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  1. Hello, cant activate my PMDG 747-400 QOTSII P3D .. EROOR: "Activation librabry handle creation failed - (50003, 71000, 10104) .. Whats happend??
  2. Try to fix fps to 24-28. Only this will give you stable fps and no blurrys.
  3. Yes I mean pauses. There is no way to solve this?
  4. Do you also noticed some stutters? I noticed stutter on still the same places for example when i take off in EDDS rwy 25 short after take off when I fly straight..
  5. Hi, when will the rainmaker come to the other planes??
  6. Just cant wait.. Please Release in one week as the big first suprise this year xD
  7. Hi, is there any Button to have TIR VC Walls like in Ezdok?
  8. On the a2a conny the effect isnt really good also with high acce
  9. Yeah the new update could tune this. Thanks. Other question is, could it be that there are some stutters when I enable this VAS option?
  10. Ok, because its a little bit to "hard", I think the transition between air and ground could be much smoother or softer at the landings.
  11. Hi, how can I configure the touchdown Effect?
  12. Hi, I just cant get TIR to work.. bought chaseplane today because I read that TIR is fully working and so I decided to give chaseplane a chance.. FSFX is in TIR list.. What can I do? Any Solutions or a working Update today?? EDIT: Get it worked, jumped back to V1.536
  13. Okay und du musstest rein gar nichts machen? Wie musstest du die Steuern bezahlen, bar bei Paketübergabe oder auf Rechnung? Und was am wichtigsten ist, bist du immer noch zufrieden mit dem Yoke? Bin gerade am überlegen ob ich den Brunner nehme oder einen PFC Cirrus Saab.
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