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  1. beachdog2001

    First Milviz plane for X-plane

    It is available now for xPlane.
  2. beachdog2001

    Liveries of the 747-8

    I haven’t purchased the product yet, but is there a fictional United livery yet? Bill
  3. beachdog2001

    Controls reset to default

    As Bobsk8 said. Works great😀
  4. beachdog2001

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    They mentioned at FSExpo that this might come on this day. Pretty clever to release the 717 on 7/17.
  5. beachdog2001

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    CaptainJoe just started flying for Cargolux is what I meant, not Joe and his Incredibles.
  6. beachdog2001

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    I mean YouTube CaptainJoe actually.
  7. beachdog2001

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Is this livery a nod to CaptainJoe?
  8. beachdog2001

    Hotfix 2 for REX Skyforce 3D available

    You gotta admit though that aside from the weather transitions, this program works pretty good now. Nice job REX.
  9. beachdog2001

    AI Carriers and P3D v4

  10. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Already did 😀 Not that big a deal, more just wondering if it was possible...turns out it is not.
  11. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Really, I didn’t think this rose to that level, but I can do that. 😀
  12. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    Correct, too much stuff in there I don’t need.
  13. beachdog2001

    Operations Center Question

    I only have P3Dv4, but my OC is cluttered with all the FSX, FSX SE, etc choices that I don’t need or want. Is there currently a way to have the OC only show the options I have installed or some way to delete all the other ones? If not, might be a nice option for a future upgrade. Bill Barrette