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  1. The thing I like about FSXFlight is, it provides ADS B in, which P3d does not. I get a Windows Certificate message every time I launch it. I hit OK, and it works fine. I have GPS in P3d disabled. Not sure what would happen if you tried to use both. I’m not sure what the above error is about.
  2. Listening to you all, I’m happy with my decision to wait on P3d 5 I just flew an absolutely flawless GA VFR flight from Timmerman (KMWC) to St. Paul Downtown (KSTP) I had departure and arrival traffic as well as enroute traffic. I do appreciate you all trying it out.
  3. If you can’t hear your own voice, just try talking a little louder 😉
  4. It is the same as not filing a plan. As an alternative, I file a plan to a nearby airport, even for touch and goes, without traveling to the destination airport. When your done, just say, “last stop this time.”
  5. I would like to hear from anyone who gets P3d5 if VoxATC works or not. That, Active Sky, and my fleet of A2A planes are the primary reason I don’t want to mess with it at this time.
  6. When X, Y, or Z doesn’t match what VoxATC is expecting, it seems to start coughing up fur balls. By the way, like you, I am happy with my current 4.5 configuration. My current video card can’t even take advantage of the upgrade.
  7. You don’t have to stick with just English voices. The Spanish voices are able to sound out most English phrases with a Spanish accent. “Daysend and maintain fleet layvel 3 thousand 5 hoondrayd.”
  8. Thanks Jay, This one is a head scratcher for me. Yes, I’m using USAG, all of the config files for my A2A aircraft are in the P3d4 Add-ons folder. 3 of the 4 I have are working correctly. By the way, the manufacturer is Beechcraft, the type is Bonanza. Last month I had the opportunity to fly with a V Tail owner, and ATC addressed him by Bonanza plus his tail number. I have tried using Beechcraft instead, but VoxATC prefers November, no matter what I do. I looked at the XML file, but none of my A2A planes are listed there. The other day, after several VoxATC fatal errors (maybe due to my monkeying around with this file) I used the default ATC, and it addressed me as Bonanza 41 Gulf. As always, I do appreciate your input. I think for this one, I’m just going to accept that the V35B is known as November.
  9. I would like to use Bonanza instead of “N” which is what VoxATC is currently using. I have the Comanche, Cherokee, and Skyhawk all working this way. I have tried to edit the Bonanza’s config file to resemble the other 3: listed Bonanza as the ATC type, removed extraneous quotation marks, etc. Has anyone been able to get this to work, what am I missing?
  10. When P3d 4 came out, I switched over to GPS broadcast because FSXflight was glitchy. I did miss the traffic information, which is not included in GPS broadcast. I fired up FSX flight for the first time in a long time, and it worked perfectly for both GPS and traffic. After, of course, I configured ForeFlight, and stopped using GPS broadcast.
  11. Even when I file a flight plan, the GA AI seem to do Just touch and goes, in pairs, usually in close formation. They hardly ever leave the pattern. If I hang around long enough, one or both will call for a full stop landing (and actually land and park). Is there a way to get them to do cross country flights? I use MT6 with default flight plans. I haven’t wanted to mess with AIG because I do primarily GA flights, and I want to spend more time flying than tweaking the program.
  12. Maybe I only notice it when it is not correct (selective attention).
  13. What I have noticed with regard to Class C airspace (I don’t usually fly into Class B) is VoxATC almost always uses the opposite of the frequency it should. On a flight chart there will be a white box surrounded by a magenta border with the approach frequency in the box. The box closest to your direction of approach should be the frequency used. VoxATC almost always uses the frequency in the box on the opposite side of the airspace from my approach. Curious if anyone else has noticed this.
  14. LOL, it was how I was trained. For Local flights (practice) I don’t know any pilots who file a flight plan. My instructor never did it, I don’t do it, and none of my pilot friends do either. I have a standard flight to a local airport saved, which I use to keep VoxATC happy. It doesn’t seem to care that I don’t fly to the specified airport. If I contact Unicom on the CATF, I can self announce, get myself into the pattern, and land, just like real life.
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