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  1. I bought ARO, but stopped using it recently because I'd played around a little too much with the settings! Is there an idiots guide to what each setting does, or indeed any download able profiles anywhere? I have googled to no avail.
  2. Went to a large 4k TV. Best thing I did... and also had more colour and resolution settings
  3. Not directly no, but there are on line covertors. I'll look tomorrow for what I use, but you will find the info on Google.
  4. Glad you got it sorted. That edit of file could be useful for others too.
  5. Hello. Took me 4 days but managed it. 95% of problems are usb power related. I reinstalled Spadnext, with the xplane plug in of course, and used a powered hub solely for my three panels. This appears to work for me
  6. Thanks for alerting me to this programme, I'll certainly be giving it a go!
  7. You'll probably get a host of replies condemning you as I did, in daring to comment on a non purchase - due to its reported faults. Good to see I'm not the only one who actually gives thought prior to spending money....
  8. Yeah, me too. As you hint, when it's ready.
  9. This thing is not ready to release as a working product. People need to know different points of view. If I choose to post in this thread, which is one likely to be read by those who are considering purchase, then surely that's valid?
  10. Good for you. I'm not buying it till its ready. Having read this, you can now practice your lack of care about it.
  11. Yep, when it's ready I'll probably download. But I have to thank the less than fantastic release for taking me to X plane. What a sim that is!
  12. I'm new to xplane and am also impressed with the way it's structured. Better than unPrepa3d .
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