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  1. Is it possible to not have the FO control the condition levers. Thanks
  2. Perry333

    64 bit version won't install

    sent you email looks like I got it to work this ,thanks.
  3. Perry333

    64 bit version won't install

    OK back to having problems sent a support ticket at fs2crew, thanks.
  4. Perry333

    64 bit version won't install

    OK worked this time not sure what happen before, thanks. also what does XPNDR below the line mean in CFG thanks ?
  5. I just bought the 64 bit version for the Q400. Downloaded and ran as admin, but shows 12% with no green progress bar. Task manager says not responding. appreciate help thanks.
  6. fixed it uninstalled and let it install where it wanted to in prepare 3d main folder. still getting my head around P3D , to used to FSX.
  7. I installed the Q400 64 bit for P3D v4 into prepared 3d/ simobjects/airplanes folder, I can see it there in that folder, but it does not show up in sim menu. Did I install into wrong place? The installer original was pointing to just the prepared 3d folder not sure if I should have left it that way?
  8. just setting up new computer running P3D v4 ,and I already have FSUIPC5 installed. I got the link for the free down load of Rc4 and all the options include FSUIPC but not sure if it will cause me problems because I sure it is v4 not v5. Thanks for help.
  9. Perry333

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    does anyone know if V3 has or will have advanced replay mode like CP does thanks
  10. in just says 60 on the product page at best buy, but hope that means up to 60. got tv today new computer will be here next week so I will see then. hope I didn't make mistake and have to send back.
  11. can this tv have a refresh rate of 30 in the Nvidia control panel, thanks.
  12. well I decided to go with the Samsung Q6F 49" tv in the end. I really wanted that extra height so cockpit will be bigger. I'll let you know how I like everything, should get new computer and tv next week! thanks for all your advice.
  13. hey guys thanks for the input, I think I will go for the 43" nu7100 just because of the price as I'm already spending a bit on new computer and upgrading other things to P3D. Maybe down the road I can look at newer versions of Samsung tv when prices come down again. Thanks again