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  1. Dear all, Just to say thanks for the advice and help to get my issue resolved. Kat did indeed contact me and all was sorted very quickly. The root cause of the problem could be at my end as my emails were never received at Milviz, although I did test my send and receive which seemed to work at the time. Now all I have to do is to learn how to fly the F4 correctly, thought I was up to speed having mastered the Skunkworks F104J previously! Looks like I have some more reading to do. :wink: Thanks again Martin
  2. Thanks Kat, All is good with the world now Registered on the forums and have downloaded and installed the product correctly this time. Thanks again. Martin
  3. Thanks, I have PM'd the text from the previous sent emails, you will get the gist when you read them. By the way, I have checked my junk/spam emails theres nothing related in them. Thanks again The OP
  4. Dear Commercial Member, This is the "OP" or at least I presume that you are addressing Monty's post and not mine? Thank you for your offer to get my issue sorted thats much appreciated and I would like to email you the emails that I have previously sent which do indeed include my ordering number and payment reciept. As for ANYONE having issues regarding your support. Well I do, however I was unable to post in the Milviz forums as you suggest because to do that you have to receive an email from Milviz in the first instance which is precisely what is letting the support down. My first port of call was to attempt to solve the issue through the forum and the Milviz website but no email received means no opportunity to register onto the forums then subsequently log in and post! Hence the frustration. Kindest Regards, Martin
  5. Thanks Ray, I did provide as much information as I have including order number and receipt of payment. Judging by the generally good feedback relating to Milviz and as you say they are responsive and helpful, and I can only assume this is a one off glitch. On reflection I,m of the mind to sit and wait a little longer. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out at the soonest. Regards, Martin
  6. Hi All, I am hoping that someone can advise me as to the way forward, as I am getting absolutely no customer service from Milviz. On the 27th May 2016 I purchased the Milviz F4 Phantom Bundle for $89.99 using PayPal.The purchase went through and I imediatley receved a link to download the product from PayPal. In my enthusiasm I didnt disable my anti virus software as advised in the manaual (Simple mistake and not a henious crime I'm sure). Upon reading the Milviz forums (Cannot Register as yet!) I found that I am supposed to receive an Email from Milviz which will provide links to the latest version of the product and any upgrades. At the moment I have an unusable product with so many issues, too many to mention. To date I have recieved absolutely nothing!!! To add insult to injury I have sent an email to (info@milviz.com) with a copy of my receipt and referencing my order number on 31st May - NIL RESPONSE! I sent an email to (kat@milviz.com) on the 1st June explaining the situation plus copies of receipt and order number - NIL RESPONSE! I sent an email to (roadburner440@milviz.com) ON 4th June with much the same. - NIL RESPONSE! I have also tried to contact them through their own" CONTACT US" link on their website - NIL RESPONSE! Now I see a lot of references in Milviz's own forums as to how wonderful they are at customer service but I'm begining to feel that I have been well and truley duped.! Has anyone else had the same or similar exprience with Milviz and if so how was it resolved (if at all)?? Thanks, Martin Scott
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