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  1. Hello Greg, Thank you very much! Sorry for the late reaction. Kind regards, René
  2. Hello, When trying to open some applications (either or not FS related), I get an error pop-up, telling me 'd3d11.dll' is not present on my system. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this? Thanks in advance! René
  3. Hello, It occurs frequently that the initial communication from the cockpit (‘Ground, we are ready for pushback’), is not being answered. In most cases releasing the parking brake makes the process running again, but occasionally that doesn’t help. In such a situation pressing Shift-P has no effect. Slewing is the only option to get the aircraft moving out of its parking position. As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the script. I’m curious whether anyone else has encountered this, and possibly has found a solution or work around. Thanks. René
  4. Hello, Allow me to do a bit of ‘brain picking’ among the more computer literate in the community. Since a few weeks I’m experiencing computer shut-downs at random intervals. The shut-down looks like a sudden power failure. Black screen, no restart, no BSOD. It can happen during a flight, but also without FS running, After some exploration, I discovered that the phenomenon is not uncommon, however the causes can be various, according to the messages in all sorts of forums. Hence I checked possible causes and took a number of measures: Checked temperatures of CPU and GPU; nothing out of the ordinary. Cleaned out the case. Performed a disk check (chkdsk/f); nothing wrong. The disk monitor (Acronis) reports no problems. Checked capacitors for leakages or damage; no problems detected. Ran anti-malware software; nothing detected. McAfee anti-virus scans did not detect anything wrong. Updated all drivers (chipset, graphics card, etc. etc., total of 19 drivers). A few data about the computer: Built in 2011 (yes, I know it's aging), i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 Ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti, 8GB RAM. Hard disk (1 TB) replaced about eight months ago. Any suggestions as to what more can be done would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, René
  5. Thank you all for your kind reactions. I'm glad Mickey, that I could help to make at least one airport flyable for you. For those who have time (and patience) I would recommend to dig a bit deeper with ADE, using the fault finder. You will probably find orphan nodes, overlapping nodes, orphan links and open links, all of them superfluous and degrading performance. But, to be fair, I also looked into airports at which I couldn't find any faults at all. Kind regards, and Merry Christmas! René
  6. Hello all, For years I have been annoyed by sudden, serious FPS-drops when taxying or landing/taking off at a number of payware airports. A healthy 30 FPS can go down as far as 9. At long last I recently found the culprit: the AFCAD file. Designers tend to use a lot of ‘dots’ when drawing junctions or crossings of taxiways, presumably aimed at making the movement of AI aircraft as elegant as possible. However, all those dots consume calculating power when you pass such a spot with your own aircraft, resulting in an irritating loss of FPS. After I began to suspect the AFCAD files, I opened one of an airport that is notorious for this phenomenon with Jon Masterson’s ADE (Airport Design Editor), and simplified crossings, runway exits etc., reducing the number of dots by, in some cases, more than 50 percent. The FPS drop was finally gone! ADE is a freeware tool, that can be found at www.scruffyduckscenery.co.uk . You need to have the FSX SDK installed to make it work. The SDK can be found on one of the FSX installation discs, if my memory serves me well the last one. Happy flying! René
  7. Thank you all very much for your for your helpful messages! @Craig: I also came to that conclusion. Have put the default numbers in (i.e. for the cut-off and the start detents). Although not perfect yet, it's at least a lot better. But with your other suggestions I think I can consider the issue solved. Thanks again. @Andy: Very helpful! Hadn't realized that the aircraft would behave so 'close to reality'. @bjratchf: OK, good to know. The power levers have been calibrated the way you explain, so no defaults there. But I understand that I can do with a little less power. Happy flying! René
  8. Hi Craig, Your assumption is correct; I use the mouse. My initial calibration for the off position also results in -16384, but I'm now experimenting with my old (Pilots version) numbers, i.e. -16084 for off, and 21716 for start. Might try those default values too. I'm also struggling with the 'FSX-bypass' for the joystick (Logitech extreme 3D). The procedure (adaption of the ini-file) is clear, but having done exactly what I should do, the aircraft pulls to the left during taxi and take off. So for the time being I'm using the conventional FSX settings. Thanks for your message. Regards, René
  9. Thanks for the reply Craig! For the first issue I'll try to revert to my previous settings in the control panel. Regards, René
  10. Hello all, During my first flights with the Pro version I encountered a few weird things that in my humble opinion ought to be corrected: - Moving the condition levers from the fuel cut-off position to the engine start position requires a lot of attempts. Often it's only possible to get them there by moving them separately to max, and then back. - After expanding the screen of the radio control panel for the TCAS test, the screen cannot be returned to the normal state with the 'exp' button. Only switching the panel off and on again helps. - The 'tune app' feature on the FMS does not work. the ILS frequency has to be tuned manually. I'm curious as to whether someone else has encountered these things. Or am I doing something wrong? BTW: For the remainder it is a fantastic aircraft, even more than the Pilot version already was. Kind regards, René
  11. Suggest you check this out: http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=downloads&f_sort=fixer You can download a complete set of original shader files there. Kind regards, Rene
  12. Hi mad dog, That's interesting. It has always been my understanding that the combination Vector/OpenLC would make UTX redundant. Before LC came out I still used some features of UTX, but I was convinced that coastlines were depicted by Vector. Anyway I have disabled all UTX entries in the FSX scenery library and as far as I can see there are no problems with coastlines. Or are you saying that UTX coastlines are better/more accurate? Kind regards, René
  13. Thank you very much indeed for this warning Sesquashtoo! I haven't uninstalled UTX yet, but intend to do so now that I have ORBX LC Europe installed. I can now make a safe copy of that file before running into trouble (I don't have P3D installed). Probably you 'saved the butt' of many FSX users. Cheers, René
  14. I have switched to the FSI 4.00.19 beta (at the bottom of the beta list). Much more comfortable, as you can assign DHM for the VC of all your aircraft with one click. Works perfectly, including for the Majestic Dash 8. Kind regards Rene
  15. Hello, The statements you have in your cfg file are mutually exclusive: If you state UsePools=0, then - by definition - the poolsize is 0. So, either you set UsePools=1 and define a poolsize and an rth, or you set it to 0. The choice between the settings has no relation with locking framerate, but rather with the quality of your graphics card and the CPU and the interaction between them. When using pools, finding the right settings for the size and the rth is a delicate subject and usually requires testing. There is a lot of info on this forum and elsewhere on this matter. I suggest you do a search for "Bufferpools" or "Poolsize". Kind regards, Rene
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