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  1. Thanks for the heads up - I missed the "1," in the checklist I have! This was right before pushback/start, just starting the APU to move away from gate. Good to know for the future though! Curious what caused this flickering. Once I moved all pumps to AUTO, they pressurized to ~3000 and flickering stopped. Ill check again when I land to see if the flickering continues after shutdown.
  2. I noticed during pre-flight, when I switched to STAT monitor my APU startup, that HYD PR on 1,2,3 were all flickering 0-100. HYRD PR on 4 was constant as 4 was set to AUX, 1,2,3 were set to OFF. Is this normal? Let me know if I need to provide any more info. https://i.gyazo.com/8dc5d8345063af201cc39f023a7bfe8d.mp4
  3. Maybe ... 7:48? Either way, I don't think big letters is the way to get an answer.. we'll know when we know! We've waited this long, a few more hours won't kill us 🙂
  4. I'd pay for an RSR singing announcements expansion. It replaces all verbal info in the cockpit with RSR.
  5. Eh, I was just looking at daytime GMT. Few hours left there, plenty of daylight in sunny North America. I've been anxiously checking this forum for months, I need some hope on (planned) release day! I imagine PMDG would have done extensive stress testing on their new site before they deployed it .. likely a long time in the worms. There's always a chance of real-world issues but usually things are put through places before pushed commercially Maybe I'm just a hopeless hopeful.. either way, I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer if I need to 🙂
  6. I think it's still going to be today. Plenty of daylight left in GMT. Looks like the new (great looking website) is up and running. Either way I think we will get an update today.
  7. If you have windows 8 then it's a bug with windows 8 hating all of us that have joysticks and yokes :(
  8. Yes it would unless you're living in the 90s realm of hosting services giving you only MB or GB of traffic. Plus unlimited bandwidth is not hard to come by not to mention GBPS uplinks.. welcome to 2014.. Source: used to work on web servers / services catering 5k+ at once.
  9. There's a lot of people saying "you can't complain if you don't donate" but the way I see it avsim is making no effort to improve Web hosting so why would I sink my money into something that has no plans to improve? Surely with the sheer volume of people on avsim they would get donations and webservers when configured correctly could only cost avsim 100-150 a month total US. This isn't at all unreachable. And I agree that PMDG shouldn't rely on a broken service for its forums as forums are every day life for some people and used much more for sole support. I'm disappointed they haven't invested in somethimy better considering how awesome PMDG is.
  10. Any chance your Benjim?
  11. Hehe, I find it kind of funny that people can spend countless hours in single flights and spend days and weeks and months and years of flight simulation but can't wait a few more weeks for release.. If you just want new airplanes theres plenty of companies that push out (Usually poor quality) airplanes every month or so.. But quality isn't something that shows up at your doorstep when you want it! Best wishes RSR with your surgery!
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