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  1. KCLT is FSDT scenery, the one above is not KCLT, it's KMSP by FLIGHBEAM. It's like comparing apples and oranges.
  2. Not looking for support for the old 747, there was nothing wrong with it in a technical sense, except you can't get the old liveries any more. That's not asking for support, that's asking for access to your files. Even RealAir went out of business, but they kept the site open for their customers to still access their purchased products. It's the least that can be done without leaving customers high and dry.
  3. You can doubt it all you want, but if you can't get any support or livery for a product you already bought, like I did, you will get discouraged to the point of either, buying the new version, or none at all. I've chosen none, and planning to move on to X-Plane here soon any way. Tired of all the money wasted on products you can't get any more support on. At least you can create a whole lot of real world scenery for free with X-Plane. Not knocking PMDG's quality, it's next to none any where else in the industry, and I understand it's a business, but it's time to move on.
  4. I'm surprise we can even post anything on these unofficial forums, since a few days ago they announced it would be read only! lol
  5. It's a form of discouragement, to make you buy the latest Queen of the sky.
  6. Alpha Exp v0.2.85 seems to be working okay on my end, thanks Keven.
  7. I really enjoy the Salsa music, and if the airport is as good as the music, I'm in! lol
  8. With the unofficial forums now made read only, VoxATC and other developers should really try to get their acts together if they plan to sell their products, by giving us a way to form a forum in their own website. Hopefully issues will continue to be address and solved some how.
  9. Huh, interesting find, Mike, thanks for letting us know. I wonder if CP intent was to avoid P3Dv4 from removing or deleting any entries when you may sometime have to set your sim back to its default state, without having to reinstall all the addons again. I know that that is to be true when FSDT decided to make their installer place their scenery files outside P3D main root folder. Not sure if addon aircraft will do that in the future or not, but I'm just guessing what the idea behind CP was.
  10. I think it will be interesting to experiment the theory by trying to land at one of those high altitude airports surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. perhaps Aspen or Eagle County Regional Airport. Switch from True to False and see what happens. Charlotte wasn't really a good indicator whether or not it works or not, since it's pretty flat elevation and far enough from the Smoky Mountains.
  11. Well, after I made the change from TRUE to FALSE on the xml file, I didn't try the same flight from Kansas City to Los Angeles, instead I decided to go east from Kansas City to Charlotte North Carolina, KCLT. This time it vector me correctly, and maintained the proper descent and flight level constraints all the way to my assigned ILS runway 23.
  12. Thanks, will make it false then, and see how that works out. The worst it can happen is that I have to switch back to true.
  13. I was looking for this new terrain-aware logic in 7.3 within the xml file, but I'm not sure what I'm suppose to switch to "FALSE". I see an entry that reads; "<TerrainServiceEnabled Value="TRUE" />", it's that it?
  14. Jay, sorry for the ignorance, but where do I find this xml file?
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