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  1. ssair1

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    Although I'm experiencing some issues, noted above by Dave, the plane is fantastic. In terms of FPS, its performance is good: the textures and sounds are also good. If you're already well acquainted with Boeing procedures/systems, then there would be a small learning curve. Plus, the icings on the cake are the lighting and windshield effects!
  2. ssair1

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    Dear Dave, I'm experiencing similar CTDs while switching between external/internal views. What do you assume is the problem? Please keep us up to date with the results of your testing. Thank you.
  3. ssair1

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    How do you determine which cores Prepar3dv4 is using? Does anyone know what is the maximum number of cores, according to LM, that P3d utilizes? Does threaded optimization make a difference? Ok... I guess I need to find some good resource materials on this subject? Any recommendations?
  4. ssair1

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    My GPU is the Aurous GeForce GTX 1080TI Xtreme Edition 11GB. I think you have hidden your display signatures preferences.
  5. I'm currently running an Intel i7 7700K, o/c @ 4.9 GHz ( further hardware info in my signature), if I were to upgrade to i9-7980XE @ 2.6 GHz, would there be a fairly substantial improvement in performance, due to the "16" cores? I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area, but I would like to get an idea of what more I can do: to improve performance.
  6. ssair1

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    Thanks a lot your help so far: much appreciated. What's the difference between the shaders folder located in "C:\Users\SS1\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders" and the HLSL folder located in my root P3D folder "F:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL?"
  7. I just checked their website, apparently its not on sale anymore 😞
  8. Thank you, gentlemen, I will go ahead with the pro version.
  9. Can someone please explain what the practical differences between the PRO and Training edition are? Is it worth it to pay double the price for the training edition? Kind regards,
  10. ssair1

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    I have Envtex and Envshade installed, but would like to use PTA to do some of my own tweakings. When I attempt to revert back to my original shaders visa Envdir, it comes up with an error not allowing me to do so.
  11. ssair1

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    If I reinstall the P3d client, will I have to reinstall my add-ons? Thank you.
  12. What is the most effective way of restoring the original shaders for Prepar3dv4.2? Kind regards,
  13. ssair1

    VOR Discrepancy/ Prepar3dv4 NAVAIDS

    Yes, I tried, but it apparently found some files that were altered in my system, so I didn't want to take the chance. The paid subscription version did everything smoothly. I don't know, I guess money solves problems, I guess... 🙂
  14. ssair1

    VOR Discrepancy/ Prepar3dv4 NAVAIDS

    Just to update, my issue has been resolved. I purchased a subscription from and updated my Prepar3dv4.2 NAVAIDs etc. Its just a bit disappointing that LM won't update the NAVAIDs, but now it feels great to have everything, on my Foreflight App etc, aligning up properly 🙂 Regards,
  15. While on the LOC RWY 4 approach procedure, I noticed that there is about a 5-degree discrepancy in the outbound radial to the ELDOH initial approach fix. I have ORBX Southern Alaska installed and Orbx PAHO airport. Should I contact Orbx or LM to figure out how to resolve this issue? Perhaps the issue is with Prepar3d itself? I have the latest Airrac cycle 1805, from Navigraph, installed for most of my airliners, perhaps I should update Prepar3dv4.2 itself? How can I do that? Kind regards, Shelman