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  1. now i cannot as you told before not to assigned axis in simulator, so after removing the assigned axis in simulator i record a video which i already posted before. which still having same issue,
  2. Dear Keven. They are not assigned, as i told you earlier nothing axis button are assigned,
  3. i already remove all axis assigned and kevin for alerion and elevator axis which input should i assign in chaseplane
  4. Hi keven here is the link for video, i have already removed deault axis control on simulator. and kevin for alerion and elevator axis which input should i assign in chaseplane.
  5. i love chaseplane, i want to use chaseplane assignmnet the reason is it was stuttering when i move around and its shaking for no reason,
  6. But previous build of chaseplane was working perfectly fine. since the new version i am facing this issue so i am asking you for previous build and i can show you the video how it worked, Best Regards
  7. Dear Keven, Thank you for reply, Asi i told you Previous Build of Chaseplane when i run the simulator with chaseplane enabled it never interrupt the simulator axis control so i was moving my view with default simulator axis without assigning in chaseplane, but now new version when chaseplane enabled my simulator axis for pan left and right are dead, so for that you advise me to assign in chaseplane i did that but its very stuttering compare to default simulator axis , so i am telling you why new version of chaseplane preventing me my default simulator axis for pan left and right when enabled, as previous build it never interrupts, so any soluting for that, i hope you understand. Waiting for your Speedy reply Best Regards
  8. Dear keven, Thank you for reply, you didnt undestand what i mean as i upload a video as well, is there any chance to contact you so i can speak to you either on skype, messenger, viber and explain you what new update is affecting the game view, waiting for speedy reply Best Regards
  9. Dear Keven, Thank you for reply, please look to the links i provide for video, Hope you will figure out the issue Best Regards
  10. Dear Keven, Not happy with Chaseplane assignmnet current update because for tilt up down and side view it stutter the fps as compare to your old version before 4.107. and after 4.107 version update i dont know chaseplane will lock my xbox control default look around view , so keven any chance going back to previous build of chaseplane around 4.10 version waiting for speedy reply Best Regards
  11. Dear Keven, Why is my view is not locked to centre position when i release the assigned key, Best Regards
  12. Dear Keven. I Reassign the action key for my controller, but it doesnt go back to same mid position when i release the controller analog stick, actually keven those look around key assign was default which i never assign before while installing chaseplane , just moving analog stick around trigger to look around cockpit, and when i release the stick it will go back to mid position. i dont know why this occurs Best Regards
  13. Dear Keven, You didnt understand what i mean, as you said reassigning so on what action shall i re-assign my Xbox controller Right analog stick to look around as i said previously my look around was automatically assigned default, since installing update these problem occurs Best Regards
  14. dear keven hope your doing great, i had issue with chaseplance, i dont know why my xbox controller lookaround is not working, normally it used to work before since update its not working, normally right analog stick was assigned default for look around now it t doesnt responsd. i did try switching off experimental mode and back on still no luck. please help me. waiting for your speedy reply Best Regards
  15. Thank you very much for reply i will check and get back to you if it still occur, Best Regards
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