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  1. What CJ4 are you flying in real life? The actual CJ4's range in RW is certainly much better than 850 miles. I know this because I'm typed in the CJ3 which has a bit less range and can easily go 1500 miles.
  2. The logic is definitely still flawed. At least from my perspective as a RW PC12 driver. I just tried a test climb in the TBM out of south Florida up to FL240. I used a keybind to set the power exactly. As you climb in a turboprop, your engine limit, generally speaking, should transition from TRQ to ITT. In the MSFS TBM, the ITT actually dropped as I climbed up to 240. TRQ stays the same throughout the climb or even rises, which is incorrect. And this is with extremely warm temperatures vs. ISA aloft where ITT should be even more of an issue. The inertial separator also seems to have zero effect on ITT which it should. On the PC12 it would add a good 20-30c to the ITT.
  3. Have you tried going to default Cessna 172, doing Ctrl E and then switching back to R66?
  4. FWIW, I've never had a BSOD on Vista 64. Been using it since October. I have 150gigs of games to put it through it's paces too.
  5. I think if you hit shift-R, you gain automatic fluency in Russian dialect.
  6. I have seen ZERO difference in performance between Vista and XP on a GOOD machine.Yes, a slow CPU and low RAM would make for a slow Vista I'm sure. However, with a dual core and 2-4 gigs of RAM, you will not notice a difference in performance as far as FSX (or FS9) is concerned.User Access Control is the worst idea ever in Vista, but it is easily disabled. I keep my computer on auto-update and have the latest drivers for my peripherals, and I haven't had any problems.
  7. **crosses his fingers and hopes**That's about as good as it gets right now ;)
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, Ultimate Terrain does not provide mesh and the user stated mesh was default.
  9. Here are some from a user on the GEX forums.http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=25005Edit: Just noticed he started a topic here too.
  10. That might have something to do with Shockwave's light package. I seem to remember somebody writing about that problem with the default Baron.Because of the way the Shockwave lights are rendered, they would shine through the fuselage if you turned them on with aircraft that have landing lights retracted into the nose with the gear.So your only option is only to have landing lights on when gear is down with aircraft configured that way. If there are no landing lights on the gear, it shouldn't be a problem iirc.
  11. First off, the default 747 is such a lemon, you might not be doing anything wrong at all.Otherwise, see above poster's suggestions.
  12. Really not a big deal Zelensta, don't apologize. I'm not sure who voted Mr. Nitpick as Check Airman of this thread anyhow. Using simple context it was plainly obvious you meant 350.
  13. Jeff, check out AVADirect, you will get much better component choices from them if you are looking for a PC builder.
  14. I completely understand and support ACES taking the extra time to make sure the SP2 standalone release is stable.However, "end of fall" also being a couple days before x-mas, I understand folks being a little suspicious if it was not released until then. That could be seen as little too coincidental of a time for most people to have already done their christmas shopping. If Phil doesn't understand (in this community no less) how that breeds a little unrest, I think that is being naive.
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