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  1. Update: I found the associated file location in the Information section under the Overview tab, so I'm good. Appreciate the help.
  2. I made a screenshot, no problem; I copied it, but I can't seem to Ctrl V paste it to this comment block. So, never mind. I appreciate the help.
  3. I looked there and my information window says Data Source Simulator instead of Data Source Community, and there's a blank space next to it. Which tab at the top will allow me to point it to MSFS Addons? Thanks.
  4. Where on the yellow circle does that open up. Right click or left click? I have version 2.8.12.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! I'll take a look at this... GPannell
  6. I have LNM version 2.8.12 and just recently it began displaying pop-up tiles with the following message: "These basemap tiles will no longer be available as of October 31, 2023. The site administrator can upgrade to the new map at stamen.com/faq." Not sure what this means. Earlier versions provided a variety of different maps. Can't find any in this version. Afraid I missed the memo. Don't know what my next move should be. GPannell
  7. Saw an article on FSElite about Lunar Simulations (?) developing a freeware 767. Apparently it's been in the works for a few years. The photos looked decent, and it describes some of the systems depth. Interesting.
  8. Kiek, I complied with FAQ #10 and G-YMML1's suggestion: I deleted RT.ini. and everything works fine. Thanks for your help, friends.
  9. Been flying into and out of YSSY, KLAX, KEWR, KIND, KSFO, KSAN, KSEA, KBOS recently, and while a/c are visible taking off and landing, and a/c are visible parked at the terminal, a/c are no longer visible on the taxiways in the sim, or on littlenavmap. They were visible up to about three weeks ago, but since then they have disappeared from the taxiways. I was using version 32.9.5 when I believe everything was fine, and then I switched to version 33.0.1, then 33.2.1, and now 33.3.0. Not sure what happened, but it happened only to a/c that were taxiing. Garland
  10. Previously loaded co-pilot avatars have disappeared. No longer visible inside the cockpit. I've deleted scenery, liveries, aircraft, utilities, all in hopes of finding the culprit. When I go to General Options and then to Misc, the only avatars on my system are a male and female dressed in pressurized flight suits. Anyone else had a problem with avatars missing?
  11. I expected to see some comments on this hurricane which is currently passing through western Florida as of Wednesday around noon Eastern Time. I'm tracking it on FlightRadar24 and in particular Southwest Airlines Flight 705 which took off from Ft. Lauderdale for Houston, Tx, and skirted the northern rim of the storm at FL360. Pretty impressive. Not a lot of other traffic, as you would expect. As were the clouds precip in MSFS. I went from KTLH to KSEF at 15,000 ft. Anyone else take the sim through this storm?
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