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  1. The approach itself required special recurrent training just to initiate. To say it would be challenging while IMC in turbulence is an understatement and I can only imagine the anxiety a first timer would have doing it. "Terrifying" might be hyperbole, but exhilarating or at least pucker-inducing comes to mind!
  2. This is an FSX forum. Nice looking addon you linked, though. It's not available, by the way.
  3. I really must resurrect this thread. Owning both for a short time I can say the Just Flight version is much better for hand flying. It feels a bit more believable in that aspect. I'm still learning the systems and luckily share a place with a former L-1011 driver.
  4. I actually thought about it, but at that level with today's software I didn't think I'd care enough or notice. I'm currently looking into that now. I also had a dead stick of RAM so sent that back. Now I'm using 16GB of Corsair Platinum RAM. Some quick and dirty shots: http://s184.photobucket.com/user/Zachey2001/slideshow/New%20PC I like the look I guess. The lighted RAM is a bit gimmicky but I did stick an LED bar in there, after all. I'm really loving this case. The SSD trays are back against the rear panel in cool little bracketed, removable slidey thingies. So nifty.
  5. Purchased it impulsively today. What can I say? My Traffic has been a solid traffic program for years. This is the more refined, newer schedule overhaul. It's a decent price for now so I can't complain!
  6. Yeah, It'll be greater with this Warthog! :wub: Really the only reason I'm staying clear of P3D is the shear amount of FSX addons I have. The higher end addons require purchasing a separate license, and I'm not okay with that (for now). FSX is up and running beautifully as of this morning and I have a nice, pristine installation with only the addons I use. Not so much as a stutter with some very aggressive AA settings! I chose this model mobo firstly because of the onboard wi-fi, and secondly because of the higher end power delivery (12-phase vs 8). The onboard audio codec is far superior, and the black PCB tickled my fancy. Finally, it has more SATA ports which I will be using. I've decided to go exclusively SSD this time, and have 2 more EVO Pros on the way. I may consider two more HDDs for bulk storage down the road if needed, so that explains the extra ports). Did I mention I have a LOT of addons? ^_^ It was my first choice. Not a single hiccup thus far. B)
  7. I would look into overclocking ; it's fun and you might add a few FPS. I would also grab a cheap DDR2 memory kit. Considering the CPU will be the weak chain, I'd not upgrade anything else. There comes a point when putting money into an older system won't help at all, and this system has reached that point. With the age of that system, I wouldn't push it too hard. Overclocking, despite what some say, can shorten the life of components if done aggressively. It's been forever ago that I did a front side bus overclock, but I do remember it was fun and simple. Unfortunately this new know how won't serve you when you get a new system with UEFI and unlocked multipliers (etc etc). Here's a tutorial: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/259899-29-core-overclocking-guide
  8. Hi Max, Neat site you have there. While I wait for a new Warthog HOTAS, I'll be sticking to FSX. After that arrives this week I'll be installing the DCS A10C module and Rise of Flight. I'm not too keen on learning a new platform (think P3D) or purchasing new addons I already own. It's hard to resist but I won't do it.
  9. Hello all, and to the new faces since my hiatus. (Man have things changed, with our friend Tom being gone). Since moving to Saint Louis I've discovered MicroCenter, my new favorite place to browse while on days off and not back in Charlotte, NC ("home home"). I figured since flying is a full time job now I'd be happy never flight simming again, but alas I've been sucked back in. But all of that's a different story for another forum! After a few trips to MicroCenter checking prices on a new system build I had researched, I pulled the trigger on the parts and watched my debit card melt (and answered my bank's fraud protection department on the cell). I was afraid of getting mugged in the parking lot (though it's a very nice area) and I could see the face of jealousy on a few patrons. This is what I put together: CORE COMPONENTS ASUS Z97 Pro (wifi ac) 4690K (might still pick up an i7 because I'm so macho) Ballistix Sport 1600 16GB kit Gigabyte 980 4GB G1 (easily the most I've given for a GPU. Ever.) Corsair H100i Corsair HX750i 2x128GB 2x512GB Samsung Evo PROs Windows 8.1 Ultimate The pretty stuff on the outside: Corsair 750D Case Bargain Logitech Z506 5.1 speakers Mix of Blue LEDs I've yet to install I've opted for an optical drive free system. No ugly things on the front of my pretty PC, which is great and this internet connection of mine is insanely fast. I'm having some issues with fan control on this board with the H100i. ASUS insist on pumps never being hooked to the CPU fan header, apparently. Minor problems for a new build! No RMAs and the build was a piece of cake. Pics will follow
  10. This. It wasn't the real thing. The "real sim" is more sensitive than the "real thing". This is true for most (all?) Level-D,C, etc. sims. At any rate, FSUIPC is the most powerful tool for tuning sensitivity on your hardware.
  11. Once airborne, icing isn't an issue for turbojet aircraft. With hot bleed air anti-ice and the fact that they spend only several minutes each flight at icing levels, it sure would be a waste of time to even consider the effects.
  12. I've flown with an FO that went to that program. He has nothing but good things to say.
  13. I'm assuming you want to be an airline pilot? So the quick run down is three words: Seniority Seniority Seniority The faster you get out of college with your ratings and get to ATP minimums, the better. I went the Embry-Riddle "Worldwide" route because it was much cheaper than moving to Daytona (and I was able to complete flight training locally much cheaper as well). Much has changed in the wake of Flight 3407, including the prerequisites for an ATP and the price of getting to that certificate (seriously ridiculous what non-ATP guys need now just to take the written). What it will do short term is create a demand for qualified pilots at the regionals -- keep in mind the majors are also coming up on a "pilot shortage". In the mean time, your short term goal should be to get a degree quickly and get to the regionals to start logging 121 multi-crew jet time. Get to the regionals by getting quality time by instructing or whatever it is you can line up (especially instrument instruction). Remember the magic number for the regionals is 1,500 hours. So to answer your specific question: Find a nice two year program that has an articulation agreement with an aeronautical university. Typically you can receive an associates in something aviation related as quickly as you can get the credit hours, and then flow right into the bachelor's program and be finished within 3-3 1/2 years. I'll use my local school as an example... http://www.gtcc.edu/about-gtcc/campus-info-and-directions/aviation-campus.aspx http://worldwide.erau.edu/locations/greensboro/index.html You said cost isn't a concern, but I disagree. In this business the less debt you have, the better. No kidding. That being said, two local schools in the area provide substantial discounts for students in the above program.
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