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  1. Ultimate NG only needs to be pointed to in v4 scenery library. It consists of only bgls which are compatible. What is not compatible with v4 is the installer. Considering that NG is advised to be installed outside of the P3D directory but preferably on the same Drive, then the current existing installation should suffice. Just add it to the v4 scenery library via pointing to the path/location ensuring you place it in the correct order and location in the scenery library.
  2. @KavindaJD Thanks. I was aware of the structure image you showed, and am pleased that your summary confirmed the fact that Vector will influence the landclass both default and OLC. Vector has reduced the shoreline in my Havana example, it was not rectified by OLC NA, hence the default 3D objects (in this case.. buildings) were still placed correctly but appear in the water due to the shoreline (Vector) being moved. UTX Central & Carib, however, has corrected the LC and adjusted the shoreline via it's own vector data. The result is no buildings in the water. Anyway thanks for your input. I still however would like to know if Flight Sim World has decent coastlines and NOT straight lines.
  3. We are off topic so i will wait for DGT to hopefully answer my initial question. But just to finally answer you regarding "The problem I have with Vector is that in many coastal areas the resulting "accuracy" of the revised coastlines result in buildings in the water." The sim has default 3d objects placed to the default data, in this case the coastline. Vector introduces a different coastline, maybe 100 yards in from the default. OLC places additional autogen/3d objects ( additional to the default). The default 3d objects remain. If the default 3d objects remain in their original position and then vector moves the goalposts the default 3d objects will be in the sea. I am referencing the response I received from the vector developer. If you know some more I would be most grateful if you would PM me with your solutions. I thought OLC NA was "good landclass" Remember I am only referring to buildings in the sea after using Vector, which redraws the coast lines.
  4. Tend to disagree. Take a look at Vector with OLC NA. When any topic is discussed regarding "buildings in water" the response from the developer of vector is " misplaced 3D autogen in P3D/FSX" Disable Vector in the same location (eg Havana) and the leave OLC enabled, the buildings are on land. So I would assume that it is vector's "accurate" coastline versus the default data that causes the anomaly and not the OLC NA (Landclass)
  5. I am keenly interested from a scenic perspective if the world's coastlines are the horrible straight lined ones that were default in FSX or whether they have been modified to look more realistic. Not necessarily accurate as FTX Vector claims to be. The problem I have with Vector is that in many coastal areas the resulting "accuracy" of the revised coastlines result in buildings in the water. The default FSX coastlines with all their straight lines etc is really off putting from a viewing perspective. What vector type detail is default in Flight Sim World? Roads, pylons etc?
  6. Has it resolved all the scenery problems like UK2000? Hesitating to re-update until i am sure all my current addons (all P3D v3 compliant) will not be adversely affected.
  7. How do i adjust the graphics so that in daytime the sea is not a white shiny texture? Current settings are all on Ultra and Anisotropic and anti aliasing ticked to max. It appears almost the same if I switch off those 2 settings. The sea is just way too bright in daylight, but tones down obviously at dusk, but is still way too bright in my current set up. Are you also reviewing the current darkness of the autogen and ground?
  8. I have had to redo some Profiles but i cannot get SimStarter to stop loading a flight. I want the sim to open up on the Scenario page but SimStarter is opening P3D and loading a flight. My previous Profiles were set where although i had entered into SStarter a default flight it would open P3D on the Scenario page with my default flight airport in the Scenario page. I have ticked for Show scenario in the SStarter General settings, but when I click on my profile shortcut it changes the P3D cfg to show this. [uSERINTERFACE] SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW=0 I have tried changing the SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW=0 to SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW=1and saving but SStarter keeps changing it to 0 again. What part of my Profile do I need to change to ensure that P3D via SStarter does not start loading a flight and that I get onto the Scenario page opening up?
  9. So they do not go outside of P3D as has been reported. I assume therefore that certain addons must go into P3D direct and "others" do not have too. Same as before, as i have many scenery addons like UK2000 airfields which I have outside of P3D on a separate SSD. Did that by installing into P3D then moving them to the other SSD and changing the path in the scenery cfg.
  10. Regarding my post earlier i see on the ORBX forum that in answer to a question regarding SSD space: "I had v2 away from the operating system on it's own 750gb SSD. When installing some addons they also needed to go into the main Prepar3d folder.(ORBX addons a good example) I have seen that EVERYTHING 3rd party now needs to be installed away from the main Prepar3d folder." The response from ORBX was: "No, that is not correct. Only some of the configuration files have moved away from the main folders. Orbx, 3rd Party Aircraft, Scenery, AI, etc all still install to the Prepar3d directory like P3D v1/2 and MSFS." So now I am confused !!
  11. Very interesting and something I had been hoping would be possible, regarding scenery addons being outside of the P3D folder. In theory then, if one has P3D v2.5 on a seperate SSD and then installed v3 onto another SSD, could you not take the current v2.5 scenery cfg ( Terrain cfg?) and place it into v3, ensuring the "entries" in the cfg are showing the correct path, and all your v2.5 scenery should be available in v3? This is just a theory as i would not wish to break any EULA and am quite willing to wait for v3 installers. My question though is what will the new v3 installers do, as they have traditionally sought the P3D folder in order to install directly into it. Now the addons will not go into P3D v3 but sit outside of the folder in either the same drive or a separate drive. Will they now just check for which drive you want to install the addons to and only adjust the Scenery cfg accordingly?
  12. And not a single inhalation of breath. What a set of lungs !!
  13. Thanks Luis. I am now educated in the pro's and cons of photoscenery in Hi Res. Very informative and appreciated.Regardsjc
  14. Thanks Luis for your input. I understand what you are saying and would suggest that we are only talking about Hi Res areas, and doing scenery packages out of those ones. Why not a series of Hi Res Cities, areas of countries? FS9 had dozens of Photosceneries compared to what is not even on the horizon yet for FSX. I had Germany, Holland, UK (England/Wales)Southern Spain, Pacific NW, Socal, San Francisco, Dallas, NY etc etc for FS9 but hardly anything so far specifically made for FSX. Why ? Can you enlighten me as to what problems FSX may have caused to prevent producing a lot more photosecenery after 18 months of FSX?I think you have the technical knowledge to help me understand.Regards
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