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Found 23 results

  1. My P3D is in my C drive SSD. But ORBX scenery used up nearly all spaces. Is there any method to put the ORBX products in D Drive HDD with the FTX Central? Thanks.
  2. I've looked all over and cannot find anything regarding this error in the SceneryConfigEditor: As you can see, some are okay. All of the scenery works perfectly. I have a feeling this is a Java issue (although I have the latest issued). Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this! Man must have perfection.... EDIT: Forgot to mention I have manually linked them but after a flight or I move scenery around, it goes back to this. Best regards, Jim
  3. Hello folks, I have a question about performing a dual install of ORBX products such as Vector, OpenLC, NZSI, AU, (and so on) for FSX and P3D. So far I have been using them for FSX:SE, but now I want to run them on P3D v3.2. I know that all of these products have installers that are compatible with all simulation platforms, and I have already installed FTX Global base, one for each sim. My issue is this: Isn't it possible to install these products in a way that makes both sims sharing the files? Given that Vector alone consumes 13GB of hard drive space inside the ORBX folder of FSX:SE, it would be quite wasteful to have additional 13GB added to the hard drive by another separate installation with files that are largely identical (maybe except of a few that are specific to each sim, but maybe not) to the ones already existing. I understand that this method wouldn't work for FTX Global Base, because it replaces the default textures of the simulator in its own Texture folder. However, the other products don't replace anything, but supply the simulators with their own scenery and texture files. Technically it is possible to add the scenery using the scenery library and referencing to the folders FSX\ORBX\[Product Name]... However, I am not sure if that method does not produce any unforeseen glitches, especially with ORBX Vector. Making a separate install would eliminate the risk, but on the other hand, if I installed all of these products separately for P3D again, my hard drive would be choked with an additional 45GB of files... (And that does not take other future products into account that I will buy, such as OpenLC USA). Anyone can give me an advice? It's not that my SSD lacks the space now, it's just that I also would need to carry these files when performing back-ups onto other drives.
  4. Curious with anyone else with P3d v4.3 and ftx england installed (along with ftx global here as well and Utx).. It takes nearly 6 minutes to load into runway 27 at EGLL heathrow with ftx enabled for england.. if i turn off all of ftx england in sceneryconfigeditor then it loads in 1min 45 seconds.. Curious if this is normal or not.. i run on OS SSD + P3D SSD as well. Thanks in advance
  5. If I'm doing preflight procedures in my NGX for about 30 minutes will the scenery be rendered and not constantly changing when I take off?
  6. I had FSX boxed and FTX Steam installed on my SSD drive. I have deleted the boxed version to make room. In any case, I already had the boxed version installed on my hard drive. Now, when I open FTX Central, it shows only three areas, each containing none of my installed items: Europe (showing Manchester City Airport and heliport), North America (showing four items I have never had), Oceania (showing Broome International Airport). I had Global, Land Class , Vector, Europe (with several airports), North America (ditto), Oceania (again ditto), etc. Now, I can't do anything with FTX Central. I have downloaded and reinstalled it, but with the same result. I have run FS Registry repair, so the location of the sims is registered correctly. What do I do to correct this,please? Jock
  7. Hi all, I have two ORBX sceneries - North and South Island of New Zealand when I do a flight from the North to the South I come into land and the scenery is even worse than default. It's like it takes ages to load all the details and textures so i flew around the City I was landing in for approx 5 minutes and it started to load. Does this load time come down to the components of the PC I'm running or is it something within ORBX. Having said that, I've just forced migration and updated my ORBX libraries as FTX has said to do. Will let you know that this problem was happening before I did the recommended install and force migration FTX has just released. Thanks in advance Jordan
  8. Hello, I noticed something weird when I fly through any location I Fly through. It seems like there are default textures between the ORBX textures: I know this shouldn't happen since FTX Replaces the default Textures.... This cant be normal because I have this Problem only since I repaired P3D with the P3D Repair function. https://imgur.com/a/VkFYd5R https://imgur.com/a/nmooSf8 Regards, David
  9. Hi, with the release of p3d 2.5, can somebody please advise if FS Global 2010 FTX is compatible or not? It works fine with 2.4, but am uncertain if I should install 2.5 now or wait. I know ORBX is working on their addons...but who knows how long that might still take. Thank you, Rene
  10. [Also posted on ORBX Forum] Hi! I just moved to P3DV4.1, from FSX. I installed P3DV4 on my D drive(Not C: drive where my FSX is), and later I moved it to my own map D:/P3DV4 inside the D drive. But now if I download ORBX products I have to manually drag the from D: to D:/P3DV4 folder. When I run Vector Configurator, it can't find any airports in cfg, so when I start a flight I have ex. both ENGM payware scenery and FTX Norway scenery showing. The only thing I can do to fix it, is go to scenery library and move Aerosoft Oslo over FTX Norway(And that's so unnecessary, every time). Because every time I start P3DV4, FTX Norway, Vector and Global goes on top, over all my installed airports. What to do? My ORBX products: Global Vector FTX Norway Trees I have a lot of addon scenery, for example; Airports of Norway, but Vector configurator can't detect any of the airports. As attached, this is my D drive. Here I tried to manually disable one of the airports in Norway, but this is what happened. The files went to D:/ drive, not D:/ P3DV4. Is there something with the directory where P3D is? So FTX Central thinks its on D:/ But its actually in D:/P3DV4 folder?? Screenshot who shows what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/menYY (could not post it here for some reason) Also, in the VECTOR Configurator, when I ex search for ENGM(Oslo), it's not showing up, but its not disabled by the Configurator. Hope you guys can help me!
  11. My FTX Global or my openLC Europe doesn't seem to be working, as there isn't any difference between the orbx and the normal at GLCP (Gran Canaria), however it works fine in places like portugal or UK. Without FTX: http://prntscr.com/apo03d With FTX: http://prntscr.com/apo1hf FTX Control Panel: http://prntscr.com/apoqw2 If you need any more information I'll happily provide it. Regards, James Nixon
  12. Hey guys and gals. This will be a crazy funny thread and the settings may work for you only if you have an equivalent system. SLI is a must. Before I begin I would Request that this thread be kept Civil and fun. We all know that KSEA area in Orbx FTX PNW is a resource hog. I wanted to see if I could figure a solution which works for me. These settings are probably not needed when not using full fat FTX regions with a heavy airplane addon like PMDG. My Idea: Yes, I want to fly the PMDG 777 as a GA aircraft on top of all those FTX regions and payware aircraft I have. Why would I want to do this: Because I can and this is a virtual world of all and I have the hardware for it. If I can get the system loaded with this much scenery, then all my other addons will act like a breeze. Especially over Orbx KFHR and FSDT CYVR on top of Orbx PNW. These sceneries are resource intensive Specs: I have oc i7-5820K to 4.3Ghz, 16 GB DDR4, 2x980 SLI. And lots of 4K monitors. But sim is set to 1 4K monitor as Primary SLI monitor and other 2 4K monitors are all work 2D related. Addons Installed : Flightbeam KIAD, KDEN, KPHX, FSDT CYVR, KJFKv2, GSX Orbx: Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe and NA, FTX Regions: SAK-PFJ-PNW-NRM-CRM-NCA-SCA and few Orbx NCA P3Dv3 Airports like KFHR, KSTS, KTVL MyTraffic 6 with latest patches OpusFSI: For Cameras Active Sky Next: Default Settings for Weather FSUIPC for VAS info in the title bar Rex 4 Textures: Clouds are at 512 and rest is 1024 Resolution: 4K on SLI Prepar3d.cfg Tweaks to reduce blurries when flying PMDG 777 (newly updated one with better VAS) over PNW at altitude 10K Feet or 15K feet. Need 4 Cores for VAS Management [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=340 You can also use 30 if HT is off. See which one saves you VAS [GRAPHICS] TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 Need to ADD THIS (and these are stated in the LM performance tuning guide) [DISPLAY] TextureMaxLoad=12 (You can try 9, 12 or 15 etc, needs to be multiple of 3, but higher number can induce stutters - for me 9 or 12 works smoothly) [TERRAIN] SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 (I am running unlimited frames, with this settings I did not really see any slow texture loading when I am panning like crazy on spot view, I didn't really any drop in performance at all --- especially for KSEA area). You can change this to values which suit your system LOD_Radius is set to 4.5. I can not go above this when using PMDG 777 over FTX regions. FFTF [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.40 (even though this high, but I don't see any issues on my system with SLI graphics) GlobalTerrainView is set to True from False UseGlobalTerrainView=True Once the P3D runs. You need to this VERY IMP TWEAK to get all the cores running at full activity. There is a weird bug in P3Dv3.1 I do see that my Core 2 for example is running but at lower task activity vs Core 1, 3 and 4. I was like why is this core low performing. And then I did this simple trick. I open up Task Manager in Windows 10 and go to Prepar3d, right click on affinity and let the menu show up. I do NOT change anything and just hit ok to the window which shows that I can enable Core 0 and Core 5 if I wanted to. I do NOT enable any other core as VAS spike will happen. Just click on "oK" and viola the Core 2 is now running on full power. And the lowly rendered frames are gone. These are very weird and bizarre issues. Free VAS Menu Trick Another Tweak is if you are running low on VAS - Just click on Options and go to a Settings and wait few seconds and then hit cancel. You will see some VAS free in FSUIPC counter if you have one. I usually get to save somewhere between 50-100MB depending on the location or scenery I am in Flight Plan I did to Land at FSDT CYVR with VAS. Here is what the FMC had. KSAN-OCN-SLI-LAX-SFO-STS-CBU-TCM-SEA-PAE-FHR-CYVR STS is Orbx KSTS CBU is KPDX - Orbx standard KPDX FHR - is Orbx newly released KFHR. I really can go over KFHR at 15000 Feet with PMDG 777 and it renders very well. Slightly slow but as I get there, it does show itself very well. This is also at .65 mach speed. Result is when I finally landed in FSDT CYVR - I had close to 250MB to 300MB VAS Free. That is good enough for me. Summary: 1) Get the updated PMDG 777 2) Texture size to 2048 - trust me some of those photoreal areas of NCA/SCA work better with 2048 3) TextureMaxLoad=12 4) SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 5) FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.40 6) UseGlobalTerrainView=True 7) Mandatory - CPU core affinity trick using simple windows task manager. Just click OK when you see all the cores. You can see the activity in the CPU graphs. 8) If need some VAS free on the spot - just open up a menu like the settings menu wait like 1-5 seconds and hit cancel. Use FSUIPC title bar settings for VAS calculations. Now can someone tell if there is a VAS Leak with Car traffic or not. I can't figure it out. Here are the pics of my settings Hope you enjoy it. Again - this may not work for you. But the CPU Core Menu and VAS Menu Trick work really well. If you can tell where I can improve my experience please let me know Thank You, Skywolf PS (I do apologize for any spelling and grammar checks, I am typing this quite fast)
  13. Small flight around the Grand Teton`s yesterday... enjoy Thanks....
  14. At first the people at Orbx would be the complete scenery solution. Now apparently they recommend FS Global or as many as the FS Ultimate series as you can afford. All I want to know is if I have Orbx Vector 1.30 do I need FTX Vector, or indeed would people recommend it over the Orbx product? I am still confused about the install order after FSX and Acceleration. Is it Orbx Global first or say FTX Ultimate Americas and Europe. And Orbx also have their European land classes which I wonder whether I need if I use FTX Ultimate and Africa. I don't believe there is a definitive answer to this one, I'm just looking to avoid wasting money on products that I don't need. And it seems to have gotten a lot more confusing these past few months. Ah well, it's all part of the fun and games I guess of pursuing this hobby (obsession) Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on these issues, and believe me I have attempted to research it myself and just ended up playing Fifa! So many products, so many opinions, they sure don't make it enjoy this simulation with the the satisfaction that you're enjoying the best possible experience you could. I have an I7-7440k, a Gefore 780 GTX and 16GB of Corsair 2133 RAM btw. Thanks again everybody!
  15. Hi Folks... Was wondering if there is an official guide to "FTX Central version 2" that relates to library insertion points... Thanks... Flyboy 53
  16. Hi simmers! New to this forum, & in desperate need of some advice. I have recently installed Orbx global base, and couldn't believe the improvement on default FSX. I think the excitement was so intense that i just had to purchase vectors. Installed okay, although took a while to download/ extract (about 3ish hours) went to fire up a flight & whilst the scenery was loading I got the dreaded 'Microsoft flight simulator has stopped working'. After trial & (many) errors I found that the vectors file CVX is causing the load to crash. (From what I can see this is the file that contains any type of water features) has anyone else experienced this, or know any reason why this happens? I'm desperate for a fix. I am running Windows 10 on a new PC (fresh install) I5 4690k / MSI GTX 970 Standard FSX (non steam) with all service packs DX10 preview mode (with DX10 fixer) No add ons or tweaks for cfg files Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. Hi all, It's been awhile since I've been flying. But after a long layoff I've just started again, latest version of P3D, latest versions of FTX AU and ORBX libraries, sliders all to the right, but Perth city seems to have many autogen buildings missing. I've used FTX AU before in FSX and I distintively remember many more scyscrapers than this. Can anyone else confirm they see the same as me? Not sure if this is an issue with me only or is it an issue with FTX AU? Cheers.
  18. Hi guys, my FTX installer will not get past looking for files to update. It just sits there at 78750/78789 and causes serious slow downs on my computer with 100% CPU usage in the task manager. I've left it in this state for over 2 hours before, and it still never downloads. I have downloaded and attempted to install the manual zip file. It looks like it installs (yellow bar goes all the way), but then the installer tries to download vector again, and the whole process of hung "looking for files" and high CPU usage happens. I was able to install NA LC and FTX Global; Vector is the only one giving me grief. Anyone else have a clue as to what's up?
  19. Hello everyone, my ftx central v3 is always messing up the order of my scenery entries in the scenery.cfg file. now i'd like to know in which order the orbx/ftx products need to placed in order for them to work properly. My order that i have is: FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_AA_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS FTX_AA_LSGK ORBX!OPENLC_SAMERICA1 ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 ... ... ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ ORBX!VECTOR_APT ORBX!VECTOR_CVX ORBX!VECTOR_EXX (1107 Base) ... (0000 Base) ORBX!VECTOR_AEC Default Scenery im actually quite sure that this order isnt correct because if i disbale for example ORBX!OPENLC_SAMERICA1 in my scener editor in p3d i don't see any changes in the scenery or texture or mesh or whatever in south america. thanks for any help
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