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  1. Thanks Dave. I wish P3D could link itself to an updateable source like Airac, just to keep up to date!
  2. This is not a bug with P2Atc, I think, but for a change I decided to fly to Calgary CYYC today and P2ATC correctly gave me instructions to approach and land at runway 17L but P3Dv4 has the runway as 16 with a different ILS frequency. So P2ATC correctly told me off for landing on the wrong runway when I did land on 16! I don't understand how the data in P3D can be different from that used by P2ATC. Is there a way to make sure both sets of data correspond?
  3. I have been doing my usual short IFR test flight from EGNT to EGPH in the Realair Duke at 10,000ft, in which P2ATC is working perfectly, except for a tiny anomaly. After take off from EGNT, after a short while I am instructed to contact Newcastle radar director on 125.82, this instruction repeats twice. I then tune to this frequency and call it up as usual, but the instruction repeats , again twice, exactly as before. Actually, I don't remember that particular frequency being listed on the EGNT frequency tab before, but could be mistaken. If I do nothing eventually an ATC instruction comes to contact a frequency that does respond as expected. This problem happens in v 64bit V3 and 5 (don't know about 4) Not a big issue , but everything else is working fine for me! Lovely program!
  4. The lack of feedback is very off-putting and frustrating. I am in my 70s now and can't wait forever(!), and I use p2atc instead which does everything I need, and more, except interact fully with AI aircraft. I have bought voxatc as I used the previous version for a long time, and hoped the latest would be as user friendly, but sadly this is not the case. There must be an update due soon though, it seems ages since the last one...but there again, lack of communication rears its ugly head. Hopeless.
  5. You can manually install the relevant program lines into the "panel.cfg" (found in your "simobjects/airplanes/A320?/panel" folder) of your A320 by copying them from another aircraft's panel.cfg which has been modified successfully by the installer. There are two "window " entries to copy over and their numbers will have to be changed to suit the next two consecutive numbers in the A320's panel.cfg. And two further corresponding entries to be copied a bit lower down in the program lines. eg window06=voxATC.......the 06 must be one more than the last window number listed in your A320 panel.cfg windows07=voxATC recent comms ( 07 is 06 +1) and further down [window06] the 06 number must match the previous one (after the eg) whatever it is. visible etc etc etc and [window07] visible etc etc etc sorry this is a bit sketchy but I am not at my FS computer just now and I am sure someone else will be able to help further, if anything is not clear.
  6. I remember the pro-atc thing and lost interest in it from then. Pilot2atc or p2atc is very actively being developed and I believe AI interaction is on the to do list of the developer. Some time off though I expect.
  7. I have voxatc and have used it for years but have been using P2atc also as it has been steadily developed. P2atc is for me reliable and predictable..and very configurable..while vox is still having problems. The p2atc developer is also immediately accessible by email or forum question which makes a great difference. Vox has AI interaction but I find the novelty wears off after waiting for ages to get take off clearance behind some other a/c. So I use p2atc as my choice ATC, but keep an eye on vox though it may be some long time before it is fully "right" and P3d may have changed by then needing a new version of vox! Try the vox demo and see if you like it.
  8. I don't have any secrets I am afraid....P3dv4 installed normally and I added some A2A aircraft which are in the in the add-ons folder under c:\....documents. Also added the PMDG fleet and the RealAir Duke. Scenery is all Orbx with a few UK2000 airports and some Scotflight enhancements. The indexer runs fine, taking longer over some areas than others, but completes OK. No drama really! John
  9. It seems to be OK so far for me.....it certainly installs without issue and does what I need it to with respect to atc.
  10. Worth a try to see if that shows where the problem is.
  11. You can get them to work by adding the required vox lines to the aircrafts panel.cfg yourself, as mentioned in previous posts but that doesn't answer your original question as to what has stopped the entries being added automatically by the indexer procedure. Could there be something not quite as expected in your P3dv4 addons folder, for example?
  12. Seems to be OK now, something at my end not set right! thanks.
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