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  1. I have same problem too with tbm, but sounds like other planes are having same problem. Looks like a bug hopefully it will get sorted out. Right now I just manually insert flight plan.
  2. I have used FSUIPC for both FSX and P3D, so I am familiar with it. But I can anyone tell me how does it over ride the control settings in MSFS 2020 and does it run externally , thanks. I will probably get it sometime.
  3. First thanks for the mod enjoying it! It seem like with the radio volume turned off with the mod I need to turn radio volume up on all my planes, not a big problem. But I can't seem to increase volume in the TBM 930. I go to audio and nav tab but can't increase volume on anything, is there away to do this or a fix, Thanks
  4. So if I understand this video correctly , at 4K you would have to maintain a minimum FPS of 40fps for this to work. Looks like the window was 40 - 60 FPS .
  5. Same here great product and support , looking forward to AI traffic reborn too!
  6. If you are thinking about getting this I would highly recomend it, very easy to use and the effect are much better. I can now see ai traffic much better. Also Simbol is very helpful, he helped me with a unrelated problem. Thanks again also looking forward to there FS traffic reborn!
  7. just curious if anyone has used this and have they had any problems, Thanks. fsaerodata.com
  8. Thanks Byork for getting back to me. Sorry I took awhile to get back ,but have been really busy lately. I guess there is always something to learn! Thanks again,Perry.
  9. I have pretty much everything figured out except I can't seem to get FO to set MTOP. I have it set in brief and and say it in the after start check list. Also if I click on it in the panel in resets back to NTOP. I don't use it all the time ,just when I'm at shorter runway. Thanks for help.
  10. Is it possible to not have the FO control the condition levers. Thanks
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