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  1. I never used the migration tool for anything. IIRC, I just pointed the installer to the P3D folder and it installed straight away. Same with the configurator tool. I use FSUIPC for all axes and never had a problem with anything. Dumb luck maybe ? It was some time ago I did this and there may have been a forum post somewhere on how to install it or maybe I am thinking of UT2, can't remember now and I am not at my computer. Not to useful,was it? Once I get off work, I will check and see if I can figure out how I did it. It was pretty easy though.
  2. I am using it just fine in P3D3.4. Haven't tried it in v4 yet, gauges probably aren't going to work. Bill
  3. Would be cool to integrate with UT2 and VATSIM.
  4. I love how crisp your real life screen is David, and those aircraft symbols and the call signs and the headings Be great if we could get that modeled somehow.
  5. Simbrief also has these when you generate a flight plan and when the flight plan is combined with AS16, AS16 emulates these winds perfectly.
  6. Ditto here. Haven't really had to tweak anything. A real joy for sure. Bill Barrette
  7. I flew back and forth from NZAA to Australia yesterday and right now actually and have 168 kt winds from the SW between NZAA and Australia. AS16/77W/P3Dv4/FL340-360 Bill
  8. Yup, that was the one. Now the question is..why exactly? i7700K, W10, 980GTX, 16GB Ram
  9. I saw this a few days ago and found that if I turned down one of those radius sliders (can't remember which one as I am at work but I think it was the top left one) this went away. I am guessing that that setting exceeded what my card/CPU could produce, although not sure really. It is over the ocean and so should be easier to draw than over land, but anyway, turn that slider down one notch and it will go away.
  10. My install seemed to go without a hitch. What indication did you get that something went wrong?
  11. Basic maybe, but you might consider defragging the drive with a professional defrag program if you are not using a SSD and haven't done it in a while. Did wonders for me after all the installation of new P3Dv4 stuff. Forgot about defrag and drive had gotten to 20% fragmented.
  12. Are you guys doing these tests with dynamic lighting enabled?
  13. For me, downgrading drivers did not help, but upgrading to the newest driver 382.53 made all the difference in the world on the 747, no frame drop at all with dynamic lighting enabled and all lights on, 8XSS enabled, 980GTX. Wow, good find, whoever discovered that. Bill Barrette
  14. My understanding is the i7 7700k cpu/ASUS Strix motherboard I got require W10. This is why I upgraded. Now that I have, besides having to relearn how to do simple things all over again, W10 seems OK. I thought W7 was excellent also. Because I upgraded from a i7-3770k/W7 to 7700k, impossible to say if W10 is faster because, of course, it is now waaay faster than it was.
  15. Could also be that this dynamic lighting thing is one of those forward looking next gen hardware things, kind of like FSX was in its early days; no one had a system that could run all the sliders to the right at first, remember? Then came the i7... If FSX had been designed to fully run with then current hardware, it never would survived 10 years and would have sucked by now, or soon after. Now with dynamic lights off and not getting any lights at all? That is something else and shouldn't be. My system (i7-7700K/980 GTX) as well for some who knows what reason gets hammered 50%+ with dynamic lighting on and all other sliders to the right with the 747 sitting at the gate at KLAX but I still have landing lights showing and the area is lit up with dynamic lighting off. Haven't tried a flight yet, will do that tomorrow, but if I want dynamic lights, I am going to have to turn other things down, like autogen radius, for example, a big fps killer. Nothing wrong with that it seems to me. If this option can be better optimized by LM or PMDG in the future, great. But I guess I don't expect to be able to run this new simulator with all sliders to the right and all boxes checked with my current hardware. Two years from now? Who knows? Do I want to wait for LM to get this right before I can use P3Dv4? No. What I AM going to do is uncheck that box for now and enjoy a very smooth flight with detailed scenery and AG out to the horizon with AS16/ASCA clouds, detailed airports, moving cars, no OOM's at 30 fps with most of the other sliders full right in the 747. I will leave full autogen radius, 4096 textures, full dynamic reflections, full right and far shadows, and dynamic lighting for the future. Just sayin'... Bill