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    Retired from the Canadian federal public service after devoting 35 years to the field of information management. Longtime user of FSX then moved to FSXSE and P3D until I adopted XP10 and more recently XP11. No intention of moving back especially now that high-end addons are available in the aircraft, camera and environment categories not to mention the excellent and free addons available from very talented and generous community members.

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  1. Jean-Jacques

    Question CLOUDS

    I don't have an answer to your question but your screenshot is amazing! Thank you.
  2. Jean-Jacques

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    The poster needs much more help than spelling / grammar lessons! JJ
  3. Jean-Jacques

    Beware with ACE

    These posts shouldn't be buried here but rather communicated under a more visible generic category of posts intended to alert potential buyers. Hard-earned money should be protected from such companies. JJ
  4. Really nice and the word 'realistic' in your title is not exagerared! I must look into that aircraft for XP11. JJ
  5. Jean-Jacques

    four XP11.25 shots

    Another talented and generous XP community member. 'Reality shots' I call them. Thank you and I do look forward trying out your creations.
  6. Nice shots and with real-world looking clouds. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Jean-Jacques

    Carenado 690B Turbo Commander For X-PLANE 11

    It was when I checked earlier today, July 4th.
  8. Good job! If anyone doesn't get this, then their case is hopeless . . . 😊
  9. Jean-Jacques

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    Love it Chock!
  10. Jean-Jacques

    Essential clouds.

    Well, I could not have guessed all of this! Many thanks. JJ
  11. Jean-Jacques

    Essential clouds.

    This and your other shot posted in another thread are excellent. I can take a guess on the addon(s) used but that wouldn't help me as much as adding the info to your shot. How about it? Thank you for sharing these inspiring shots of XP11's rendition capability. JJ
  12. A sure bet first class XP 11 addon to look forward to. JJ
  13. From Microsoft's download Centre. JJ
  14. Jean-Jacques

    Super real looking sunset flight

    Superb shots captured Ryan!
  15. Jean-Jacques

    Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    You win first prize! 😂