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  1. I don't know of any. I use FS ATC Chatter when flying in areas of the world where LiveATC has no coverage. FS ATC Chatter will tune automatically with pre-recorded ATC chatter that is not live. The most it will do is give you ground chatter when you're tuned to MSFS Ground frequency, tower chatter when you switch to MSFS Tower frequencies, etc... It has a large database of saved chatter from different parts of the world. I use it for background noise.
  2. One of the things that I will do, when taxiing to the end of the runway for takeoff, is I will taxi to the first taxiway short of the end of that runway. For example, if all the traffic at KDEN is taking off from Rwy 25, I will taxi and hold, not at the end of the runway, but from taxiway B2, and wait for an opportunity to pull out onto the runway and take off. You get to watch the traffic on taxiway B as it passes behind you, while you stay out of the way until you can go. And real world ATC will, of course, let you know what's going on. It's a lot of fun...
  3. If you're interested in live traffic, both commercial as well as GA, there's always RealTraffic coupled with PSXT. It's what I use. And in addition, I have LiveATC.com which allows me to listen to Ground, Tower, Approach/Departure, ATIS, CTAF, Center, etc, in real time as I watch them taxi and takeoff, (and maneuver to avoid them) at hundreds of airports around the world. The skies get pretty full. RealTraffic is a great service. But it's not free. But for me, it's worth it. Like everything else, it's a personal choice, I suppose.
  4. I agree. It's very nice. I wouldn't mind a few more GA parking spots, but, hey; I'm not gonna be fussy. By the time KIND arrived in P3d, I'd already moved on to MSFS 2020. I appreciate the buyer-beware comments, to be sure. I'm just thrilled to have my home airport.
  5. This was a long time coming, for those of us who call Indy home... Very happy to see this.
  6. Although I could be mistaken, the middle photo looks an awful lot like the ramp at KMEM.
  7. I'm surprised there's no KMEM or KIND yet for MSFS 2020. These are major FedEx hubs, and I'm sure there are some FedEx fans using this sim...
  8. I can vouch for Kiek on this. I have Live ATC with Real Traffic and PSXT. You might want to experiment with it. It changes the experience when you hear real time ATC and you're immersed in it in your sim...
  9. That happened to me as well. I hope REX follows up with an updated version.
  10. So sorry to hear this, Rockliffe. I use MSFS Addon Linker to keep my sceneries, aircraft, utilities separate. SU9 appeared to cause mine to CTD just two days ago, but the Addon Linker at least allowed me to keep all my third party airports and planes separate as I went through a reinstall. I have the steam version, and you might consider downloading steam and investing in that version of MSFS 2020. It appears that people have fewer problems with that version. I wish you all the best.
  11. I went looking for my C-172 G-1000; it has turned up missing in the sim, and so I tried to open Content Manager to see if it's loaded. My Content Manager just sits there, greyed out with the white circle spinning. I went looking for my C-172 G-1000 in my files (MSFS Recommended Content/Official/Steam), and it's there, but I can't find it my hangar. The Classic is there, but the G-1000 is not. And now Content Manager won't open. Strange. Any ideas?
  12. My C-172 G1000 is nowhere to be found. Went into my files (MSFS Recommended Content/Official/Steam) and it's there along with the classic C-172, but it's not in the sim. And I can't get Content Manager to open. It just stays greyed out while the white circle spins around. I wonder if it was caused by the latest update? Any ideas?
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