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    Retired from the Canadian federal public service after devoting 35 years to the field of information management. Longtime user of FSX then moved to FSXSE and P3D until I adopted XP10 and more recently XP11. No intention of moving back especially now that high-end addons are available in the aircraft, camera and environment categories not to mention the excellent and free addons available from very talented and generous community members.

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  1. Jean-Jacques

    Essential clouds.

    Well, I could not have guessed all of this! Many thanks. JJ
  2. Jean-Jacques

    Essential clouds.

    This and your other shot posted in another thread are excellent. I can take a guess on the addon(s) used but that wouldn't help me as much as adding the info to your shot. How about it? Thank you for sharing these inspiring shots of XP11's rendition capability. JJ
  3. Jean-Jacques

    Active Sky for X-Plane might be released Q4 2018

    A sure bet first class XP 11 addon to look forward to. JJ
  4. From Microsoft's download Centre. JJ
  5. Jean-Jacques

    Super real looking sunset flight

    Superb shots captured Ryan!
  6. Jean-Jacques

    Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    You win first prize! 😂
  7. Jean-Jacques

    xEnviro v1.08

    That's the right attitude! Nice shots by the way. JJ
  8. "Vive" X-Plane 11! How much better can this virtual world get! Thank you for sharing these wonderful shots and providing textual context. JJ
  9. Jean-Jacques

    Youtube Channel?

    I can't think of one single reason why anyone would discourage you from doing so. Go for it. The flightsim community embraces the new generation to stimulate us with fresh ideas. Welcome and I look forward to viewing you. JJ
  10. Jean-Jacques

    Recent Topics

    Sincere thanks Jim. Much easier now to quickly identify topics of interest. All the best, JJ
  11. Jean-Jacques

    Recent Topics

    How about presenting information in a manner which is most helpful to community members. This latest change goes against that goal. To the Administrators of AVSIM, not technical staff, what's it going to take to roll back this nonsensical change? JJ
  12. Jean-Jacques

    SPAD.neXt Support

    Thank you Ed for sharing your experience. I did buy the software last week and glad I did. And the good news is that I read this morning (19th of March) on the Spad forum that Ulrich has surfaced after being seemingly absent for a while. If it's health or other personal challenge, we wish him all the best. At least one person who was waiting on him to reactivate his Spad licence was relieved to hear from the developer. Licence reactivation was of most concern to me. However, after buying a licence and now using a registered version, I noticed that a 'deactivate licence' option is available from the Settings menu. Based on comments from one poster, that function works well and without developer involvement. However, for those users whose computer quits without notice and therefore no longer have access to the software, the developer must be contacted. I'm writing to Ulrich this morning to propose that an option to deactivate our licence should be available in our profile. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  13. Jean-Jacques

    SPAD.neXt Support

    Hello users of SPAD.neXt, I'm a few days away from the expiry date of this wonderful application's trial version. After reading the documentation available which focusses primarily on 'how to get started', I was able to get Spad.neXt, for example, to not turn on the Radio and Multi panels unless both the Battery and Avionics switches are ON, turn the Flight Instrument panels ON only when the Battery switch is activated (that's probablly not realistic!), and assign the Auto Throttle switch on the Multi panel to engage and disengage the Parking Brakes in the C172. I truly appreciate the depth of this application. I also read many posts on Spad.neXt's forum and this is where the clouds get darker from a support perspective. I found several unanswered questions some of which date back quite a while and a few posts from users who have upgraded their simulator rigs (motherboard) and are waiting for a new key because their previous key no longer works with the new hardware. After registering on the forum, I submitted a few posts which have never been posted. So I'm less than impressed with the support provided especially regarding users still waiting for a replacement key. In my mind, that should be priority number one. I wondered about the cause. Workload? Users not caring to close the loop on a post such as not acknowledging that in fact a replacement key was received? Real life events in the life of the developer? That happens to all of us and is understandable but if that's the case, someone should inform the audience. I even wrote to one of the users who, according his post on the forum, is still waiting for a replacement key and sadly did not receive a response as of today (March 12). Addon support ranks high in importance because without it, where do you go for help when that help can only be provided by the author of the application. So obviously I'm disappointed that the decision to invest in this software is not an easy one for me. I'm split two ways : buy it and risk not getting support from the developer (I'm planning to upgrade my client PC sometime this year) or, not buy it which would deprive me of what I consider 'THE' answer to getting the most out of my investment in Saitek hardware. I would very much appreciate your help by offering me a few words about your experience with support provided to date. Thank you. Jean-Jacques Malette
  14. Jean-Jacques

    nav data out of date with current airac

    Good catch! 👌
  15. Jean-Jacques

    Support from X-Aviation

    Hello again, Got it resolved! Checked the forum as you suggested and found the answer. I downloaded STUFFIT, a zip file extractor, which caused the unzipped file to install correctly. Thanks again for the help. Regards, JJ