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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded both trail versions onto the server pc, but installed it on the client first. When installing it on the server the "hardware ID box" is blank, no number shown. It's getting late here now, but I can check the ID on the client tomorrow and email it to you. Incidentally, both machines have 8gb's of ram. But as i said previously, the server (pc) is a much more powerful and newer machine than the client (laptop). And the client was running Xplane and Pilot2ATC well-ish with wideclient and XPUIPC, so I can't imagine it's a hardware issue with the server. Thanks again, and I'll get that info to you tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Hello, hope you can help. I downloaded the demo at the weekend to test it in Xplane10 on a client machine over a network. It did work up to a point, but i was having a couple of issues with it that made it unusable (namely, it was completely oblivious to all Ai traffic, and Ground services at my departure airports were the only services that would speak to me) So, i thought i'd try it on my (much more powerful) server pc. However, it wont let me start/continue the trial. Upon start-up it gives me the error "Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program. Please purchase a license" I uninstalled and re-downloaded the trial and upgrade package, but with the same result. I'm certain this isnt a hardware issue, so any help to sort this out would be much appreciated. Thanks
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