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  1. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    That's complicated by the fact that users of REX OD say that cures the problem compared to REX 4.
  2. Valcor


    Affinity Mask folks - please stop mixing in results (and debate) from that tweak with feedback on this thread. AM has enough of it's own threads to not confuse this one with performance results exclusively from a different tweak. I understand they are all inter-related, etc, etc, but it is not helping this particular discussion.
  3. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    Here is link to developer YouTube video where he walks through REX OD in P3D. Around 5:50 mark he talks about having to pay one time fee to access rights to use P3D with Overdrive.
  4. Glad there is a fix, this was driving me nuts!
  5. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    It is my understanding that you need to pay that small fee to make the FSX version of OD compatible with P3D.
  6. Valcor

    Words I need to share with our Community

    My gosh, tough news to read. I wish for you and family to get through this as best as possible. You have much to be proud of for what you have created.
  7. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    I would be interested in hearing from more people that have both Overdrive and REX 4. I am experiencing the problem with REX 4 but if Overdrive cures the issue I will certainly pay the $5 to activate OD in P3D. I was going to pay that anyway to get back to the sheer volume OD library, but I assumed REX 4 would be a better fit for for P3D. Has anyone brought this up on REX forums? Seems a bit rubbish that the REX program made specifically with P3D in mind would perform worse than the older Overdrive product.
  8. Valcor


    At my test location, FSDT LSZH, with PMDG 777 I went from high 20's to about mid 30's in FPS. (about 29FPS to 35) No increase in VAS, at least not while sitting at gate. I still have to run a 777 flight to check smoothness and texture loading. There has got to be a cost........right?!!
  9. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    I believe when you are changing the "advanced setting" in P3D (or FSX), all you are doing is changing the actual weather conditions. The sim defaults to 2/8 at startup because default weather is few clouds which is considered 2/8 for any given cloud layer. If you saved a different weather theme for startup, that page would reflect whatever cloud coverage your saved weather was. When you use ASN, that page is overridden anyhow to make way for ASN's custom depiction. Setting to 7/8 is just forcing broken coverage to one step short of overcast (8/8). I don't like forcing the sim to 7/8 broken (an option in ASN) because then EVERY cloud layer reported as BKN defaults to almost full sky coverage. You lose out on broken layers that are more spread out which would be considered 5/8 or 6/8. However, to overcome the "popcorn" effect, I suppose it would be worth it. See for more information:
  10. Valcor

    Popcorn clouds continue in 2.5.12944

    I get the same issue with REX 4 clouds (and soft clouds) with ASN. One of the last niggles that bothers me in P3D because FSX did not seem to have the issue as bad.
  11. Valcor

    The Rising Cost of Flight Simming

    I have no problem with PMDG charging what they did for the base package in P3D. I purchased the 777 for both sims and plan on doing the same for the 737. What held my wallet (and that is all that truly matters) is the fact they are also charging 100% the price for the addon variants in P3D for previous owners in FSX. I already have the -300 and -600/700 in FSX and have no intention to double down in P3D. No logic will explain how they could justify that to previously loyal consumers. I will now be skipping those add on variants in P3D as well as the DC6. I was originally going to buy the DC6 to support the company, however I will now save my coin for the 747. Believe it or not, it saddens me more that I no longer feel the loyalty to buy their products soley on the goodwill they had once generated for me.
  12. Valcor

    Strange P3D experience

    Were the chocks removed?
  13. Valcor

    Any Solution for this Error

    Anyone else running into this? I installed PMDG 777 and FSDT Zurich last night and now have this issue also. Most of my other addon scenery is not showing because of it. I am running as Admin. I have checked the actual file scenery.cfg file and it seems to be placed in the right spot. I'm guessing it's more likely associated with adding Zurich because I updated Couatl and Standalone addon manager but a search on FSDT forums turns up nothing for a solution. Error message when I go to Scenery Library in Prepar3d: Unable to open C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V2\Scenery.cfg for reading EDIT: I solved this by going to a backup scenery.cfg. I had to add back in some scenery, but all seems well now. I still think something with FSDT Zurich install set this off, but not sure how.
  14. That's great news Steve, thanks!
  15. No worries Steve, thanks for giving it a look.