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  1. Thanks for this. Just picked up GSX, KIAH, and KCLT for P3Dv4, finally. My first payware airports ever, as in 10+ years of simming.
  2. +1
  3. I just save a flight when I am on approach about 10 mm out. I can then go back to the same spot over and over again until I feel as though I got it right. Everything loads up just fine, although you need a minute or so for things to stabilize after the reload.
  4. Looks like it is out now
  5. In my case, I have plenty of power but 980GTX with only 4GB memory combined with very high settings may be the problem in my case. CPU power (i7 7700k) may be why I only see this issue in top down view zoomed way out to see a big part of the Atlantic, for example. It is fine around the aircraft as far out as I can see, so it is not as bad as the OP's photos. Either way, clearly a system thing where something is being overdriven in my humble opinion. Bill Barrette
  6. Ah, thought so. Thanks.
  7. I don't see this unless I am in top down view zoomed way out over the ocean and it comes from too high of a radius detail setting (I think it was that one, one of those radius ones anyway) on my system. I turned it down a notch or two and it went away. I think that might be your issue, but then again, this is flight sim and I suppose it could be many other things. Good luck.
  8. This can be used with GEX P3Dv4, right, just landclass? I don't use any FTX stuff, so not really familiar with this particular product, have always liked GEX/ UTX stuff though. I am using Scenery Tech SA now and it is kind of lacking, not to mention old. There are large areas of flat brown textures crossing Cusco to Lima, for example, at least in P3Dv3. Haven't been there in v4 yet.
  9. I kinda guessed that from previous posts about those kind of XP leftovers. Wasted quite a bit of time looking for them though. Thanks.
  10. I know the flight plans were left out by mistake, no biggie, but in P3Dv4, where are the referenced scenarios located that we're supposed to load up at start, particularly for the second tutorial? I have made my own by now, but it be nice to have the referenced ones that include the specific location at KSEA, fuel load, PAX, time of day and aircraft set-up details, etc. Bill Barrette
  11. Perfect timing with the PMDG DC-6 just released.
  12. My virtual airline, has 208 flights to/from many not often visited airports (for me anyways)! These are original routes flown by United back in the day and are part of our "Classics" program. I will be spending lots of time doing these. It is fantastic that there are 2 UA liveries included in the package. Bill Barrette
  13. The PROC button for ILS 34L doesn't add those waypoints in the tutorial because they aren't in the database, at least the one I have. Thanks Kyle do that explanation. What was confusing was reading the tutorial and not finding the referenced waypoints in the GPS or on the map as I was not looking at a current chart. Took me a few minutes and a current chart to figure out what was going on. Didn't help that I was trying to do this, relearn how to use the GPS, and fly the plane at the same time, lol. It is a good tutorial though. Learned a lot and got the plane down in one piece. I love how it flies by hand.
  14. When I loaded up the aircraft the first time, all engines were off, just like my default setup. I then clicked on cold/dark, heard a few clicks etc and all was cold and dark. Must have been because I switched from my default aircraft, engines off, power on startup scenario after it loaded to the DC6, something I don't often do with PMDG planes. If I just load up the aircraft from the start, like per the tutorial, everything is running. Maybe this might be an option if it doesn't cause any problems. Bill Barrette
  15. I think the tutorial waypoints of the ILS 34L aren't in P3Dv4 or the GPS, so a bit confusing trying to figure out the last part of the tutorial regarding descent planning. The other thing I noticed was if you use the Direct function to head to a waypoint, the DC6 GPS doesn't seem to sequence to the next waypoint once you reach it and I found myself circling the waypoints once I got to them. Seems like I had to edit the flight plan then reload it to delete unneeded waypoints and get it work. I haven't used the default GPS since FS9, so maybe just me. It is all good though and I had a terrific flight. This aircraft hand flies wonderfully. And the sounds are great. The AFE is a terrific idea and works well. Clearly a lot to learn here, lol. Bill Barrette