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  1. Hi, Im trying to buy both theGNS2 530 and 430 and when I use the coupon rxp-add 430 to 530 fltsim.cpn I am told its not valid for the transaction. Im using the rxpGNS2-530-fsim wrapper. Id like to get the discount for buying both... Can you help? Thanks! Mike
  2. Thanks Kyle for your help. No sound device switching throughout. Seems to be only after the Queen is used. I say that with great hesitation because I know when folks say that it is often not accurate but it seems to be the case here. I've tried about all the other planes and it doesn't happen. I guess I'm bringing it up also in case knowing this could help you guys tweek the performance and work thru other CTDs reports... Thanks again...any other ideas would be appreciated. Could my kernal32 file be corrupt itself? How would I fix this?
  3. Sound problem fixed, thanks Kyle! Any thoughts on the kernel32 crash I get about 15 secs after I close FSX. This is only occurring after using the queen. I've tried the NGX and 777 with the exact same variables ie airport, weather, flight plan etc and I don't get the kernel32 crash. Is this a VAS related thing?
  4. Im having the same issue on takeoff. All sound stops except a faint high pitch whine of the engines at full power. cockpit sounds return just off the end of the runway at about the same moment the wheels leave the ground. Hopefully this can be tweaked. Im using the UPS 400F livery. Also experience at kernel32 crash about 15 seconds after I exist FSX only after Ive use this baby. I try everything the same with both the 777 and the NGX and FSX closes normally with no kernel32 crash when I close FSX. Kinda a mystery to me. Tabs any thoughts?
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