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  1. KSNA John Wayne International RELEASE! Grab you copy from Enjoy your fly!
  2. Some updates about KSNA John Wayne Airport, working on vegetation and performance... Should be available soon!
  3. Enjoy our latest screenshots... It's close to completion! Hope you like it!
  4. John Wayne at night... Is not finished yet, but i like it so far!
  5. Should be a different product purchase because is a different platform so is not a simple conversion, because x-plane using other development technology!
  6. In collaboration with LatinVFR, we are converting John Wayne Orange County (KSNA) for X-Plane! The project is already in an advanced stage. About the project: Will be converted for X-Plane 11, to our team's standards of quality. That mean, parts that are not looking good in X-Plane, will be replaced with ours. For X-Plane 11, using the latest technology like PBR materials, animated jetways and more Updates will be free. p.s. we start working now in PBR materials.
  7. Check this out... A full review of KEYW international airport from Wycliffe Barrett XPD covers up all the aspects of the airport! Our thanks to Wycliffe Barrett... Enjoy the video!
  8. "KEYW" Key West international Airport Dear flight simmers, Close to release! Full compatible with XP11 with PBR materials animations HD textures and more.... Check out our prerelease video! Enjoy and leave your comments!
  9. Hello fellow flight Simmers! We are very excited to announce our new work collaborated with Latinwings about Valencia LEVC airport in Spain! Please take a look our progress on main building (Terminal) Ground and ANIMATED JETWAYS Hope you like it. Thanks from me and Icarus team
  10. Release of LEGY airport Garray release! Check the video
  11. some pictures from O'Hare Chicago developing, X-Plane 11. Be ready......
  12. Hi twiggys, sorry for the late response. Soon should be out for sale! So we need to check everything before that to keep our quality in high level! Also, enjoy our preview of terminal 1 street! (under development) Thanks
  13. KORD Update: We made some progress on O'Hare airport!