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  1. beachdog2001

    AI Carriers and P3D v4

  2. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Already did 😀 Not that big a deal, more just wondering if it was possible...turns out it is not.
  3. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Really, I didn’t think this rose to that level, but I can do that. 😀
  4. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Correct, too much stuff in there I don’t need.
  5. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    I only have P3Dv4, but my OC is cluttered with all the FSX, FSX SE, etc choices that I don’t need or want. Is there currently a way to have the OC only show the options I have installed or some way to delete all the other ones? If not, might be a nice option for a future upgrade. Bill Barrette
  6. I already guessed that one, so based on what Rob said above, not going to be this.😄
  7. beachdog2001

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Virtual cabins?
  8. beachdog2001

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

  9. That looks a lot more comfortable honestly.
  10. One has to wonder how comfortable that will be over extended periods of time. Otherwise very cool idea. And pretty inexpensive considering.
  11. beachdog2001

    P3D V4.2 CTD when raining

    Had this problem yesterday at LDDU. Had no idea what was going on. I never had this kind of CTD issue before with P3Dv4. Rain was alternating between heavy and light. Tried it like 6 times. Finally shut down AS4 and got away from the airport. Had rain as I didn’t clear out the weather, just wasn’t changing. Started up AS4 after departure and all was good after that. Then saw this thread... Hope they fix this.
  12. beachdog2001

    A non standard request

    Haha, very clever