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  1. Alex, I fully agree with you. Good action!!!! And sorry for not complimenting you at first with your excellent app.
  2. Alex, Thank you very much for your quick and clear response and apologies for my retarded reply. Yes I found that the default option 'Center map on aircraft and next flight plan waypoint' was active. So I switched to the other option 'Do not use box mode for following the aircraft. Move the map constantly'. As you said, the zoom level remains constant now.
  3. kfd, indeed, I use the scroll wheel on my mouse. But I did this for many years and it never caused this problem.
  4. I had to install LNM on another pc. I installed the latest version. But now I have the problem that LNM holds a standard zoom level. When I zoom out, the map holds this adjusted zoom level for about 5 seconds and then returns to its standard zoom level. I don't know how to prevent this. I have never experiences this problem before.
  5. John, In the past I have flown with IVAO and they use a similar phrase: "On the blocks". I think it is a sign for Ground not to monitor my flight any longer. As I said, I wonder why VoxATC transmit these calls by AI aircraft, but doesn't let me use this call. Maybe another follower of this forum can tell me.
  6. The last communication with Ground after landing and taxiing in is "KLM 174 shutting down". I hear captains of AI aircraft saying this to Ground, so it must be a part of the VoxATC phraseology. Nevertheless, when I say "KLM 174 shutting down" Ground reacts by saying "last aircraft say again". I also cannot find this message in the VoxATC reference guide. My question: Why does VoxATC not recognize this message?
  7. Hurrah!!!! VoxATC directed me to Gate 44. I'm a happy captain. 😊 John, thanks a lot for you fulfilling my wish for a dedicated parking place and learning me to work with two new programs: ADE and AIC.
  8. John, thank you again for this very useful info!!! I downloaded and installed AIC.... and a new world opened for me! It took some time to find out how it works, but now I can use the analyzer. I saw that in week 31-01 till 06-02 2022 LEPA has been used by 34 airlines. For just 13 of them a parking place is available. So I have to create additional parking places for 21 airlines (and delete parking codes for airlines that doesn't use LEPA at all). All 34 airlines are in my AI inventory. It's a lot of work, but because this adds totally new dimensions to flight simulation (and since I'm retired I have plenty of time 😊), I will do it with joy. I searched the AI forum for LEPA AFCADS, but they are rather old. So I will refresh the existing one.
  9. Hello John, My third test flight. OEPS, an unwanted aircraft at my gate 44 again. This time it's a Transavia aircraft. There are no parking places for Transavia at LEPA (strange, this Dutch airline flies a lot to LEPA). Time to study this airport in detail. I have downloaded AI aircraft of 111 airline companies. For only 19 of them are parking places at LEPA. So for 92 of them there are no parking places. Most of them will never visit LEPA. It's a lot of work to create parking places for these 92 airlines. Question 1: Can VoxATC place aircrafts of these companies at LEPA anyhow? Question 2: Does VoxATC make use of the flightplans of airlines to know which airlines make use of which airports? At LEPA there are parking places for 39 airlines which are not a part of my AI inventory. Most of them are small, regional airlines. 20 of them aren't even operational anymore. So I think that in theory it is possible to assign a dedicated parking place to my aircraft, but in practice it's not workable. What do you think?
  10. Hello John, Maybe I found something. I saw that AIG distinguishes 3 easyJet companies: easyJet, with airline code EZY easyJet Europe, with airline code EJU easyJet Switzerland, with airline code EZS LEPA offers parking places for EZY and EZS, but not for EJU. I suppose that the aircraft at gate 44 was an EJU, placed there by VoxATC, before I arrived at LEPA. I will create parking places with airline code EJU and see what happens.
  11. John, thanks for this tip also. It worked. I made a new test flight. VoxATC gave me gate 16 and not gate 44. Gate 44 appeared to be taken by an EasyJet aircraft as was gate 48. Gates 38 42 and 46 were taken by Easywings aircraft and gate 40 was free. I checked the parkings list and found that there were enough medium parking gates for Easyjet. So why on (MY!) gate 44???
  12. OK, I will have a look. In the meantime I did a quick scan. I started P3D and placed my aircraft at LEPA gate 44. After that I activated VoxATC to see if it would place Eurowing aircraft at the other gates. And guess what? It did. So I hope that everything will come right. I will let you know.
  13. John, WOW, thank you again very much for these useful tips. The sim's AI is disabled, which is a condition for VoxATC to work. AIGTC has not been installed on my PC. When you see 2 aircraft on the same parking spot, there must be 2 programs that place an aircaft on this spot. VoxATC is surely one of them, but I don't know which is the other one. There are certainly no static aircraft too. Thank you again for this useful tip. I checked and found that none of the gates are coded for EWG. At least for as far as I can see. I have streched the airline column in the List editor as broad as possible, but there are a number of gates of which I cannot see all the airlines. I also noted that the gates 38 - 48 only have the airline code BER. BER is the airline code for Air Berlin. This airline doesn't exist anymore and I also don't have aircraft of this airline in my AI inventory. That's also the reason that this part of the apron is so empty. So I decided to assign the parking code EWG to the gates 38 - 48. Hopefully will this keep EWG away from gate 44. Today I have not enough time to make a testflight,, but when I have I will share the results with you. I cannot find the program or menu option AI Companion Analyser. Where can I find that? During my testflights, I had VoxATC logging not enabled. I will when the problem remains.
  14. John, Thank you very, very much for these useful advices. Yes, it is an add-on and it's always wise to save a copy of a file that you want to change. Although ADE suggests another name, so the chance that things will go wrong is not that big. I made a copy AND i set the default AFCAD from .bgl to .off. Yes, the gate is big enough (24 meters), but thanx for remembering. Good to hear to use the compile function to save my work as a .bgl file. But first I had to download and install the SDK from Prepar3D and tell ADE where to find the compiler. Which is easy because ADE supplied a find function. Thanx too for the find faults function in ADE. I got quite a list of faults, but none of them was connected to my Gate 44, so I didn't pay much attention to them. Of course I ran VoxATC Indexer. Now the test in practice. VoxATC did NOT give me the 44 gate. I taxied to that gate though. I saw that the gate was possessed by 2 (!) Eurowing aircraft (airline code EWG). Moreover, all other gates in the 30 - 48 row were free. So there's still some work to be done. Suggestions?
  15. I have no experience with ADE at all. Maybe you will help me. I tried. I opened the airport file LEPA_ADEV5OP01.bgl using ADE. I double clicked on gate 44 and got the Properties window. I removed the airline codes (only BER) and typed VOX in it. But how to save my work? It seems that I can only save my work as an ADE Project, while I want to save my work as the original bgl file. What is the procedure to do this? Thanx, now I understand. Sounds as a lot of work for something that will probably never happen. I use VoxATC at 50%, so that may reduce the chance that my favourite gate will not be available. I will see.
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