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  1. Couldn't disagree more. The Milviz version is beautiful, and has a more realistic wear and tear look about it. Bingo. Not to mention Milviz's claim to much better flight dynamics.
  2. That's exactly the way I'm approaching it. I'll continue to use this Saitek Yoke with appropriate aircraft should I buy the Warthog. One hang up I do have is using the yoke to fly aircraft with sticks. The opposite isn't so bad. At any rate, any hardware over the $200 gives me great buyer's remorse. A feeling I hate to deal with.
  3. I've been saving for this stick for a couple of months now. I'm torn between the PFC 737 Yoke and this hardware. Decisions, decisions. Nice video, Howard. This topic has been moved from "MOBO, RAM, CPU's & Other Hardware" to "Hardware Controllers & Drivers".
  4. Impressive! I'm a hopeless 737 fan! Any chance of a fully analog version a la US Airways?
  5. Honestly, I'm one that believes bad habits aren't formed on a typical home grown flight sim. The sim is what you make it, and you can take procedural stuff as far as you like. In other words, these sims can only have a positive impact. As we build on our knowledge, we can sit in our computer chair and apply that knowledge at a pace that works for us personally. Or so I think. I thought that's what I suggested? ^_^
  6. Absolutely! Some instructors know the tricks to breaking this extremely common behavior. This contradicts the above, and I disagree (respectfully). I went in with tons of simulator "time" but had different issues. Fixating inside the aircraft was not one of them. Thank you sir. I love this topic because I understand it. Lol
  7. Go to the 2D panel by pressing "Shift + A" from the VC. Then use "W" to scroll to one of the so-called "HUD" views. As far as disabling specific gauges, open the aircraft's panel folder. ie "FSX>SimObjects>C172>panel. Open the panel.cfg with notepad and delete the gauges you don't want (gauge00=, gauge01=, etc.). Make a backup of the panel.cfg before modifying it! I will say that I doubt this will help you in your flight training. What you are experiencing -- what your instructor is reprimanding, is a very common error made by students. He's going to have to break you of your "eyes inside" habit. Here's a good way to start getting those eyes outside: When flying with your instructor, ask that he take away certain instruments while performing a maneuver at random times. ie Have you make a 90 degree left turn, and take the DG away from you without you expecting it. What should you have done? Looked outside and found a suitable ground reference point!!! The same can be done with the other six pack instruments. Also, please form a habit of clearing turns before maneuvers, and clearing traffic before making turns. I've found that many students fixate on the inside, but are soon "cured" with my making them look and say "clear left" or "clear right" before a turn. Half the battle in getting eyes outside is finding a reason to get them outside! On takeoff, find a ground reference point directly ahead to track towards in order to maintain runway center-line on the upwind. For crosswind, use a point 90 degrees and off the wing. Clear the traffic pattern by looking. Need more examples? Pm me. Before the flight, tell yourself those stinking instruments are a crutch you rarely need! B)
  8. That. It is alarming the secret lives some people lead. Thank you for this Tom, interesting read. I do remember the temporary forum that was set up in the wake of the hack. I know the hack and later the temporary forum brought quite a few new members into the community. The silver lining, I suppose.
  9. Ryan, could you possibly give a disclaimer as to how xS anti-aliasing will afflict many systems with stutters? I'm seeing a trend in the forums of folks getting stutters induced by this aggressive AA type. Maybe recommend a straight anti-aliasing method like xQ for those who are afflicted with stutters after using your settings?I'm also going to PM you, even though I know your inbox is probably full of customer's PMs.
  10. ZachLW

    Your age?

    Congrats...23 and counting :(
  11. Flown, logged:C150C152C172N/SP/MC182CR182C185BE36(G36 and A36)PA28-181PA28-235PA-30-160PA-32R-300PA-32R-301TPA-34-200TJ-3 (85hp and 65hp)Wing view...:I haven't traveled much via airlines... All types of RJs, most of US Airways fleet, Northwest Airbuses. But my personal favorite was an old, smelly (seriously) Northwest DC-Nine-o-saurus.
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