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  1. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Hi Guys, I´m selling my Brunner yoke If anyone is interested take a look on ebay:
  2. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    I think Brunner just want to let the people know that you can use it with PMDG products in order to avoid a lot request like: " Is that yoke comaptible with PMDG?" I bought the yoke some months ago.......It takes a lot of time and afford to find the sweetspot....actually some times a think I still haven`t found it So you are a real world pilot?!....would be nice to know which trim and force settings are the most "realistic" ones compared to a real 737 in your opinion?
  3. And another XP addon which is only looks nice but without system depth.....even if you put together all XP airplane addons you won´t get even one fully accurate plane
  4. captainofflight

    Prepar3D v3.2 is out !

    I can´t get EZdok to work since 3.2´s activated but there is no movement when I press the middle mouse button Does anyone have the same problem?!
  5. captainofflight

    Locked or Unlimited FPS

    I`ve got a GTX 980Ti too and I get better frames with unlimited fps...try and find out!
  6. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    No I don´t have the T7.....only the NGX.....and I think I´ll stick with that to get along with the Brunner Yoke....I still haven´t found the sweet spot Unfortunately the manuals are very ....well......let´s say "basic" my opinion they could be a bit more detailed with some explanations But it´s a really nice feeling to have a "living" yoke in my hands.....a whole nother level of flight simulation for sure!! You mentioned the autopilot movement....I do have a yoke movement with enabled AP...but f.e. I cannot assign the AP disconnect button on the yoke...and other things I´m gonna contact Brunner tomorrow to help me out You actually don´t need it because Brunner Elec. have their own software where you can adjust all of these things
  7. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Yes it´s working......I think it takes a while to find the best settings...there are so many options such as all the different force settings...trimm settings ....which one do you use...hw trimming or "normal trimming" On Brunner website is a description of how it works and how to use it.....they say to change the aircraft.cfg for elevator trim What´s your experince with that issue?! I like the HW trimming because of its natural feels real....but on the other hand it doesn´t impact on the trim wheel in the airplane (PMDG NGX)....So you can´t actualy set a trim setting for take off where you get a specific value from the fms. With normal trimming the movent of the yoke is too weak.....I don´t get the "real feeling" It seems to me you need a long time to get everthing configured properly
  8. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    No, it doesn´t work....I have to contact Brunner....I hope they can help me out... Do you have the USB version or the ethernet version of the yoke There isn´t such a line to click on?! That´s the main window Scroll down to the "main window" section OKK...i got it!!! Damn... i didn´t see the setting page.,....shame on me :Doh: Thank you a lot!!!!!
  9. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    OK when I start the plugin setup it wants me to install the plugin into the P3D sub folder in %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\directory So I put it into Appdata\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3..........I guess that´s the right place, isn´t it?! When I start CLS2Sim the indications for elevator/aileron are green....but when I click "Connect" i get the message: "Could not connect to simulation."
  10. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    OK I received the yoke.... .It´s quite complex in terms of all the parameters you can adjust..but for now my main problem is how can I get it to work.....I can´t connect it to my FS (P3D V3) In their manual it´s written: Open the "Simulator Plugins" folder in the installation directory. Run the file "Prepar3D plugin installer.exe" on the machine running Prepar3D Neither I can find the folder nor the file. Another "odd" thing is that you have to pull out the USB and power cable to make the yoke completely shut down...even when I shut down my PC the yoke is still on a kind of standby. So do I have to pull out all the cables every time?!? Thanks for any helping comment!
  11. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    If 1800€ for a yoke won´t feel right, I think the next step would be to buy to real aircraft and place it on my desk!
  12. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    So finally i decided to buy that yoke......It should arrive on Tuesday.....I´m very excited!!
  13. captainofflight

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Thank you for your post! It seems like there are not so many people out there you own that are a rarity! Have you done some fllights so far?!
  14. Hi, are there any feedbacks or experinces with that yoke?!?
  15. I'll keep an eye on that....