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  1. Get AS for X-Plane
  2. Yes $29.00 Canadian with the exchange rates.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will wait and see, I cannot justify paying $29.02 for a plugin that may or may not work in the future.
  4. Thanks that would be great Ryan. But there is no rush. When you have free time.
  5. Thank's Ryan. I am not a professional designer, but saw a tutorial video of someone using Photoshop and just thought it would be nice to have a tutorial using Affinity Photo.
  6. I would like to purchase XVision but there a warning message saying " Some functionality of xVision (shader tweaks) may be broken with next X-Plane releases." With X-Plane always revising and with the coming of vulkan this may stop working.
  7. In the videos, I did not see any difference between X-Plane default and Resentium Global Earth. Especially the coast line no difference. I think I will wait for Orbx True Earth Washington etc, is much better looking imho.
  8. I live in Canada and had enough of snow. I prefer flying in a nice snow free environment.
  9. michelh

    UWXP latest.

    I cannot wait.Looks awesome.
  10. michelh


    Yes, they really do a good job. I have there US sceneries for P3D, however I deleted P3D since every time I added an aircraft, P3D ask me for registration.I finally ran out of registrations and could not be bothered mailing them since x-plane 11 is all I need now.
  11. michelh


    Well here another ORBX scenery coming soon. Just awesome
  12. No problem. You may want to try 4xSSAA Switcher lua script. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43061-4xssaa-switcher-with-fps-control/
  13. Is this you are looking for?
  14. michelh

    Active Sky XP HELP

    Is ASXP WxControl set to Live Weather? Also make sure your X-plane weather is set to match real weather condition.
  15. If you love flying VFR you may want to consider this demo. https://orbxdirect.com/product/gbr-south-demo-xp11