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  1. I still did not get an all clear from Foreflight for the 11.2.2 iOS update and the warning email not to update was on Jan 8. Yea it's probably is that, I'd shoot Foreflight an email and let them know the issue as they are still testing and it would make them aware of it. Brian
  2. I just looked on P3d forum, seems like latest Nvidia drivers solved this. Exact problem for many people
  3. I did the client and the content, and it did not mess up my add on scenery or aircraft. Everything came up good and the VR works so much better. LM recommends that after the client update delete the prepar3d.cfg and the shaders folder and let it rebuild everything to default. Then see if you get the menu at the top, then you know you're good with the update. If not do the client update.
  4. That's quick support, I have Ants Sierra and Eaglet I was thinking of getting this GPS for, looks like good choice.
  5. In VR is the mouse a dot? With v4 it's a + sign. You should see a dot in 4.1 that gets brighter when you go over a switch or knob. I have found that if the mouse on your monitor is not focused on the sim, it won't work in VR. Close all menus on your monitor by holding down alt. I usually hit alt-enter to go full screen and then point in the middle of the screen and click. Then see what you got in VR. Brian
  6. That's interesting, and a great find. At least it gives you a good direction to a solution. Almost seems like your getting magnetic interference when you power up. Not sure why the realityXP would mess up Fsxflight but I'm sure there is a shared software connection with the data their both using.
  7. I did some flying today using Fsxflight and it worked great, heading was always within 1 or 2 degrees. I have recently updated fsuipc to ver 5.12b there is a gps out tab in fsuipc and the manual with it talks about an iOS devices setting recommended in prepar3d.cfg file that should be set to yes. Might help.
  8. I was hoping that Lockheed Martin was fixing the GPS Out in the 4.1 update to fix the lag in data to Foreflight and provide traffic data but they have not. I was very surprised this year when moving from Fsx Steam to P3Dv4 of the Down grade with respect to this. With Fsx Steam and Fsxflight the traffic option shows up in Foreflight in the upper left drop down menu because Fsx provides the imbedded traffic information like you have an ADSB receiver. With P3Dv4 not so, so the traffic option does not even display on that menu thus you will never see the option "Traffic" to turn it on. With the lag of the wifi data to Foreflight the airplane warbles back and forth, forcing you to set Foreflight to Auto Center Mode to north up. Other wise the whole map warbles back and forth. This also affects Foreflights Synthetic Vision,if you have that option, making it unusable. Since P3D4.0 release I've always had a wabbly aircraft on Foreflight even when using Fsxflight but I just realized from this thread that I've always had that box checked thinking it was necessary for Fsxflight to work. So I've never really been using Fsxflight this whole time! I unchecked the box and and started Fsxflight and it works great now now I can set Foreflight to track up and synthetic vision works great again. Now all that LM need to do is provide data for traffic like Fsx Steam. Otherwise 4.1 was an awesome upgrade with respect to VR. Native VR works terrific with a lot more outside view options, eye point keys work again inside and outside the cockpit, it's silky smooth in stereoscopic mode and mono, and the mouse. I will just add that I use Foreflight in my airplane and have a Stratus ADSB receiver. It connects to Foreflight by wifi output to the IPad. When the Stratus is off the traffic option in the menu disappears, when it's on the traffic option appears in the menu allowing you to turn it on or off in the display. Brian
  9. I did some flying tonight in P3D 4.1 native VR and have to admit it was a 100 times better than 4.0. First I tried the eye point keys and they are working again! It works silky smooth in stereo and mono and all outside views are back and work great. Also noticed the CPU and Graphics card temps went down by 15 deg very happy
  10. Make sure you right click and start p3d as administrator from the desktop same with oculus home
  11. I hear you, but my mouse works with the Oculus on inside the headset, so that is a problem. You might need an update on Oculus to 1.19, Video drivers update to most recent and the mouse itself, first try a different USB port for it as that's sometimes a problem with oculus, both your keyboard and mouse are USB so when the oculus sensor in the headset activate the USB ports for those devices are disabled. If you hold your finger on the sensor in the headset does the mouse become disabled on the screen? I would look at changing USB ports for them first, make sure your hmd is plugged into the video card and a USB on motherboard. Go simple first with troubleshooting and then the more complex things. I know I have problems with a USB expansion card on the front of my gaming PC that didnt work with oculus until I updated the drivers
  12. Just to be clear The eye point commands will work when flying from your monitor but not with the headset on. Not sure if eye point commands will work in VR with FlyInside, haven't tried it yet
  13. There are 2 VR specific controls already built in to P3Dv4 that are already mapped as keyboard shortcuts by default (Shift + Ctrl + ,) HMD Recalibrate Origin (Shift + Ctrl + M) HMD Stereo Toggle You can map these to any joystick / controller button you have available The first one resets your eye point view of cockpit. I mapped these to a single button on my Logitech gaming pad so I do it just by feel and don't have to look. If you don't feel you are centered properly, move you head up or down, left or right or both then press shift+Ctrl+comma. This actually keep your head looking forward though. If you have a free button on your yoke or joystick map it cause you'll use it a lot your keyboard works but for some reason the normal eye point commands don't in P3D4 or 4.1 Now if your mouse and keyboard don't work at all that's another story. my mouse works in VR to flip switches..etc see if you can turn lights on and off with L with the headset on hope this helps Brian
  14. Ants Airplanes Sierra and eaglet and for some fun AT Simulations Cri-Cri is a lot of fun. All work great.
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