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  1. This thread is supposed to be about where to find a tutorial pdf, not what is wrong with this aircraft or how to fly it. Any chance we can stick with the OP subject here? I also have an interest in where to find a tutorial pdf and having to read all this other stuff is not helpful.
  2. 600
  3. I discovered in my case that this was a result of using a startup panel from a previous version. Try creating a new one if you are using a custom startup panel state. Worked for me. I couldn’t enable auto land on any runway with my old panel state. Took a while to figure that one out, lol.
  4. There are two Ai prop files, Ai and xai. Rename both .old and problem solved. And yes,this is with 4.1 as well.
  5. Flaps and landing lights, nav lights etc all work fine for me. Inspection lights don’t work or maybe hard to tell during day. It is a pretty nice aircraft actually. Downloaded the free McPhat UA Express livery from Avsim and it works perfectly and looks great. No weird quirky bugs at all so far. Turned off dynamic lights at night as suggested and landing lights illuminated the ground perfectly. Nothing to complain about here. Hand flys well too. I read somewhere that they have $10 off for previous customers, which I am not. VC textures leave a little to be desired as discussed already, but otherwise I am happy with it. P3Dv4.1
  6. You can also turn down your LOD radius a notch or two.
  7. Right click on the main screen, then Aircraft, then one of the views. There are lots of them to chose from.
  8. Anything new to report in this thread with P3dv4.1?
  9. If you already have UT2 installed in P3D4 and working great, do you have to completely uninstall it first before installing UTLive or can all the UT2 aircraft models be kept? I rather like them and maybe there are a few not included in UTLive?
  10. That looks great. Thanks for the video. That works for me. I don’t care about objects or AI that much in replay mode. Maybe I will give this one a try. Out of curiosity, what do you get in replay mode at say FSDT KIAH or KCLT, if you have them?
  11. Thanks for that explanation. The only payware airports I have ever purchased were these three FSDT ones, so I don’t really have any idea how common this is. With that effect, these kind of payware airports are not of much use for me. The default airports work perfectly for me in replay mode, so that may have to be what I stick with for now. Getting back to this thread, my only question originally was does this airport do this in replay mode? Has anyone tried to replay a landing using the P3Dv4 replay and how does it look?
  12. No, I don’t have either. There is a post in the FSDT forums where Umberto says this is a limitation of P3D and the way these airports are made now. Someone actually posted about this in the FSDT CYVR forum. I get exactly that at all three of my FSDT airports. In the Charlotte Forum, there is a post about cliffs and gullies with a screenshot and that is what I get in replay mode. You can see Umberto’s response to the CYVR post. In my sim, the airport looks great during normal flying until you replay a landing, even with default aircraft. Sit on the runway for a few minutes at KIAH, KCLT, or CYVR, which are the airports I have, in the Baron 58, then replay like the last 30 seconds and everything changes, cliffs and gullies, no runway textures, etc. Totally corrupted. Unuseable for me as I like to replay my landings without using the default recorder, too much hassle and it doesn't work all that well. I am talking about P3Dv4.1 by the way. Does replay work for you normally?
  13. How does this airport play with the P3dv4 replay? I get gullies and cliffs and low res or no textures with FSDT airports which makes these useless for me as I like to watch replays of my landings. Bill Barrette
  14. Very nice video. I have probably flown 500,000+ miles on her through United as a passenger. Sorry to see her go. Bill Barrette
  15. Hmmm, interesting. I have the same issue suddenly. Always single mode no matter what I do. I will give this a try. Bill Barrette