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    Retired from the Canadian federal public service after devoting 35 years to the field of information management. Longtime user of FSX then moved to FSXSE and P3D until I adopted XP10 and more recently XP11. No intention of moving back especially now that high-end addons are available in the aircraft, camera and environment categories not to mention the excellent and free addons available from very talented and generous community members.

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  1. Hello again, Got it resolved! Checked the forum as you suggested and found the answer. I downloaded STUFFIT, a zip file extractor, which caused the unzipped file to install correctly. Thanks again for the help. Regards, JJ
  2. Thank you. Will do that. Still haven't heard from them as of this date, 17 Feb. JJ
  3. Thank you Goran and Jude. So there's hope! All the best, JJ
  4. Hello everyone, Since Jan 30th, I've submitted a request for support regarding MaxxFX and two follow-ups. As of this date, Feb 14th, I have yet to receive a response other than the automatic acknowledgement "Your ticket has been submitted". Is there something I should know about which would explain their silence? Thanks for any guidance. Happy St-Valentine! Jean-Jacques
  5. Amazing! Thank you for posting the video. JJ
  6. Viewing your renditions is, like others have testified, pure enjoyment. And a special thank you for providing information on the platform, geographical location, tools used, etc. I'm of the opinion that no screenshot should be posted without offering basic information about what the viewer is looking at. JJ
  7. That's how I found out V2 was out, through an email from
  8. An information item for those who previously purchased the DHC6 version 1, there is a 50% discount toward the purchase of Version 2 released a few days ago. Unless I missed it, that discount is not widely advertised. I purchased my original version from where I found the rebate code on my original invoice. JJ
  9. FSX:SE

    ". . . I am not sure if the gauges actually show any fuel usage whilst in flight." Set the aircraft on autopilot and let it run for an hour or two! JJ
  10. FSX:SE

    Can't you set the fuel tanks to 1/4 full for example and see what the gauges say? I believe you can manually set the fuel quantity in FSX or its SE version. JJ
  11. Dan, I purchased that model for FSX sometime ago and loved it. The sad part is that an X-Plane version is not available as I only use that platform now. I did purchase a Twin-Otter for XP but the realism does not match Aerosoft 's rendition especially in the sound department. All the best for the New Year! JJ
  12. Yes, I've experienced the same issue. No doubt this new 64 bit version will need tweeking to get it humming. JJ
  13. Knock Knock ! DL ??? I must have forgotten a pill this morning! Thanks, JJ