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  1. Hi, Im trying to buy both theGNS2 530 and 430 and when I use the coupon rxp-add 430 to 530 fltsim.cpn I am told its not valid for the transaction. Im using the rxpGNS2-530-fsim wrapper. Id like to get the discount for buying both... Can you help? Thanks! Mike
  2. Hey Tabs, How about a cool shot of the new 777 flying by Mt. Rushmore in the new American livery? Happy 4th to you guys at PMDG and a continued speedy recovery to you Rob!!
  3. Helps a lot! Thanks for the replies! Then, in the sim, when the trip planned requires relatively little fuel and payload, expect the triple 7 to climb like a rocket and flaps retraction to happen quite quickly unless a pretty generous derated takeoff setting is used.. I suppose realistically there aren't too many circumstances in which this would happen for the 777, but when it does, you guys that drive this thing (more so you freighter guys) must have a complete ball during takeoff! Do you tell any passengers to please hold on to the bar before you hit the gas?? Thanks again for the help! I'll practice derated takeoffs and following the reference cross bars on the PFD as needed while avoiding tail strikes.
  4. For you triple 7 captains out there... While in TOGA mode, will the auto throttle logic prevent the plane's speed from going beyond the flaps schedule during normal ops? I've notice in the sim that after takeoff the plane will accelerate past the point at which I need to retract flaps 1, up, etc.... Is this normal? Is it up to me to keep this from happening? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yup. That was the problem. All set now. Thanks Tabs... (I feel like an idiot for not seeing that one...yikes!)
  6. Anyone know why I might be getting a nav data out of error message in the FMC of the 777 when I have the most current AIRAC file installed? The FMC correctly reports that the most current AIRAC file is there but I still get the error message.. This is happening with 737NGX FMC too.
  7. Anyone know a quick tutorial that would help me set up etops for the 777 in PFPX? I planned a route from KLAX to Sydney at got stumped at the etops settings menu. Thanks!
  8. gruesen


    No...pretty sure not. More than likely busy getting the T7 ready for release... Maybe next year! ...at least I didn't see them in the usual vendor areas...
  9. gruesen


    Agreed. Sorry...got caught up in the moment. Just trying to combine two of my favorite things...EAA and another great PMDG airplane! By all means Rob keep your focus on the clean up list...
  10. gruesen


    Hey Rob, Ryan, etc, Could you manage a shot of a flyby of the T7 at EAA in Oskosh? How about low and slow in a landing config? Here now and I think it would be a real crowd pleaser! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey! I keep getting an FMC message that I am "Using RSV Fuel" when I have plenty of gas. Anyone? Thanks in advanced!
  12. Sorry... I can't find the new pics. Can you tell me where they are?
  13. If I have FS Genesis, UTX, and GEX, should I also install FScene or is that a waste?Thanks!
  14. Hey PMDG,In celebration of the U.S.'s 4th of July, how about a pic of the NGX doing a fly-by of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota? There now and and I think your fly-by would put a big smile on their faces!!Happy Independece Day!!!
  15. If I have already purchased the MD-11 for FSX can I purchase the MD-11 for FS9 at a discount? Just wondering. Thanks!Mike
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