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    Growing up with a Dad who was a captain on the 737 for Virgin, and now a uncle who is a captain on the Embraer for Virgin, Getting into Flying kind of just clicked with me. Love flying the 737NG, and trying to replicate the real world procedures into flight sim
  1. And did you have the fiber tweak? Also do you have affinity mask set in your cfg
  2. Thanks so much for your replies guys I used the Fiber tweak to 0.01 and also i had the affinity task set to 14 which was recomended for my system ( 4 cores ) ill take them both out and let you guys know. Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, So at the moment im on P3D V3.1, in versions like P3D V2.5 etc i had the ground textures and loading very sharp and crisp with no blurries, now i just cant seem not matter what i do to get the blurries to go away. Any tips / Suggestions ? System - I5 4670K 4,5ghz, gtx 770
  4. Hey guys, So just wanted to know your thoughts, within P3D what are the best tweaks / settings used to crisp up the textures and reduce the blurries but yet get good performance, or is it better to just leave everything default and not edit anything ? Keen to hear your thoughts.
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering what the best nvidea driver everyone has been using on P3D V3 ? Cheers
  6. Hey guys, Im about to purchase NGX Reboot, Just wondering has anyone felt that this maybe impacts the FPS?
  7. When you say put the Multi-Display/mixed GPU acceleration. should we replicate that in nvidea inspector?
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Perhaps i should notch it down. When you say instability, what signs did you have when this occured??
  9. Sounds like a good idea. Will do that now cheeers Okay problem solved! I decided to look in my BIOS, just to see that maybe my overclock values may have changed. And sure enough they had. They had reset itself ( dont ask me how ) back to its stock default values of the 3.4ghz. I then put it back up to 4.4ghz and now perfomance is fantastic again. Cheers all
  10. Hey guys, So yesterday i decided to copy my cfg file settings onto notepad. Then just delete the cfg cause i thought it would be good just to make a new one then i would add in all the tweaks again. I have no clue why i wanted to delete the cfg cause i had things running so smooth. It was running smooth, looked amazing ect Once i deleted the CFG, entered in all the same settings. The sim is no where as smooth as it used to be. I cant seem to get past 25fps in the NGX sitting at default airports. When before i decided to delete the CFG i was getting smooth fps at addon airports like FSDreamteam with the ngx ect The only thing i have done was updated NVidea drivers up to 352.86, but the first thing i did was straight away tried going back to my original driver which i had which was 347.52 which didnt help. I have an I5 4670K 4.4ghz, 8gb ram and a GTX 770. Any ideas on what may of happened??
  11. Hey guys, Might be a silly question. But in P3D, in many pictures and videos i have seen, on the overhead the Cruise ALT and Landing ALT. The numbers that are shown eg - 38000, in videos the font has been much much larger. But in my sim it seems that i have the same old font size as it has always been. I actually like the look of the large font. Does it mean maybe i havent installed the ngx properly? Cheers
  12. Hey guys quick question. Often in tweaking videos you here the person explaining say " I set the clouds within the sim to medium because active sky next controls them for me " I was just wondering, I have always set the clouds in P3D, and also in the FSX days to the maximum in the sim. Is it possible to maybe turn down the cloud settings in P3D to maybe medium or something. And then have ASN maybe increase the layers? Or something so you still have that very overcast cloudy day?
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