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  1. AFL221

    PMDG B777 Windows 8.1 problem

    Is it possible to solve the problem?
  2. AFL221

    PMDG B777 Windows 8.1 problem

    Hi, yesterday i updated windows to version 8.1, then i started a flight with the B777 of PMDG, and i saw that the cloche was fully turned to the left, the throttle to full position, and all the screens were black. The cockpit was not clickable. If i move the joystick nothing happens, so the aircraft does not recognize my commands. The other aircrafts work well, and also the PMDG B737ngx. Can someone please help me?
  3. AFL221

    Joystick Saitek problem B777 SP1

    Thank you, but unfortunately it doen't work...
  4. Hello, after i've installed the SP1 for the B777, my yoke stopped working well. The problem is that before it worked well, but now, only on the ground. When i take off, it cannot be recognized by FSX and also by FSUIPC4. Is the SP1 compatible with the yoke? I read that a lot of users have that type of problem with WIN8, PMDG, and FSX. Can someone help me please? P.S. the pc recognizes the yoke, so it has not the problem