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  1. Hello all EDDK 24 is not showing in FSC, or EFB, It is showing in FSX since I have GAP 2. I have updated the latest AIRCAC 1703 for PFPX, EFB & FSC. But PFPX still sets me up departing from 24 and there is no 25 option... Thanks for your help! Maniac59
  2. Hi Kyle Reinstalled the 747 V3 and UPS paint.. All good now! Mark Harris UPS330 Chief Pilot
  3. Hi All I installed the UPS livery using the downloader. At about 11000' all my panels go black, like somebody flipped a switch. I have simulated the flight using VIRGIN and AIR INDIA liveries with no issues.. Reinstalled the UPS livery, but same problem.. Any ideas? Many thanks! Mark Harris UPS330 Chief Pilot
  4. Thanks for that Kevin. But after a couple of PC restarts it seems to have fixed itself. Weird. Mark Harris UPS330
  5. Hello Just installed the UPS livery through the operations center, but upon loading the gear is still retracted within the body. When I switch to other liveries, they have gear. I have tried reinstalling the UPS with the same issue... Many thanks for you help and have a great weekend! Mark Harris
  6. Hello I have a VA livery from the previous PMDG 747 version. But I have tried to install the old livery with no success. Thanks for your help in advance... INSTALLATION: 1) Locate the PMDG747-400 folder located within your FS directory (/Simobjects/Airplanes/PMDG747-400). 2) Create a new sub-folder within PMDG747-400 and name it "texture.abc" (no quotes). 3) Copy all files from the original PMDG 'texture.RR' folder to the new folder named 'texture.abc'. 4) Extract the files from the attached 'pmdg_abc_tex.zip' file to the 'texture.abc' folder overwriting all files when prompted. 5) IMPORTANT! Backup the original Aircraft.cfg file located in the PMDG747-400 route folder. Add the following entry to your aircraft.cfg file changing the 'flightsim.x' entry to the next number in sequence for YOUR .cfg file. -------------------------------------- [fltsim.X] title=ABCVA - 747-400 RB211 Engines sim=B747-400 model=RR panel=VC sound=RR texture=ABC kb_checklists=PMDG747-400_CHECK atc_id_color=0xffffffff atc_id=SE-GRA atc_airline=ABC-Aviation VA atc_flight_number=ABC ui_manufacturer=BOEING ui_type=747-400 RR ui_variation=ABC-Aviation VA ui_createdby="PMDG" description=Boeing 747-400\nPMDG Dual-Class\n30 MAR 2012 10:36 UTC\n\nConfigured by TOPCAT\n\nPassengers\t\t397+0\nCargo\t\t\t29925 kg\n\nDry Operating Weight\t178755 kg\nZero Fuel Weight\t\t240440 kg\nTake-Off Fuel\t\t109320 kg\nTake-Off Weight\t\t349760 kg\nTake-Off MAC\t\t24.0%\nStabilizer Trim\t\t5.7\n visual_damage=0 atc_heavy=1
  7. Hello I am running P3D V3 with Nvidia Titan Black and a 3D projector. On occasion I have seen the '3D' mode enabled in P3D.. The LM anaglyph mode that is... Is there a way to enable it? I just got Benq glasses to compliment the projector and am eager to see how the visuals are with LM P3D in anaglyph mode. Many thanks & happy holidays! Mark
  8. Hello. I just replaced my triple monitor set up with a: BenQ HT2150ST DLP 1080P(1920 x 1080) 15000:1 Contrast Ratio Wireless 3D Gaming DLP Projector. Right now just testing with a stretched sheet and diagonal around 80" I have 2 questions. I am toying with the idea of getting a 4 X 8 piece of MDF and painting Satin white. There is also a great tutorial online about using the rings on a used outside trampoline for a curved screen. Anyone have comments for either of these options? Curved or flat ? MDF or stretched blackout fabric on board ? Best seating distance from the screen ? Many thanks & happy holidays !
  9. Hello all I am playing P3D. I have been running a 6 monitor setup for a while now, with a Titan Black card. The lower center monitor is a 34" curved. Will be keeping the curved. But am going to add an overhead projector: http://www.benq.us/product/projector/HT2150ST I was wondering if anyone had suggestions regarding the screen? Flat or curved? Dimensions ? This is a short throw projector, designed for small spaces. My room is 12 X 15 X 10 high. Many thanks for your suggestions.... Mark
  10. Hi ryan..Don't get me wrong. I only just submitted the ticket. Was just curious about the turnaround time. I wasn't expecting anything before monday anyhow. I see you came through and I appreciate your help. Please forgive my over eager anticipation to reinstall and fly this beautiful bird,, :Peace:Thanks for your information and have a great rest of the weekend!Mark
  11. Does anyone know how long for a support ticket response?I opened a ticket regarding redownloading 737-800NGX...Thanks!Mark Harris
  12. I am getting the same issue. Although it only happens when I hit SHIFT E to open the doors.Windows 7 64bit6GBNVidia GTX 470A few questions though:In my System32 folder there are 2 UIAnimation files: UIAnimation.dll & UIAnimationCore.dll.Do I need both of them? If not, which one do I delete?Also, where can I obtain the latest UIAnimationCore.dll since mine is dated: 7/13/2009Thanks!Mark
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