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  1. For your information when I re-installed Accuseason Advanced Edition there was no profile.json file. I voice my concern to them and there was no reply. Anyway, I got my money back end of story.
  2. Finally, REX admitted they are having issues with there new registration process. Maybe next time they should have a better testing procedure before releasing their software. This is not good for there sales. I was so frustrated that finally I gave up and ask for a refund. Now even if they fix the problem, I will not purchase Accuseason. I learn my lesson not to buy any addon software until reading comments from different flight simulation forums.
  3. I got a refund for Accuseason Advance after complaining to them. Now I will propably not buy anything from REX since I lost confidence in there product installation.
  4. I got fed up with there support group keeping pointing to there knowledge base like I did not know how to read. I could never get pass that registration window after multiple time of uninstalling and reinstalling. Finally, I contacted Paypal and voiced my complaint and got a refund. Now that I have other REX addons if a failure occurs on my SSD drive and lose MSFS 2020, I wonder if I will be able to reinstall the addons using their new REX Axis.
  5. I tried to manually add the advanced edition in your Rex account and this message appeared. We are sorry we were not able to validate your account. Please contact or support team. If I look at all my product list REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition is already there.
  6. Hi fppilot I tried many times your solution 1 and 2. This was suggested by REX support. It did not do anything and now it even worst, I do not have a profile.json file. All my other REX products work fine before this new registration method. Old saying if it aint broken don't fix it.
  7. I purchase REX Accuseason Advance at the REX store on September 25th and it is stuck at the registration process. I went to support and they kept referring me to the knowledge base. Nothing worked still stuck at the registration process license not valid. I finally got fed up and ask for a refund. They ask me to provide my order number so they can review my account. There message was read article 1007 and it say no refund. I have purchase other products from REX and never had any issues with the old method of registration. If I was the only one complaining I would understand but I am not. I am not impressed with there support service.
  8. I bought REX AccuSeason directly from REX store on September 25 and still cannot register it. There a note on the top of the registration " Product registration Register your product by sighing into your REX Axis account or use the standard registration process" I fail to find yet he standard registration process. REX Axis as a high volume of support, i guess they screwed up there new registration process application.
  9. This is a blast to fly and worth the price.Well done Marwan
  10. Cool video. I wonder how this compares to FlightControlReplay?
  11. The A320 sucks big time. Tried to do a flight from Ottawa to Toronto using Simbrief and my plane crash when I arrived close to Toronto. For no reason the plane just dive while I was in autopilot. Until Toliss or other reputable developers produce a study level aircraft, I am only going to fly VFR with MSFS 2020 GA aircraft's. Can you imagine if X-Plane would team up with Google that would be amazing.
  12. This is a good sign for developers as long they do not overprice there material. Also the community are providing add-ons for free, so far 807+ and counting. I even found an add-on that remove the annoying tool-tips on the switches. Today I downloaded my favorite airport, Chicago C Meig KCGX.
  13. Cool since I found a drop in frame rate when using the Little Navemap map.
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