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  1. I found out by coincidence why the flight plan files aren't transferred from PC1 to PC3. It's a matter of sequence of starting apps. I am used to start all apps at PC1 first. Among them is VoxATX Network client. Then I start all apps at PC2. Thereafter all apps at PC3, a.o. VoxATC Net Server. However you should start VoxATC Net Server at PC3 first and only than VoxATC Network Client at PC1. Now I see yellow lines. VoxATC Net Server: Receiving Flight Plan Files. VoxATC Network Client: Sending Flight Plan Files. Another point of attention: only files that are present in the folder Documents > Prepar3D v4 Files are sent. I use a subfolder in this folder for the flight plans. They are not sent. After having copied the flight plans from the subfolder to the main folder, they were transferred from PC1 to PC3.
  2. Sorry (Jay), I have a network issue again. When I fly, using VoxATC at the simulator PC only, I am handed over from Schiphol departure to Amsterdam center properly. But when I fly in a network configuration, using the remote PC as the VoxATC server, I am handed over to oceanic center. So at the remote PC, VoxATC has no info on the FIR name. The frequency is right though (119.175). How can I repair this? Could there be a connection with my other network problem (no transfer of flight plans from the simulator PC to the remote PC, see my other forum post)? Hans Hartvelt The Netherlands
  3. Problem solved. I found out that there were no flight plans present at the remote PC. It seems that something is going wrong in the indexer process. In this process also flight plans are transferred from the simulator PC to the remote PC. In my case this hasn´t happend. I couldn´t find any flight plan at the remote PC, but I did found a folder called VoxATC Net Server Files which was empty. After having placed a flight plan in this folder manually, the VoxATC server recognized this flight plan. My first impression is that VoxATX works fine now.
  4. Indeed. I usually load my flight plan somewhat later in the procedure. I followed your tip and loaded the (IFR) flight plan in the opening screen. But that didn't solve my problem. Thank you for replying though.
  5. I have setup VoxATC in a network setting according to the instructions. My PC1 is the client now, whereas my PC3 is the server. Both PC's use Windows 10. My flight simulator is P3D 4.2. My VoxATC version is 7.41. In P3D (PC1) I select a flight plan before starting the VoxATC modules on both PC's. My head set is connected to PC3. After having listened to ATIS, I get this message: Read back instructions\clearance while I'm still at the ATIS frequency. After having read back the given instruction, VoxATC orders me to tune to the Clearance Delivery frequency. After having selected the CD frequency, I get this message: Select option 0. Request departure instructions for local flight 1. Request departure instructions for closed pattern Since I'm not going to fly a local flight, nor a closed pattern, I don't understand this selection. I also cannot not bypass this selection. It seems that VoxATC doesn't recognize my flight plan. How to solve this problem? Hans Hartvelt The Netherlands
  6. Sorry. I now realize that VoxATC has its own AI traffic density slider.
  7. My setting were 25% for airliners as well as for GA traffic. As said, setting the sliders back to 0%, result in no double aircraft anymore. However I hope that I can still hear communication with other aircraft in VoxATC now the sliders are set back to 0%. I have not tested that yet. Another thing is that I suppose that I cannot determine the amount of AI traffic any longer. This is important in relation to frame rates. For your information: I use MyTraffic 6.0 for the AI traffic and I have disabled the default P3D traffic.
  8. Sorry for reacting so slowly. Since buying VoxATC 7.41 should be safe, I did and everything seems to work fine. However, I set the traffic density to 50% and now I see that as soon as I enable VoxATC, double aircraft are placed on parking positions. When I set the slider to 0% and start P3D and VoxATC again, there are no double aircraft. But I'm afraid that I also won't hear communication with other aircraft anymore. I will do some testing, but if anybody has tips on this subject, please let me know. Hans Hartvelt The Netherlands
  9. I want to use VoxATC for more than 1,5 year now, but everytime there is a problem. Finally VoxATC is compatible with P3D v4, but now there is this message on the order page: VoxATC 7.41 does not work with Windows 10 64bit lastest update. Why is VoxATC not working with Windows 10 latest update? Is VoxATC working on this problem? Has VoxATC adressed this problem with Microsoft? Can a solution be expected on a short time? I couldn't run the general training because W10 doesn't accept documents with more than about 14 lines. I addressed this problem by splitting the training document into 2 parts. But now I see that VoxATC isn't compatible with W10 at all. Has this to do with the same problem? Hans Hartvelt The Netherlands
  10. Hello Bryan,Thanks for your help. Everything went fine now with the installation and as far as I can see, everything works correctly. Now I will have to start with the training.
  11. Hello Bryan,Sorry, but I feel like Fred Flintstone in a computerstore.I ran the program of your link and that was succesfull. Now I have to reinstall FS2Crew, but where is the installer?I have this file: FS2Crew_737_Pro_SA.exe which is 135MB, so that must be the program. But when I click it it starts a dialogue box to buy the program. But I have paid for it, I got a conformation by e-mail and I got a message that the key has been loaded. I also have a folder with a lot of pdf-files. My panel.cfg files dont'have entries for FS2Crew.So can you help me with another cheat?
  12. After several hours of downloading, installing and reading manuals, FAQ's, etc. I want to start a flight with FS2crew, but I don't see the CPAL icons on the MIP. What have I done wrong?I have the PMDG 737-600/700 version 1.3 in a cold and dark configuration, as always.
  13. Before coupling pc's together in a network using WideView I want to run a simpel test. I.e. connecting a second monitor to the extra analog outlet of my videocard. It works fine. I can drag an icon from my desktop to the second monitor and I can drag every application to the second monitor as long as it is not maximized. But I cannot drag a new window in FS9 to the second monitor. It bumps against the edge of the screen. I suppose that I have to undock the window first, but that's the problem. That menu option is grey, not black so I cannot select it.What am I doing wrong? And other tips?
  14. As a learning point for other simmers:I recently reinstalled FS9.1 with all its components. I had a problem reinstalling the 737NG due to an error message related with the font lucon.ttf. So I removed this font and the installation was a piece of cake. But since there was no text visible on the FMC I remembered this installation problem and thought that the FMC might use this font. So I removed the font back and YES !!!
  15. Yes sir, standby power is the standard setting. I also tried other settings of this knob, but it doesnot help. I can see that the dark screen lights up a little when I engage the instrument lighting, so you should say that there is current to the FMC, but no text appears.
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