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  1. I haven't flown the PA28 since the Just Flight version came out, but would like the Mooney working.
  2. Pilot2ATC does not come with any voices. It uses the Microsoft voices that come with Windows 7, 8, 10, They are the robotic sounding ones. You can add additional voices for free by adding other country's language packs. If you use English as your default language, other countries will speak English with they're native accent. If you want less robotic voices, you have to buy them.
  3. This is a useless question. If the simulator is working it should not matter what realism settings one is using.
  4. This is good information to know, but seems like we should be able to use features we paid for if we do enjoy multiplayer and having other aircraft around.
  5. Good for you! None of us paying customers should have to deal with this!
  6. Yes, VoxATC, and some more advanced flight models (I like A2A), and MFS 2020 will rock! Of course, getting the weather to work correctly (and consistently) will help, but I'm already using it way more than P3d v5.
  7. In looking at my log file, The message is not a Fatal Error message, but this, "No Suitable ATC unit found. Disable VoxATC." It looks a lot like the Fatal Error message, but the program continues to run. Is this the same message you are getting, Racer0796? If so, you can skip the part about filing a plan to a local airport, because this works just the same. You can contact Unicom for local airport information, self announce your taxi, and your position in the pattern. You can even go off and practice stalls, steep turns, or whatever else you want to do, then fly back, announce your position, place in the pattern, pretty much everything you would do on a real life flight, and I encountered lots of GA Traffic at my local airport, to keep it interesting. The one thing you will not have with this, or the other workaround I mentioned, is text prompts. It helps to know what VoxATC calls your airport.
  8. I’ll take a look when I get home, and send it your way. I’ll cut and paste so you don’t get the whole mess, since I’ve started using P3d v5.
  9. Instead of leaving your airport, just fly the pattern. You’ll have traffic, you can talk to Unicom. I also had a chance to try No flight plan in P3d v5 today. I had the same fatal error no flight plan message, but I had traffic, was able to talk to Unicom. Flew a pattern without any problems, just no prompts to tell you what to say.
  10. Another option I have not had to use since version 6 is to set up a flight plan to a local airport, then just do your intended flight (Don’t actually go to the local airport), and self announce entry into the pattern, etc.
  11. I just want to thank you all for being test pilots. I’ve stuck with P3d v4, until all of the addons important to me were working. Now, I’m ready to take the plunge.
  12. The thing I like about FSXFlight is, it provides ADS B in, which P3d does not. I get a Windows Certificate message every time I launch it. I hit OK, and it works fine. I have GPS in P3d disabled. Not sure what would happen if you tried to use both. I’m not sure what the above error is about.
  13. Listening to you all, I’m happy with my decision to wait on P3d 5 I just flew an absolutely flawless GA VFR flight from Timmerman (KMWC) to St. Paul Downtown (KSTP) I had departure and arrival traffic as well as enroute traffic. I do appreciate you all trying it out.
  14. If you can’t hear your own voice, just try talking a little louder 😉
  15. It is the same as not filing a plan. As an alternative, I file a plan to a nearby airport, even for touch and goes, without traveling to the destination airport. When your done, just say, “last stop this time.”
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