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  1. michelh

    Holy smokes!

    Yes it is awesome. This will certainly give a boost to X-Plane.
  2. michelh

    Ultra Weather XP

    Thanks for the post Bloody. I guess there are looking into it.
  3. michelh

    Ultra Weather XP

    Hi Bloody. That is good news, where did you get the info?
  4. michelh

    Ultra Weather XP

    Thanks monica6211. I was waiting for people to comment on this plugin. Patiently waiting for Active Sky or REX to come out with something. I guess they are not serious about it. Never heard anything back from them for X-plane.
  5. I purchase X-PLane 11 on Steam when it was on sale. Registered to xplane org the same day with no problem. However I would have prefer a direct purchase. Maybe next version. I hope you get your problem solve, there are tons of stuff on Xplane org to make X-Plane look and perform better.
  6. michelh


    Thank you jcomm. I am glad that I have purchase the Toliss A319 since I am not to familiar with the Airbus and the documents provided are very well done. I have started the tutorial this morning and the programing phase took me about 1-1/2 to 2 hours then I decided to take a break.What can I say, I am a slow learner. The beauty of it all is that you can save your progress :-) +1 for Toliss. Once I get more familiar with the Airbus I will probably get the FFA320 but I will wait till our Canadian dollar goes up. Right now FF320 is $113.50 CDN.
  7. michelh


    Thank you everyone, I decided to go with Toliss A319. I know many of you have suggested the FF A320 but I already got the FF 767 and wanted to give a chance to another developer. The other reason is that I like the fact that you can save the situations, in flight jump to next waypoint ,auto pause and popup resizable PFD ND SD .I have already downloaded multiple liveries and updated the sound and interior graphics with the free amazing Toliss A319 enhancements package 1 - 1.1 by MattDesigns . I took off and just did a manual short flight and was getting very good frame rate with the Hi-Def version. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Tomorrow, I will try the flight tutorial.
  8. michelh


    Thank you very much guys for your comments. BTW Glen I agree, Angelique really does a good job.
  9. Since moving from P3D to X-Plane 11, I have not yet decided which Airbus to purchase. Since I already have purchase GA and Boeing aircraft’s it is time for me to purchase an Airbus product. But I am confused to what to get. I have been looking at different YouTube videos on the FF A320 Ultimate, Toliss A319 and recently the JarDesign A330 v3. The FF A320 Ultimate as everything but the kitchen sink, however the price is very expensive. The Toliss A319, look interesting but it appears to have a so-so 3D cockpit and the price is a bit expensive. The JarDesign A330 v3 seem to have a lot to offer, appear to have a nice 3D cockpit and it is also on sale right now. What I am looking for is an aircraft that does not take me 1 hour to set up before takeoff, have good interior visual graphic’s and that the FMS/autopilot are bug free. Here is my computer specification. CPU Intel i7-4790k overclock at 4.6 GHz 32 gigs of ram GTX 1070 4k monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  10. TrueEarth looks amazing and it will be a big seller in X-Plane. Too bad they do not take paypal anymore, there will be missing out on some customers.
  11. Another one in my Aerobask collection. The quality is top notch and the pricing is just the right. For does who like GA aircraft's this is a must to have.
  12. I have 32 gigs of ram. With UHD in the Vancouver area the FPS was terrible. So I deleted it.
  13. Thanks for the info jcjimmy. I removed all HD and UHD Mesh scenery for now until I decide to upgrade my computer.
  14. Anyone experience frame drop. My frame drop between 7 to 10 fps.
  15. No UWXP, I use a free plugin. I will not buy any weather program at this time.