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  1. This is a blast to fly and worth the price.Well done Marwan
  2. Cool video. I wonder how this compares to FlightControlReplay?
  3. The A320 sucks big time. Tried to do a flight from Ottawa to Toronto using Simbrief and my plane crash when I arrived close to Toronto. For no reason the plane just dive while I was in autopilot. Until Toliss or other reputable developers produce a study level aircraft, I am only going to fly VFR with MSFS 2020 GA aircraft's. Can you imagine if X-Plane would team up with Google that would be amazing.
  4. This is a good sign for developers as long they do not overprice there material. Also the community are providing add-ons for free, so far 807+ and counting. I even found an add-on that remove the annoying tool-tips on the switches. Today I downloaded my favorite airport, Chicago C Meig KCGX.
  5. Cool since I found a drop in frame rate when using the Little Navemap map.
  6. My question is since I been looking at videos with 4K ultra settings and usually the video card is a RTX2080 to achieve 30fps in dense area, how will Xbox manage that?
  7. Thanks for the awesome video. I also have a 1070 and was about to buy a new video card for the new sim. Now I can relax and wait for the new video cards coming out soon.
  8. I use X-Camera and disable the zoom in the views that I choose.
  9. Yes you do just go to your properties than set your beta tab to unstable_public_beta-Unnstable Pre-Release. Just did 2 flight with y Toliss A319 using the latest Geforce driver 451.67
  10. Yes I have the pro version. Unlimited pages and 105 keys/page
  11. Hi, I am glad someone else is starting to use it. I have started to map X-Camera for X-Plane 11 views to Touch Portal. I made two main templates one for general aviation and one for commercial aviation. This permit me to copy the button assignments and use it to specific aircraft's. I have already map my Airbus, Cessna, Citation views. I included a section for world traffic and geforce experience to take screenshots capture and recording. I will be working on DCS world to config my F18 and other aircraft's and move on to configure Elite Dangerous. If i could paste a picture of my Ipad screen here I would do it but do not know how.
  12. No problem let me know how you make out.
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