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  1. Thank you gentlemen for all your kind encouragement. I do know this is very involved in learning how to install and operate. Look forward to many hours of fun and frustration! 😂
  2. First, I did look thru the forums for an answer. Second, I have messed with the settings panel and have read the install pdf. It isn't very clear to me on how to do that. I may be missing something, I have really tried to figure this out. Will look again at the setting to see if I may have missed something. With no disrespect intended, my observation is that there is an assumption that flight simmers can figure this stuff out on our own. There is a lot of us out here that some of this stuff comes hard for us. Your comment " If not, let's assume a _2 device defaults to COM2/NAV2 while a _1 device defaults to COM1/NAV1." I have no idea what that means! I wish I did. I have really tried to figure this out. I'm sorry but it's beyond me. Some of the info is hard to understand for someone like myself who isn't a computer guru. Believe me I wish I was. Now put me in front of a race car and ask me a question or fix it and I'm the man. Computers, not so much. Thank again for you help. I really do like your product. David Well with more digging and experimenting I was able to figure it out! There is a lot of info that you give with this system that I have no idea how to use it or how to customize. It works as I want at the moment. A great product!!
  3. As the title says, how do I achieve that. I had the 750 first for awhile then purchased the 650. Had some trouble getting them to work together but have that all worked out now. The 650 acts as com 1 which is on the bottom of the stack. I want the 750 as com1, 650 as com2. Thanks, David
  4. I have the GTN750. Would like to know if it can run on another computer on the network? I would like to move it so I can use on on a touch screen on another computer in the network. Thanks, David
  5. Got it going! For what ever reason it wanted to be installed on C which I wanted it on another drive. Oh well it's working now.
  6. Purchessed yesterday, looking forward to leaning and using it but! I have tried several times to install, keep getting same message. "Failed to cache Trainer Databases. Check your internet connectivity and disk space." Here is the log.
  7. It's kind of funny, post on a world wide flight sim forum and get no answers or suggestions. I would have thought with the whole world available someone would have something to say. Oh well, so much for any help from mankind. Thanks anyway.
  8. The partition was deleted. There isn't a D drive currently!
  9. Drive D was a 700K partition, which was deleted.
  10. Ladys & Gentlemen, I'm posting this here because I know there are some very smart and experienced folks on here and I need your help. I believe my computer problem is a general issue and not related to the two programs I'm having problems with. I will explain the best I can, I'm not much of a computer guru! I recently set up a couple of internal hard drives in an external docking bay connected via usb. I did a format on them before I stared to use them. I don't seam to be having any problem with them. This is the most current change I have done with my computer. The two programs I'm having trouble with are, Spadnext and the update for REX textures. I have been using spad for quit sometime. I recently noticed that my profiles where missing. Sent in a support request for help. They came back with the information that my profiles where setting in drive D, which I hadn't noticed I had a drive D. Tried to move the profile folded back to where I have spad in another drive. Still no profiles! The other program is REX textures update which is a 1.4G download. No problem downloading it. I execute the update and it wants to point to the drive D. Again the main REX program is in another drive. I talked with a coworker who is pretty sharp on computers. He suggested I do a deep antivirus scan, which I did and then delete the D drive. There is and was nothing on the D drive so we felt it would be safe. I have deleted and uninstalled both programs, still the problem presents itself. The problem is that those two programs still want to point to drive D. Thanks, David
  11. Gentlemen, I have to add to what has been posted these last couple of post. I am a lurker on these forums, enjoying the work of others! I agree with Mike (Cruachan) whole heartedly with his post. You all who have put all this together have given the P3D community such a wonderful thing for us to use. It's time to take a brake and relax and enjoy your work. Thank you very much for making this sim a beautiful place to fly in. David VCW3
  12. The topic asks the question. Can it be done? Thanks, David
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