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  1. 45 views and no responses. Where’s all the gurus at? At this rate will never get this fixed!
  2. Having issues with controllers “warthog & saitek combat peddles” they all show up in windows calibration and in FSUIPC. But when I get into the aircraft no control.. ????
  3. Fun


    That is awesome news. Really want to fly the 35 in msfs!
  4. Amen bother! A very happy simmer here.
  5. I too am really liking this new sim. My computer is middle of the road in performance. I’m able to fly in places I couldn’t in P3D with most settings in high to ultra. Very happy so far! David
  6. Wow! What an adventure this has been. Finally after a complete V5 reinstall. Got the Lear loaded and throttles working. Had to disable anti virus, had to play with calibration on throttles. Now volume in cockpit is way to loud. Have messed with volume in settings but no different. Where else can I control cockpit volume? David
  7. “I would expectthere should be only 1 range shown for each throttle axis when you move it.” From what I’ve seen setting up other ac, single and duel throttle it looks to be ok.
  8. Not sure I understand that comment.
  9. I’m about 45 min from Dripping Springs on lake LBJ. Anyway, no drivers for the warthog. Will give the reinstall a run. Although it was pretty straight forward.
  10. See you’re in Colorado, I’m in central Texas.
  11. No assignments in options. Other aircraft working fine.
  12. Will check, and no haven’t checked other aircraft I have working. Will do after breakfast.
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