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  1. Mad_Mac

    Does VoxATC and P3D V4.4 play nicely?

    I have not had any issues with 4.4 that have not already been noted in this forum. There are certainly things I would like to see better, but it is still my, “go to” ATC program.
  2. Mad_Mac

    Issue Transponder Ident

    An alternative solution is to map your squawk signal somewhere else. I use a spare button on my throttle for this.
  3. Mad_Mac

    VoxATC & FSAerodata

    I just had an e-mail from Jose of fsAerodata. He thinks he has found a solution for the default 135.475 universal frequency at untowered airports in the US. He says it has to do with how fsAerodata prioritizes frequencies, currently approach has the highest priority, but moving coms to a higher priority (in the NAVAID folder) seems to fix the problem. He plans to include this in the next AIRAC cycle. He’s not sure why VoxATC behaves this way, but you have to admire his persistence.
  4. The reason I put Advanced mode in quotes, was that you just have to go off script. Switch to the local FSS, or Utopia Radio 122.2 if the local frequency doesn’t work. It’s “Advanced” because you won’t have prompts, but if you can remember what to say, you can close your flight plan.
  5. Mad_Mac

    VoxATC in P3Dv4.4?

    I have it installed and can verify that it is working the same as always for GA VFR flights, which is what I tend to do.
  6. I finally had a chance to try your “fix.” It did work up until I taxied clear of the runway. I announced clear of the runway and the prompt remained fixed on that display. I still had to switch to “Advanced mode” to close my flight plan. Has that been your experience as well?
  7. Here in the United States, if you can believe this, we have more untowered airports than any other kind, with assigned communication frequencies, and pilots simply announce their location and what they intend to do, and listen for other pilots doing the same thing, and if it sounds like you are close to each other, and don’t see anyone, you talk a lot more.
  8. I like yours better than mine because it doesn’t require “Advanced mode.”
  9. Mad_Mac

    A few questions

    The AI in VoxATC is better than in the sim. ATC still gets it wrong sometimes, just like in real life. You have to keep your eyes outside the cockpit, especially in high traffic situations. You must first load your scenario, I usually fire up the airplane, and get the coms turned on, before initiating VoxATC. After that it “injects” the AI aircraft (parked, taxiing, and flying), no build up, they all just appear. After that bit of jar to reality, it works relatively well. Taxiing is much improved since the last version. I rarely have to take evasive action on the ground. A couple of times I’ve been cleared for a right hand base approach, and have had to veer left to avoid an AI cleared for straight in approach. Usually, it is very smooth. Once in real life I was cleared for a straight in approach in a C172. An airliner was cleared for a left downwind entry. I was looking but didn’t spot him until he turned on base. We were on a collision course. I immediately did a steep turn to the right, just before the Tower told me to do an immediate right hand 360. By the time I was lined up on the runway again the jet had landed, and I was cleared to land. I’ve had more ATC mistakes in VoxATC than in real life, but I also have a lot more simulated than real hours.
  10. Mad_Mac

    Observations with 7.42.

    I emailed fsAerodata support directly, and José responded. I’m not sure it was discussed on the forum.
  11. Mad_Mac

    Observations with 7.42.

    I’ve never used ADE, or tried editing airports, but will take a stab at it and see what happens. If it works this will mean editing any uncontrolled airport one wants to fly into. Will report the results.
  12. Mad_Mac

    Observations with 7.42.

    Thanks for looking into this. I suspect it is triggered by fsAerodata, as VoxATC works correctly when I disable fsAerodata. José from fsAerodata was very responsive when I reported it to him. He said he has attempted to collaborate with Tegwyn. I’m sure we can all imagine how that went.
  13. Mad_Mac

    Missing one airline on certain Airport

    It sounds like you are doing everything right. I’m not sure this will make a difference, but you could try setting the Vox traffic to 50%. It is the default setting. Your right about not using the sim’s AI traffic. VoxATC only controls the traffic it generates.
  14. Mad_Mac

    Observations with 7.42.

    Just to add to what Jay said, which was quite accurate, after parking, you also used to be prompted to contact FSS to close your flight plan.
  15. Mad_Mac

    Observations with 7.42.

    I did the reverse trip tonight. Flew from Madison, WI to West Bend, WI VFR, but in IFR conditions, just to keep it interesting. Clearance, Ground, FSS, Tower, Departure all worked well. The same issue with VFR flights into uncontrolled airports still exists. Milwaukee Approach told me to report airfield in sight. After I did this (It wasn't because of the cloud coverage) I received no more prompts. I was able to raise West Bend Unicom on 122.8. CTAF was still 135.475. Thanks to fsAerodata, ILS functioned properly, I broke through the clouds at 400ft AGL, landed, and was able to contact Green Bay Radio on 122.1 (Correct frequency) and close my flight plan. I saw no difference compared with how it was functioning before the update.