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  1. Yes Steam version can get beta updates. I am currently in version 11.20vr1. If you want beta update, right click on your steam X-Plane 11 go to properties, in the tab update use high priority and tab betas use public. beta. You will see your X-plane 11downloading the files. If you want to go back to the last update, just reset your beta tab setting to NONE- op-out and go back to 11.11r2.
  2. Here is a video of a software that may help X-Plane 11 performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1083&v=n2pcl2pj5gc
  3. For those who wish to add free plug-ins for X-Plane. This is an excellent video from Thomas Rasmussen. If any people know about other plug-ins not mention in this video, please let the community know.
  4. I agree, Realistic Pro is one of the best addon along with x-camera. I have been using these addons from the beginning. The developers are very dedicated to there work and always continue to make updates.
  5. Use the up and down button and adjust the elevation.
  6. I guess some people do not get it. X-Plane is a society of talented people who some of them put up there work for free. So airports are always updated and will continue to grow.
  7. More of the update. This is why I like X-plane 11
  8. Well said man. I agree if you are serious about flight simulators then make sure you have a good rig with a lots of ram.
  9. What I mean about the abuse is that P3D v3 gave me so much problems with lag and oom so I was fed up with the abuse lol
  10. Why would he want to go back to P3d version 3 when version 4 is out and it is 64bit. I guess he like the abuse. LOL
  11. Here is a new app that is the most affordable head tracking tool. http://www.simhat.com/
  12. Wow nice, after buying the Grumman Tiger AA-5B and loving it, you got me sold on this one. I will be getting it. Cheers.
  13. Thanks, I got and it does work well. X-Plane is getting better every day.
  14. Where do you find it?
  15. This is why I like X-Plane and it is going to get better.