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  1. Vaff

    V4.1 is out

    Hey can you all stop downloading!! the speed is terrible for me lol
  2. Vaff

    4.1 release notes

    Why is this a bad priority? For me Finally i can maybe do a flight whit my headset again. I know vr is not for all, but there is a few of us out there that been waiting since end of May for this update. Im sure LM know what they doing and have a reason for it. They cant do everyone happy on a update but for once it seem to hit us vr users.
  3. guess its F5 time.... this is what i get when i try to go to the dc6 product page... The one who cost 2.5 Mill This product is no longer active in our catalog. Look for another product or contact the store manager to let them know.
  4. Vaff

    717 with Thrusmaster Warthog

    when you have scanned the throttle choose the top option Calibrate...... then it will use the whole throttle
  5. Vaff

    LevelD 757 at FSC 2017

    How many years will the Beta testing take....... considering the dev time ;-)
  6. Vaff

    P3D V4 & ORBX

    No Cant tell Go to ORBX official forum and they will tell you when and how you proceed. This post explain the upgrade process There's been an issue so its delayed Look at Post 67 Do some search and you find answers.
  7. Vaff

    Belsimtek: F-86F Sabre

    Sabre is released as beta.
  8. Vaff

    Thank you PMDG

    Thank you PMDG What an amasing release. The spead of process and download was totaly amasing. I was ready to see a movie and just wait for the big storm to settle. Thank you for an amasing release, Amasing product and awsome custom service. Have a great weekend. you all deserve that. Best regards From Fredrik Hofstad Haugen