX scenery is enabled. The dll.xml does not have any modules from FTX/Orbx being loaded. Yet, using Process Monitor during several flights, FTX/Orbx Autogen and every FTX/Orbx .bgl and textures from the Scenery/Global/Scenery folder were loaded during a flight from Chicago to St Louis over MegaSceneryEarth V2 photoscenery. Orbx Lights, Orbx trees, well, everything. Not only that but all of my FSX Autogen is being loaded too. Autogen is turned off. Doesn't the turn off switch work? With photoscenery I don't need Autogen. It uses a lot of resources. Can someone tell me how to make it go away (short of uninstalling Orbx/FTX products). Best regards,
  9. Hi I have been having a few issues with my FTX Global and OpenLC, I have attached images of my scenery config, FTX Central and the issue in hand. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hamish :-)
  10. Hi everybody! I reproaching this question in comparison to last time. I got FTS Global sometime early to mid April. I must say, really impressed by the amount of autogen drawn, and how everything follows patterns and there are more trees, and even individual light orbs! But I quickly realized I was encountering an issue when I started to see the scenery. My FPS dropped from my average 20-25, all the way to somewhere around 12 or lower. For me... this soon got unbearable. This is where my two part question comes in (or three parts, depending on how you look at it): 1.) Could I have installed incorrectly? I heard there was no FPS drop whatsoever... but looks like I heard wrong. If I did install correctly, do you think it's just my computer? (view system specs below). 2.) When I could no longer take the lag, I decided to uninstall. I think some sort of error occurred while this process occurred because the FTX app opened by itself (or I left it open) causing an interruption in the uninstall... and subsequently leaving bits and pieces of FTX in FSX. So, here's question number two/three: How can I uninstall FTX manually? I tried doing this, going through FSX effects and texture folders, deleting a good amount of files, but not deleting the bits still. Ugh. I'm tired of know my FSX is fragmented, and I'm tired of seeing some odd scenery textures when FTX should be uninstalled. Maybe I'll just reinstall FSX completely [and get a new computer] - but wouldn't we all want that. Anyway... here are my system specs, at least, as much as I could find and offer: CPU: Intel i7 quad core 2.67GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA NVS 3100 OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit RAM: 8gb (7.86 usable) FSX Acceleration/Gold (already flagged Large Address Aware). Thanks Joe
  11. Hello, As part of my bi-annual format and reinstall i like to upgrade my FSX installation with the latest and greatest, so i am seeking advice on if people here would replace/upgrade any of the below: FSGlobal 2010 R2 UTX GEX Europe Thank you for your advice
  12. Hi all, I have two ORBX sceneries - North and South Island of New Zealand when I do a flight from the North to the South I come into land and the scenery is even worse than default. It's like it takes ages to load all the details and textures so i flew around the City I was landing in for approx 5 minutes and it started to load. Does this load time come down to the components of the PC I'm running or is it something within ORBX. Having said that, I've just forced migration and updated my ORBX libraries as FTX has said to do. Will let you know that this problem was happening before I did the recommended install and force migration FTX has just released. Thanks in advance Jordan
  13. I had this problem occur a few days ago, since then I did a clean install of the entire OS, reinstalled P3D and the scenery, however the problem still exists, Does anyone know how to fix this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9U6maU2iaxnVmw0b2lyMkJsOFU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9U6maU2iaxnRkdsei1INmV1TTg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9U6maU2iaxnZUgxdTVKaGNMS3c/view?usp=sharing sorry I could not figure out how to post pictures here, but as you can see, there seems to be a default runway overlapping RWY27, interestingly RWY 16/34 is not affected at all my p3d: P3D V2.5 YMML 2.0 FTX Australia SP4 REX Texture Direct HD Thanks in advance
  14. Hello guys. I have this problem and I dont know how to solve this. Everything is up to date and I even installed all the latest libraries from the website. Here are some pictures to support my claim. can you help me resolve this issue? Everywhere is blurry but airports. Thank you. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/K9GYH P.S: By the way my system is pretty decent and my sim is FSX. I generally get around 35 FPS.
  15. Does anyone know what, if any, setting will fix the flashing smoke coming from the two log cabins on approach at Juneau? The smoke seems to flash in sync with Orbx's custom approach alignment lights. I don't recall this issue in DX9.
  16. "Hello everyone!!! I am back from yet another long lul away from AVSIM.NET. I guess that means FSX has few problems for me . So let's start: The Background Story: Approximately one year ago to the day (well, 355 days to be exact), I purchased ORBX's FTX Global BASE. I was a fairly seasoned user of FSX, but at the time, I was new to the whole Payware Add-on thing, and I wasn't too big on tweaking my FSX.cfg. So as you can imagine, by FPS was not entirely amazing. With that said, I happily downloaded FTX Global, pretty much everything went smoothly, and it installed, along with FTX Central, in which I could enable the "Vector Lights," and "ORBX Trees" (I'm saying this off of memory, so excuse me if these are not the exact titles of those two features). I loaded up FSX, and I must say... it was truly beautiful, there, sitting on Runway 4L at Newark Liberty International. But I remember the elephant in the room: My FPS was pretty bad, probably floating around 10 or lower. So, being less educated on the architecture of FSX at the time, I uninstalled, or at least attempted to "uninstall," FTX Global. However, being that I don't think that I made a World Scenery Backup, the whole ORBX add-on never truly uninstalled, especially since I think I may have quit out of the uninstaller midway due to a complication I can't quite remember. As a result, small fragments of ORBX's FTX Global BASE still remain in FSX. So, throughout the duration of approximately 349 days -- up until this past week -- I was using FSX as normal, of course, longing for a new add-on along with my REX 4 Textures and Airbus X Extended (which I love AND recommend). I soon remembered that I have FTX Global. In fact, I always remembered, but was always upset at the inability of my computer to run FTX Global with my add-ons. ----------------------- But meanwhile, I have been tweaking my FSX.cfg file for quite a while, and within the last two weeks, I found out more about the "BUFFERPOOLS Tweak" and "AffinityMask" tweak. I had already had both of them, but neither of them, from what I recall, were set correctly. ----------------------- So now, at this point, I felt (and feel) like I have mastered my FSX.cfg. So, I decided to install FTX Global BASE. Just to see. And now... the issue: I installed FTX Global. Eager since I had not used $100 worth of software in nearly one whole year. But it occurred to me, upon installation, three fairly major things: 1.) ORBX asks to make a World Scenery Backup folder. Last year, and even this time that I installed, it was never directly mentioned in the installer that failure to make a Backup would result in the inability to properly uninstall ORBX. They, in my opinion, should have had that in big red print on the installer, as it is really important in my opinion. Obviously, it wasn't until I read the User's Guide that I discovered that this was so (the inability to uninstall). 2.) Later in the installation, when the files were being applied to FSX, I got a minor error message saying something along the lines of an issue applying one of the Bitmap.bmp files. I simply selected "Retry" (to re-attempt installing that one Bitmap.bmp file), and all was well. 3.) But it wasn't until I reached near the end (or perhaps the end) of the installation that I got the following ERROR message: "Access to C:\Program Flies (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\\ORBX\Scripts\FTXLights_Day.exe was denied" Upon pressing "Okay" on this error message, the installer quit out, and the Unwrapper, which waits until the Installer finished, was left open. I pressed "Finish" on the upwrapper, only to finds something peculiar. ------------- I looked on my taskbar, and all of the way to the right, I could see what I firmly believe was the Installer Icon. Weird enough, what I think keeps happening is that the Installer window closes, but the application itself remains open. I can not re-open the Installer window, nor can I close out of the Installer unless I use the Task Manager, which I eventually had to do. Unfortunately, this was not my only issue. I discovered that the FTX Central application was nowhere to be found on my computer. This is unfortunate, as I did not have the ability to select lights, trees, Default/Global, etc setra from FTX Global. So, I figured, big whop, so what. I opened up FSX, only to find that none of the scenery was actually present!!! Only the default textures were present!!! ------------------ So, to add: This has happened to me three to four times within the past few days. All with the same outcome. I tried re-downloading it twice, but the new files seemed to have made no change. I even tried running the application as Administrator, but that didn't work. I just repeatedly get the same error, with NO FTX Central, and no FTX Global BASE Textures present in FSX. Oddly enough, the ORBX file is right there in the FSX directory, but it seems to be doing nothing. I am not necessarily angry... I am just highly frustrated and confused. So my two main questions are: - How can I fix these/the error message? - Where the heck is FTX Central? NOTE: I know it says FTX Central won't appear if I have no other ORBX FTX regions installed, but theoretically, the FTX Central application is still supposed to install. Even then, the FTX Global Textures won't appear. I am using a GENUINE, perfectly legal copy of FTX Global Base. I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, equipped with the proper Microsoft.NET Framework 4.1.5, along Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition. Please help, and any help of such is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe N.
  17. Hi, with the release of p3d 2.5, can somebody please advise if FS Global 2010 FTX is compatible or not? It works fine with 2.4, but am uncertain if I should install 2.5 now or wait. I know ORBX is working on their addons...but who knows how long that might still take. Thank you, Rene
  18. I had FSX boxed and FTX Steam installed on my SSD drive. I have deleted the boxed version to make room. In any case, I already had the boxed version installed on my hard drive. Now, when I open FTX Central, it shows only three areas, each containing none of my installed items: Europe (showing Manchester City Airport and heliport), North America (showing four items I have never had), Oceania (showing Broome International Airport). I had Global, Land Class , Vector, Europe (with several airports), North America (ditto), Oceania (again ditto), etc. Now, I can't do anything with FTX Central. I have downloaded and reinstalled it, but with the same result. I have run FS Registry repair, so the location of the sims is registered correctly. What do I do to correct this,please? Jock
  19. Hello, I noticed something weird when I fly through any location I Fly through. It seems like there are default textures between the ORBX textures: I know this shouldn't happen since FTX Replaces the default Textures.... This cant be normal because I have this Problem only since I repaired P3D with the P3D Repair function. https://imgur.com/a/VkFYd5R https://imgur.com/a/nmooSf8 Regards, David
  20. Curious with anyone else with P3d v4.3 and ftx england installed (along with ftx global here as well and Utx).. It takes nearly 6 minutes to load into runway 27 at EGLL heathrow with ftx enabled for england.. if i turn off all of ftx england in sceneryconfigeditor then it loads in 1min 45 seconds.. Curious if this is normal or not.. i run on OS SSD + P3D SSD as well. Thanks in advance
  21. Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo PMDG 747-400F on decent to Heathrow early morning Dublin to Luton PMDG 737-800 Ryanair Gatwick Airport, Airbus Extended A32X Easyjet Over Thessaloniki Airbus Extended A32X Onur Air Dubai International PMDG 777-300ER Qatar Airways As a member of the team at Alpha India Group this is what you could have with some time and patience... UK2000 London Heathrow Airport 2014
  22. Hello All, I have been indecisive on purchasing FTX Global since it's release and have a few questions that maybe some of you can answer that would probably help my decision (and others) on going forward with purchasing FTX global or leaving it alone. First before I start with the questions I would like to note that from what I have read about FTX Global in forums a vast majority of simmers claim its outstanding and others say it has many issues. Like other addons, issues will be expected for a brand new product especially one that covers the whole world...That is simple. In addition to FTX Global, Like most users if you plan on purchasing this you are more than likely looking into purchasing Global Vector or at least considering it so there will be some questions regarding that as well. I myself currently own a couple of orbx regions and I must say that I am very impressed with the level of quality that orbx has put into these regions and the airports I have purchased. I will also add that I am even more impressed with the performance you get when using orbx products. They are very good on frames(at least the ones I have), but every PC is different! One would also expect such orbx products to mesh seamlessly with FTX Global. I understand that there are a lot of loyal orbx customers out there that are not going to give an honest opinion of an orbx product simply because of their loyalty. I am asking not for biased opinions but simply YOUR honest 2 cents from your personal experience. Everyone has a different idea of how their simulator should look and that's why some products are not for certain simmers. Let the questions begin... 1. How friendly is FTX Global with other addon airports? 2. Is FTX Global "Fully" compatible with UTX? 3. Is the quality of FTX Global similar or better than an orbx FTX region? 4. Do any users have issues with Hybrid mode? 5. Is there a way to disable FTX global for certain parts of the world if you wish to use other scenery? 6. Do users prefer Global Vector versus other terrain such as Ultimate Terrain X? 7. Are a good percentage of users experiencing a significant performance hit with FTX Global? 8. Are a good percentage of users experiencing a significant performance hit with Global Vector? 9. How friendly is FTX Global with other addons in general? 10. Is orbx addressing the problems users are experiencing in their patches or do the issues remain? 11. Has Orbx created an uninstaller for FTX Global and does it successfully wipe the program from FSX without having to reinstall the sim? 12. In your opinion, is the value of FTX Global "good enough" or do users need to spend more of their money on openLC packs and other DLC from orbx to have better quality?
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