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  1. Mazz4200

    Demo problems

    Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded both trail versions onto the server pc, but installed it on the client first. When installing it on the server the "hardware ID box" is blank, no number shown. It's getting late here now, but I can check the ID on the client tomorrow and email it to you. Incidentally, both machines have 8gb's of ram. But as i said previously, the server (pc) is a much more powerful and newer machine than the client (laptop). And the client was running Xplane and Pilot2ATC well-ish with wideclient and XPUIPC, so I can't imagine it's a hardware issue with the server. Thanks again, and I'll get that info to you tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Mazz4200

    Demo problems

    Hello, hope you can help. I downloaded the demo at the weekend to test it in Xplane10 on a client machine over a network. It did work up to a point, but i was having a couple of issues with it that made it unusable (namely, it was completely oblivious to all Ai traffic, and Ground services at my departure airports were the only services that would speak to me) So, i thought i'd try it on my (much more powerful) server pc. However, it wont let me start/continue the trial. Upon start-up it gives me the error "Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program. Please purchase a license" I uninstalled and re-downloaded the trial and upgrade package, but with the same result. I'm certain this isnt a hardware issue, so any help to sort this out would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. To put the frame rate drop into context. I'm running a 4770k at stock speeds, GTX780 at stock, Win7 on SSD but FSX from a seperate Sata HDD, with 8gb RAM. 3x23" monitors in Nvidia Surround and a 4th 19" monitor connected to the iGPU for the 2D panels. In FSX i have everything maxed, apart from road traffic and boats. Water on highest settings, ground shadows enabled etc etc. FSX frames limited to 30 internally Away from large urban areas (i.e. much autogen) I can easily maintain a rigid 29.9 fps in most GA aircraft. Soon as i switch to the C172/C182 that come with the Mindstar G1000, un-dock the panel and move it to the 4th monitor, my frames immediately drop to high teens. As i say, i haven't had that much time to experiment, but in the brief time i've flown with it i've never seen them climb back into the twenties (this is flying over Orbx UK scenery, ASN, REX4 etc) Obviously i could fiddle with the the settings a bit, but i've not had the chance yet. As to the alternatives, have a look at FS2x. It's only about $34 which is roughly £20ish. But with exchange rates as they are right now, i only paid £30 for the Mindstar G1000, so, it's not really gonna break the bank. There is that other one i mentioned, but for the life of me i can't remember what it's called or who makes it. I'll have a look through my browsers history, see if i can find it. Quick edit: 1) Mindstar actually recommend you use the real Garmin G1000 manual to learn how to use their version, so that should give you an indication of how acurite to the real thing it is. 2) The Redbird simulators that use Mindstar software are FAA approved simulators, although i'm not sure at what level. But it's still a good sign. 3) I did try the Simionic ipad app. It's only 6 quid, and it's not bad, but only replicates the PFD at the moment, and, well, it's obviously nowhere near as advanced as Mindstars. Later Edit: is the alternative i couldn't remember. It's also a lot cheaper than i thought (perhaps there was another one?) However, you need to be weary of this one, in as much as you have to buy a base package first for £25, then the add-on G1000 panel for about £50, and that only entitles you to install the panel into one aircraft. However, the add-on NavData seems to be cheaper than the Mindstar (Navigraph) package. As always, you pays yer money, you takes yer chance. Your mileage may vary etc etc
  4. For what it's worth, the Mindstar G1000 is the same software used in the Redbird Simulators.
  5. I bought the Mindstar G1000 at the weekend. Unfortunately i've not had much of a chance to "play" with it as yet, so i suggest having a look at to see if it has what you're looking for. Couple of pointers: 1) Whether it's my system or the G1000, i've been having a few CTD's since installing it. But i'll give it the benefit of doubt right now as i've been tweaking (i.e messing about) with other things in FSX recently. 2) It's very resource hungry. I have quite a significant drop in fps's when using it. Although i am using a 4 monitor setup. 3) It doesn't like Nvidia Surround. All i get is a big black empty box, no G1000. However, if i "alt-ent" to window mode and un-dock/re-size it, i can return to Surround vision without problems. 4) When it's working properly, it's very, VERY GOOD ! I can't compare it to any of the other systems as i don't own them. However, i did consider the F1tech standalone system, the FS2x version and the Flight1 Cessna T182T package, and another system whose name momentarily slips my mind?. RXP is now dead, apparently, and the Project Magenta chaps never answered my email. I chose the MIndstar G1000 for a few reasons 1) The F1tech standalone system (and the one i can't remember) are no doubt very good, unfortunately they're both a tad pricey for my wallet, $250+ 2) The FS2x version is only $34-ish. But apparently it's a re-hashed (although improved) copy of the FSX G1000 3) The Flight1 Cessna T182 has had very positive reviews, and i'm sure the G1000 has been improved with the King Air version mentioned above. However, i wanted to install a G1000 in several aircraft, and i was unsure if it would be possible to move it from the Flight1 aircraft into another aircraft without breaking licensing agreeements/legal issues etc, nor how hard it would be to do such a thing, or if it was even possible? 4) I felt the Mindstar system had better long term prospects. Just as the real Garmin G1000 is in continual development, so is the Mindstar version. Admittedly it may be several years behind, and at the moment not fully featured, but, i felt if a feature such as synthetic vision for example, were to be introduced on an FSX program, it would most likely come from a standalone program such as this, rather than a patched version of 4yr old aeroplane which appears to be no longer in development. It is a shame non of these programs have a demo, so it can be a bit of a crap shoot. However, i don't think any of them are particularly bad ( apart from the vanilla FSX version) Some are very good, some are great, but, non, repeat, non, are as good as the real thing. For that you'll need to part with $60k +. Or spend $25 and get the Garmin trainer DVD, which can't be used in FSX, sadly. Think you need to ask yourself exactly what it is you want from the G1000, then take it from there.