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  1. argosafe

    P3D 4.5 wHF1 Resolution

    Some have a smooth experience using 30Hz. I did on my 4k TV.
  2. argosafe

    P3d lottery

    Genuine question. Is it good or bad for our hobby to have a situation where updating the core programme is a lottery as to its outcome on our system?
  3. argosafe

    4.5 hot fix is out

    For the first time ever, I'm sticking to an earlier version of software. Let's hope it changes in V5.
  4. argosafe

    So many Complaints/Problems in the P3Dv4 Forum

    Hopefully reasoned debate on the increasing trend of releasing defective product and or updates. Just a guess.
  5. argosafe

    Rex EnvironmentForce out.

    Much as I like and am able to tweak, I think it's time for LM to issue updates that work (ie 4.5) and developers to issue products which don't f up your sim on install (ie REX EF). Is it too much to ask?
  6. Well done. I'm off to check the 350i out now!
  7. argosafe

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    PC Pilot. Tried the other in the past, but prefer this.
  8. argosafe

    Cosford 2018

    Just back from the Flight Sim show. Excellent as always, just a few quid lighter than when I arrived!
  9. Good. And it's sonny Jim by the way.
  10. Which for some reason isn't happening....
  11. On trying this, I actually found I was on 8 x MSSA. I then switched back to 4 x ssaa, and found it better. Thanks fir the inverse tip!
  12. argosafe


    Well I tried the tweak and got some great results in scenery. FPS not noticeably affected, although was worried about power consumption in GPU-Z. However, it appears the same without the tweak. Would recommend. I use a 1080ti by the way.
  13. I may give this ago myself tonight.... Any hit on other things like FPS ?
  14. argosafe


    Looking forward to seeing what this does with my system (1080Ti and an already great sim set set up - in my opinion!)