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  1. If you are using ATCAPI you're may interested in automatically fetching the data from SimBrief. I once created this application but never shared it. Features: Read latest SimBrief OFP Export data to ATCAPI Autorun (just start it and no clicks required)
  2. Or use SIMstarter and use the SimConfigBackup. 🙂
  3. Hi Michael, I am running an A320 with JeeHell and ORBX stuff. Looks like I had the same situation but on another spot. I wrote my experiences here and my issues are solved. Sorry, it's in german but you can click translation: https://aviation.pero-online.de/wordpress/?p=3098
  4. Awesome tool! If you guys are using SIMstarter NG P3D it would be possible to create a little plugin that reads the DEP/ARR ICAO from the P3D Flightplan and create the ATCAPI config file based on this. @fs1 if that's for interest - let me know.
  5. There are two products: SIMstarter NG supports FSX-P3D4.5 (not longer supported and not in sale any more) SIMstarter NG P3D supports P3D4.5 - P3Dv5 (Upgrade price until 30th of june) Hope that answers your question.
  6. Thanks for raising that discussion. Yes, SIMstarter is not as easy as I would love to have it - it's a Configuration Manager with a lot of possibilities - that you can use or even not, depending on your requrirements. Including more features and complexity is often discussed in the BETA Team and we often struggle of integrating features that some of us need and love them. From every feedback I got its like - if you digged into the software you will never go without it. If you don't take your time you will open it - become overwhelmed, close it and never open it again. 😉 Yes the manual has become a "little bigger" with the aim to have a good manual (what I often miss in certain software). In addition see the support forum. Questions will answerd "quite soon" and solved "quite fast". I made a YouTube Video walking trough SIMstarter NG P3D - so you can get an idea to use it:
  7. Thanks to all who joined the Stream! It was not the shortest but the idea was to explain all and everything. The first minutes are misssing I may will add them soon.
  8. Everything is PREPAR3D - can't wait until tomorrow... :-)
  9. Planned at 15th of May - 18:00 UTC on YouTube!
  10. Sure - will be stored in YouTube afterwards. 😉
  11. So I will do the Stream - got many feedback on Facebook as well. 15th of may 2020 - 18:00 UTC (as people from US East and West Coast may could join as well). Stream will be in english language only. The link to the Stream can be found here (quite soon): https://aviation.pero-online.de/livestream/
  12. Thanks for your feedback. Please keep in mind, that we made an upgrade offer for SIMstarter NG P3D until 30st of june. 🙂
  13. Hi, I am Peter the developer of SIMstarter NG P3D – you may using it to start your simulator and manage your simulator configuration. SIMstarter NG has been replaced by SIMstarter NG P3D and I would like to ask the community if you are interested in a Live Stream explaining SIMstarter NG P3D. I already did this for SIMstarter NG in german language but I am willing to do such session in english again (with much improved SIMstarter NG P3D). I would explain: SIMstarter NG P3D logic Show each and every function Add/Modify configurations Answer your questions Potential date: 15th of may 2020 - 18:00 UTC (I would take 18.00 UTC as people from US East and West Coast may could join as well). Are you interested? SIMstarter NG P3D is the successor of SIMstarter NG, which brings numerous optimizations and improvements and is also compatible with PREPAR3D v5. FSX - P3D v4.4 are no longer supported with this version. Improvements to SIMstarter NG: Support for PREPAR3D v5 and v4.5 Support for HIFI Active Sky P3D New Checklist Feature New „Load latest flightplan“ Feature Complete reworked (must faster) Scenery Manager Ordering issues in Scenery Manager fixed Scenery Manager manages „add-on.xml“ as well Move Sceneries from „scenery.cfg“ to „add-on.xml“ and back Management of [DiscoveryPath] included Search [DiscoveryPath] for unregistered AddOn Packages Reworked Add-On.xml Manager (much faster) Coloring of Managers adjusted Prevention to disallow user changes while simulator is running Validation of Scenery settings Validation of add-ons.cfg files Filter Options in SimConfigBackup enhanced SimConfigBackup include all add-on.xml per default many more...
  14. Hallo Fritz, danke für Deine (lange) Nachricht. Sorry, dass ich erst jetzt reagiere, war lang nicht mehr hier im Forum. 😉 Leider kann ich Dir inhaltlich nicht weiterhelfen, da ich in meinem A320 mittlerweile auf Skalarki als Hersteller setze. Viele Grüße, Peter
  15. Hi Michael, I never tried und in general it should be possible. Search for "PowerShell" you might find more details. Regards, Peter
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