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    15 years. Love to fly, real or not.

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    My name is Jacob. Im 14 years old from Sweden. I have an huge intrest of Airplanes. Since i've been a little kid i have always wanted to be an airline pilot. In 2009 i got my first Flight Simulator. FSX. I fly nearly everyday and i have alot of fun on VATSIM and IVAO.
  1. It's kind of everything. Especielly the PMDG aircrafts has ugly jagged lines. Aerosoft Airbus looks ok, Otherwise the scenery and the runway has a bad AA.
  2. Well, tried like everything now..Doesn't seem to change the AA at all .Veru upset. Never had Anti Aliasing problem in FSX.
  3. Bad news. Can't see any difference between using NI and not. Im starting to wonder if its my GTX 970 thats the problem.
  4. Thanks guys for the help. I will try these methods and let you know how it works! /Jacob
  5. Hi I've been struggling with the Anti Aliasing for a very long time in P3D v3. Its very shimmery and the planes looks "liny" and ugly. First i thought it was my 130$ monitor so i bought a QHD 2560x1440p IPS but that didn't solve the problem at all. Have you guys any suggestions on whats the problem? I currently run a GTX 970 with i7 4790k @4.4Ghz. Good day Jacob
  6. Im having the same problem dude :/
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